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00-Preface.asciidoc Updated chapter 1 and preface for Lift 2.6, Scala 2.11, SBT 0.13
01-Installing-and-Running.asciidoc Spurious word removal
02-HTML.asciidoc Improved "Working with proxies" in light of…
03-Forms.asciidoc Made a few minor text edits for clarity
04-REST.asciidoc Update link to sample application
05-JavaScript-Ajax-Comet.asciidoc Made changes to 05-JavaScript-Ajax-Comet.asciidoc
06-Pipline.asciidoc Indexed and cross-linked streaming solutions.
07-Record-Squeryl.asciidoc Made changes to 07-Record-Squeryl.asciidoc
08-Mapper.asciidoc Start of switching to italic for filenames and paths.
09-Record-Mongo.asciidoc Made changes to 09-Record-Mongo.asciidoc
10-Around.asciidoc Moved "Serving Video" into the REST Chapter
11-Deployment.asciidoc Noted that CloudBees is closing Run@ service.
12-Contributing.asciidoc Made changes to 12-Contributing.asciidoc
book-docinfo.xml Made changes to book-docinfo.xml
book.asciidoc Updated book.asciidoc Improved "Working with proxies" in light of…
colo.asciidoc Made changes to colo.asciidoc
index.asciidoc Made changes to index.asciidoc
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