C++11 port for the Node: native performance and modern simplicity.
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node.native is a C++11 (aka C++0x) port for node.js.

Please note that node.native project is under heavy development.

I'm working on the first release at v0.1.0 branch.

Sample code

Simplest web-server example using node.native.

#include <iostream>
#include <native/native.h>
using namespace native::http;

int main() {
    http server;
    if(!server.listen("", 8080, [](request& req, response& res) {
        res.set_header("Content-Type", "text/plain");
        res.end("C++ FTW\n");
    })) return 1; // Failed to run server.

    std::cout << "Server running at" << std::endl;
    return native::run();

Getting started

node.native consists of header files(*.h) only, but requires libuv and http-parser lib to use.

To compile included sample application(webserver.cpp) first run the following command in the project directory:

git submodule update --init



alternatively you can set custom paths to http-parser and libuv if you dont want to use the submodules.

Tested on Ubuntu 11.10 and GCC 4.6.1. and OSX 10.8.2

Other Resources