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Using Node and Apply Magic Sauce API

Research Paper:

API documentation:

Predicted Traits from Like IDs:

See what Facebook tells you it knows about you:

Instructions for setup

  • get customer ID and API key at
  • open terminal
  • type cd path/to/downloaded/folder and enter (learn more about terminal here)
  • in the terminal window type npm install
  • go to the downloaded folder and rename the file secrets_example.json to secrets.json
  • open the secrets.json file and paste in your Apply Magic Sauce customer_id and api_key
    • leave the token for now
  • in the terminal window type node app.js

Example Facebook Like IDs

18807449704 - Mashable

115384328477363 - The Creators Project

7976226799 - The Daily Show

10429446003 - The xx

5878552155 - Ludovico Einaudi

6815841748 - Barack Obama

35481394342 - The Godfather

9328458887 - adidas Originals

12463674069 - Curly Fries

124955570892789 - Bernie Sanders

102099916530784 - Humans of New York

View predictions in HTML format

This page will automatically grab the predictions.json file from the folder to display the data in a more readable format. It also adds links to the corresponding Facebook pages. So, e.g. Mashable can be accesed via

  • if you are not in the directory of the main folder, type cd path/to/downloaded/folder and enter
  • type python -m SimpleHTTPServer and enter
  • open browser at localhost:8000/public


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