Lift module to plug AWS SNS into your lift application.
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AWS SNS Lift Module

Provides a wrapper around the Amazon Web Service Simple Notification Service.

Using this module

  1. Add the following repository to your SBT project file:

    For SBT 0.11:

     resolvers += "liftmodules repository" at ""

    For SBT 0.7:

     lazy val liftModulesRelease = "liftmodules repository" at ""
  2. Include this dependency:

      "net.liftmodules" %% "aws" % "sns" % (liftVersion+"VERSION")
  3. Implement notification handler

    def myhandler = { case msg => println("hello %s".format(msg)) } : HandlerFunction

  4. Extends the SNS class supplying configuration parameters and your handler

    object Example extends SNS(SNSConfig(creds,arn,path),myhandler)

    Required configuration:

    creds.access = AWS access key 
    creds.secret = AWS secret key 
    arn  		 = topic arn, this needs to exist already
    path		 = the path AWS will post notifications to, its a list, i.e List("my","notifications","here")
  5. In your application's Boot.boot code initalise the service.

  6. Publish notifications

    		Example ! Publish("my message")