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Problem resolved

Upgraded to JQuery 1.6 and used $(checkbox).props('checked') rather than attr. Useful discussion at:

Description of the original problem

Use of a custom JavaScript function to enable or disable a number of checkboxes by class name, using JQuery 1.4, appears to have different behaviour when called inside a Lift app then when called outside a Lift app.

Running the example

Prior to commit 5a43eaf86ecb4b032355 ....

This Lift 2.3 SBT project contains:

  • static.html - a hand-crafted minimal HTML file which when opened in a browser will load JQuery from Google's CDN, load src/main/webapp/foo.js and will function as expected. That is, checking any checkbox will toggle all the check boxes on the page.

  • the lift_xhtml - default lift app (sbt jetty-run) which contains the use of the above function which does not work as expected. It seems as if the checking of the checkbox produces a different value compared to static.html

  • out.html - which is the lift app index page cURLed to the file system, with links to jquery and foo.js corrected to access these files from Open this in a browser (e.g., open out.html on a Mac) and the checkboxes function as expected.

  • - the script to create out.html