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Google Analytics Lift Module

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Inserts the Google Analytics async tracking code into a Lift application.

That is, if you supply a Google Analytics tracking ID, the head of all pages will have the Google tracking Javascript code automatically added.

Using this module

  1. Include the dependency:

     // For Lift 3.2.x (Scala 2.12):
     "net.liftmodules" %% "google-analytics_3.2" % "1.2.0"

    Note that from 1.2.0 onwards this module switched to using Google Tag Manager (via #8). The versions below use the older ga.js approach.

     // For Lift 3.1.x (Scala 2.12):
     "net.liftmodules" %% "google-analytics_3.1" % "1.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
     // For Lift 3.0.x (Scala 2.12, 2.11):
     "net.liftmodules" %% "google-analytics_3.0" % "1.1"
     // For Lift 3.0.x (Scala 2.10):
     "net.liftmodules" %% "google-analytics_3.0" % "1.0-SNAPSHOT"
     // For Lift 2.6.x (Scala 2.11):
     "net.liftmodules" %% "google-analytics_2.6" % "1.1-SNAPSHOT"
     // For Lift 2.6.x (Scala 2.9 and 2.10):
     "net.liftmodules" %% "google-analytics_2.6" % "1.0"
     // For Lift 2.5.x (Scala 2.9 and 2.10):
      "net.liftmodules" %% "google-analytics_2.5" % "1.0"
  2. In your application's Boot.boot code:

  3. Finally, set your tracking code as the in your Props file. For example, add the following to src/main/resources/production.default.props

    ...obviously replacing XXXXXX with the code Google issued you with. Be sure to start your Lift app with -Drun.mode=production flag (or set the value of in your dev props file).

Conditional behaviour

To selectively control if analytics is enable, provide a ()=>Boolean function to the init method:

import bootstrap.liftmodules.GoogleAnalytics

GoogleAnalytics.init { () => S.cookieValue("cookie_consent") isDefined }

There's some sugar if you want it:

import bootstrap.liftmodules.GoogleAnalytics
import GoogleAnalytics.dsl._

GoogleAnalytics.init {
 only when S.cookieValue("ckns_policy").isDefined

End user cookie notification

To assist towards compliance to the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (cookie laws) this module includes an end-user notification trigger. It may not be right for you, and it is your responsibility to review you compliance with any regulation.

GoogleAnalytics.alertUser ( only when S.cookieValue("cookie_consent").isEmpty ) {
  JsAlert("We set Cookies")

The alertUser method expects a test of type ()=>Boolean and then a ()=>JsCmd.


When working on this module, if you want to see the effect in a Lift project without having to publish the module, you can change your Lift project to remove the dependency on the published module and instread add a local dependency. E.g.,

// project/LoalModuleDev.scala
import sbt._
object LocalModuleDev extends Build {
  lazy val root = Project("", file(".")) dependsOn(google)
  lazy val google = ProjectRef(uri("../liftmodules-googleanalytics"), "LiftModule")

When you build your Lift project, SBT will automatically compile changes in the local Google Analytics module.