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FE5-Randomiser-By-dD_ShockTrooper v1.05

Credits to Zane Avernathy's amazing publicly available documentation on FE5 ROM data, Klokinator's original Visual Studio form design, NNadnerd's original FE5 Randomiser source code. All these reference materials saved me countless hours of work when building the project from scratch.

NOTE: Your settings files from v1.04 or earlier will not work with this version!!!

Release for v1.05 version of the FE5 Randomiser. There are new options for randomisation methods, and you are no longer restricted to the default ones. There are more coming.

Logging is now enabled, and will appear in the directory where the program is located, titled "spoilers.txt". Search for the changes you are looking for (without quotations) using "CLASS", "ITEM", "CHARACTER", "ENEMY GROWTH", "VILLAGE", "CHEST", "EVENT ITEM", "CHAPTER DATA", "VENDOR", "FOG". The sections in the spoiler log appear in that order. CHAPTER DATA is quite long.

Aside from the generic unit swapping option, this build should be fairly stable. If you get a ROM crash, email me the seed used to create the faulty ROM (ddshocktrooper or drop a message on the Project Exile discord server. If you get a logic error or have other feedback, describe what you think is the issue and send it.