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AppCleaner behave different when on root #622

antonio-gil opened this Issue Dec 19, 2016 · 4 comments


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antonio-gil commented Dec 19, 2016

Recently, I've started to notice that some cache files aren't being deleted, starting by Firefox's cache, actually it was after an update of SD Maid that I noticed that. Why after the update? Because the root grants are revoked after an app update (not sure if that is a common "post update effect", but it's something that happens on my device every once in a while).

Anyway, I was running SD Maid without root grants (I forgot to give it them again) and, and while I was running the AppCleaner section I noticed that some of the caches weren't being deleted. At first I thought that it was because I was running without root, so I enabled the root access to the app and run again the AppCleaner and, to my surprise, some of the apps previously listed now were absent.

So, after view which apps were absent, I noticed that they were the only ones which are on the SD (I use Apps2SD to send them to a second partition of the SD and Link them). The most peculiar thing is that, even if they are detected while "unrooted", SD Maid apparently is unable to delete the cache files (I've tried a couple of times to no avail).

As comparison: I used to use CCleaner and even if on the automatic cleanup it was unable to delete the cache of such apps, while I do the process manually, the files were deleted as expected. So, I'm not quite sure what can be causing the described issues.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

P.S./Edit I moved the screenshots to the lover part of the post, to avoid disrupting the text. And, by the way, the ones with "18:29" as hour are the ones without the root permissions, the ones with "18:31" are the ones with root permissions.

AppCleaner without root

Overview without root

AppCleaner with root

Overview with root


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d4rken commented Dec 19, 2016

The data from Firefox that's missing is likely private cache. Without root SD Maid can only indirectly query the system for the size of Firefox's cache. The same for deletion, SD Maid tries to indirectly force the system to delete the cache. The systems filereader does follow symbolic links by default which is why App2SD works in general.

SD Maid does not follow symbolic links in all tools. I checked and the AppCleaner and it does not follow symbolic links in all cases. It follows symlink when determining the initial parent directories , i.e. /data/data/, but not for /data/data/ (SD Maid reads files in several steps).

I just tested it and if I symlink the cache dir, the AppCleaner no longer picks it up.

Could you tell me how, e.g. Firefox, is linked in the filesystem on your device?

If you send me a mail (support@...), I could also give you a test version so we could confirm that this is indeed the cause.


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antonio-gil commented Dec 21, 2016


Sorry, I was very busy these past days... I'll be posting the required information on the following couple of days.


@d4rken d4rken closed this Dec 22, 2016

@d4rken d4rken modified the milestones: v4.5.5, Next Tasks Dec 24, 2016


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d4rken commented Dec 24, 2016


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antonio-gil commented Dec 27, 2016


I already updated the app and now it works as intended 😄

Thanks for such awesome work!

Best regards!

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