Support for using cygwin pty with NTEmacs.
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This package supplies cygwin's pty feature for NTEmacs. If you want to use the command requires pty such as bash, try this.

  • shell-mode or ansi-term with cygwin's shell like bash will be run correctly.
  • I/O buffer on gdb-mode will be run correctly than native one.
  • `signal-process' can send arbitrary signals, except it was called interactively.

An original version of fakecygpty was written by Kyotaro Horiguchi for Meadow project in 2005. In this package, improved following points:

  • Fix a TTY initialization parameters to fit current version of Emacs.
  • Fix to sub-process returns the correct return value.
  • Support pty allocation mode. (for gdb-many-windows)
  • Support window resizing.


Compile fakecygpty.c and qkill.c on cygwin enviroment:

gcc -D_GNU_SOURCE -o fakecygpty fakecygpty.c
gcc -o qkill qkill.c

And copy *.exe into somewhere on you $PATH.

If autoreconf package is installed, you can use configure script:

autoreconf -ivf && ./configure && make install

fakecygpty.el isn't installed automatically. put into your load-path by self.

How to use

If you want to activate only to a specific program, rename fakecygpty.exe to f_TARGET.exe like f_ssh.exe, and invoke it.

If you want to apply to all, put below into your init.el:

(require 'fakecygpty)

If you want to use new features (terminal window resizing and pty allocation mode), it's necessary to use this elisp file. And if you want to disable fakecygpty temporary, type M-x fakecygpty-deactivate.


Ignored programs

Some program using Windows native console, such as cmd.exe, don't work well with fakecygpty.exe.

  • fakecygpty-ignored-program-regexps: Set regexp list of program name that you don't want to apply fakecygpty.

Path of programs

  • fakecygpty-program: Path of fakecygpty.exe.
  • fakecygpty-qkill-program: Path of qkill.exe.