Async Twitter client on top of Ning/Netty/Akka
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Asynchronous Twitter client intended to be used with the Twitter Streaming API. Build on top of Ning/Netty/Akka provided a fully async end to end communication.

Each "Streaming Session" consist on a long running Http connection and a group of actors who take care of the different stages.

Twitter sends the information by chunks. Then, each part will represent an individual message to be processed.


object ConsoleTwitterClient extends App {

  val system = ActorSystem("ConsoleTwitterClient")

  try {
    val s = system.actorOf[ConsoleTwitterSession]
    s ! Sample()

    Thread.sleep(50000) // Wait some time to get some tweets
  } finally {

class ConsoleTwitterSession extends DefaultTwitterStreamingSession {
  def username = "someusername"

  def password = "somepass"

  val defaultTracks = Set("akka", "scala")

  def handler = this.context.actorOf[PrinterActor]

class PrinterActor extends Actor with Logging {
  def receive = {
    case EntityReceived(tweet) => info("Tweet: %s \n".format(tweet))
    case ExceptionOnProcessing(throwable) => info("Exception on stream: %s \n".format(throwable))
    case ErrorCodeOnProcessing(code) => info("Error code recieved: %s \n".format(code))

So, you have to provide the handler (PrinterActor) and the login credentials.


The DefaultTwitterStreamingSession use basic authentication. But, you can use the OAuthTwitterStreamingSession trait.

class ConsoleTwitterSession extends OAuthTwitterStreamingSession {

  val apiKey = "someKey"

  val apiSecret = "someSecret"

  val defaultTracks = Set("akka", "scala")

  val handler = this.context.actorOf[PrinterActor]

  def verificationCode(authUrl: String) = {
    println("Go to the url %s and enter the verification code".format(authUrl))

OAuthTwitterStreamingSession Looks like

trait OAuthTwitterStreamingSession
  extends TwitterStreamingSession[Tweet] with BackOffStreamReconnectionStrategy with JsonEntitySerializer with OAuthAuthenticationMechanism