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This branch of Flex TV this is in active development.

All code and features in this branch are subject to change, but please feel free to submit issues if you've had no luck asking for help in the Plex.TV forums:


What's that? You wish someone would just host Flex TV for you? You don't feel like messing around with webservers and port forwarding and permissions?

You're in luck!

In addition to being able to host Flex TV yourself, I've taken the liberty of setting up a version over at for anybody who doesn't feel like becoming a webserver admin in order to live in the FUTURE. The version over there is the exact same code base you see here, so if you're wondering what's being done with your info - feel free to examine the code for yourself.


Yes! There's now a plugin that works directly inside your Plex Media Server that helps Flex TV bridge the gap between PMS and your Cast Devices! And it works a LOT better than the old version. You can find it here:


Stop by the Plex.TV forums...


Can be found here:

(But it's outdated already, and could use some LOVE!)


If you like this product, feel free to buy me a beer:

If you really like it, I've also got a Patreon: