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Duplicate apk match when uninstalling system apps #391

d4rken opened this Issue May 20, 2016 · 1 comment


1 participant

d4rken commented May 20, 2016

Matching two system apps to the same app (mistakenly?) seems to prevent the apk from being removed when trying to uninstall a system app.

1463432788430 D/SDM:AppControlWorker: Task submitted:eu.thedarken.sdm.appcontrol.uninstaller.UninstallTask@284fc476
1463432788431 V/SDM:WorkerOverlord: mActiveThreads: 1
1463432788431 V/SDM:WorkerOverlord: Active: 0 | In queue: 0 | Total: 3
1463432788432 D/SDM:AppControlWorker: Processing task:eu.thedarken.sdm.appcontrol.uninstaller.UninstallTask@284fc476
1463432788432 D/SDM:SDMService: Deactivating working notification.
1463432788434 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Opening...
1463432788434 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Trying to run as root
1463432788464 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Opened
1463432788470 D/SDM:Uninstaller: Uninstalling com.miui.player[keepData:false]
1463432788478 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Running next
1463432788478 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: outStream|$BUSYBOX ps -eo stat,user,pid,args | $BUSYBOX grep com\.miui\.player
1463432788478 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Waiting for callback
1463432788526 V/SDM:StreamHarvester: Error:dcd326be-5e54-4b57-a88d-6fd95811afc1
1463432788527 V/SDM:StreamHarvester: Output:S    0        25582 /data/data/eu.thedarken.sdm/files/busybox grep com.miui.player
1463432788527 V/SDM:StreamHarvester: Output:dcd326be-5e54-4b57-a88d-6fd95811afc1 0
1463432788528 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Processing marker
1463432788528 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Marker processed.
1463432788528 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Processing marker
1463432788529 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Task done, notifying.
1463432788529 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Marker processed.
1463432788529 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Notified!
1463432788530 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: callbacks finished
1463432788532 D/SDM:ProcessHelper: com.miui.player had no running process
1463432788533 D/SDM:StaticShell: timeout is 30000
1463432788533 V/SDM:Shell:StaticExecutor: SHELLDELAY:100
1463432788534 V/SDM:Shell:StaticExecutor: trying to execute as root
1463432788661 V/SDM:Shell:StaticExecutor: su --context u:r:system_app:s0 -c 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/vendor/lib64:/system/lib64:/vendor/lib:/system/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH pm uninstall com\.miui\.player' < /dev/null
1463432789541 V/SDM:StreamHarvester: Output:Failure [DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR]
1463432789826 V/SDM:Shell:StaticExecutor: Exitcode: 0
1463432789826 V/SDM:Shell:StaticExecutor: Destroying Executor
1463432789826 V/SDM:Shell:StaticExecutor: Destroying Executor
1463432789827 D/SDM:Uninstaller: Uninstall call was unsuccessful, probably a system app? Let's do it manually.
1463432789830 V/SDM:FileForensics: Location: 1ms (SYSTEM_PRIV_APP), Processing: 1ms, avg. 2ms (/system/priv-app/Music)
1463432789830 V/SDM:FileForensics: Matched /system/priv-app/Music to com.miui.player
1463432789830 V/SDM:FileForensics: Matched /system/priv-app/Music to
1463432789831 V/SDM:Uninstaller: is blocking /system/priv-app/Music
1463432789831 V/SDM:HybridReaderStreamer: Trying to close
1463432789832 V/SDM:HybridReaderStreamer: No need to close, no longer running.
1463432789832 D/SDM:Uninstaller: Uninstall done:com.miui.player
1463432789832 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Closing
1463432789832 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Checking isIdle
1463432789833 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Outstream closed.
1463432789849 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: GlobalExitcode: 0
1463432789850 V/SDM:InteractiveShell: Closed.
1463432789853 D/SDM:AppControlWorker: BUS: Worker: Sending: eu.thedarken.sdm.appcontrol.uninstaller.UninstallTask$a@24ebb202
1463432789853 D/SDM:AppControlWorker: Cleaning up after task (force:true)
1463432789854 V/SDM:WorkerOverlord: mActiveThreads: 0

screenshot_2016-05-17-02-12-17_pl solidexplorer2 1
screenshot_2016-05-17-02-13-09_eu thedarken sdm 1
screenshot_2016-05-17-02-01-08_pl solidexplorer2 1
screenshot_2016-05-17-02-02-07_eu thedarken sdm 1


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d4rken commented Jun 3, 2016

Will be fixed in v4.2.4

@d4rken d4rken closed this Jun 3, 2016

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