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This is one of the projects used at @dpp's Lift course held at Skillsmatter, London, March 2011.

The code is the state of the code at the end of the class, and as such probably isn't going to make a lot of sense but might contain something someone can find useful.

From my notes:
 * Demonstation of using Lift to just pass JSON messages back and forth to a JavaScript UI.
 * There's a drawMe function defined outside of Lift (in index.html) which is invoked via a scheduled ping to in the JsonOnly CometActor.  The state is maintained in the MyJsonOnly session var and also in the JavaScript client via the myInfo variable.
 * Files touched: comet/JsonOnly.scala, snippet/HelloWorld.scala, index.html

Run with:

  $ sbt
  > update
  > jetty-run

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