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Automatically identify, tag and rename audio files on Linux
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Idntag is a command-line tool that identifies artist and song name in specified audio files and updates their ID3-tag meta-data with correct data, and renames the files on format Artist_Name-Track_Name.

Example Usage

$ idntag ./tests/song.mp3
./tests/song.mp3: OK
$ ls tests/
$ ffprobe tests/Broke_For_Free-Night_Owl.mp3 2>&1 | grep -e artist -e title
artist          : Broke For Free
title           : Night Owl

Supported Platforms

Idntag is primarily developed and tested on Linux.


Pre-requisites (Ubuntu):

sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install pyacoustid
pip3 install pytaglib

Download the source code:

git clone && cd idntag

Generate Makefile and build:

mkdir -p build && cd build && cmake .. && make -s

Optionally install in system:

sudo make install


General usage syntax:

idntag [-h] [-k] [-v] path [path ...]


path            path of a file or directory
-h, --help      show this help message and exit
-k, --keepname  keep original filename
-v, --version   show program's version number and exit


Idntag is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file.


linux, fingerprint, music, mp3, automatically tag.

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