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dDShockTrooper 0.96.1 Hotfix
+Removed the Spd/bld swaps for all classes except sages and horizontal cape mages
+The new option actually works now
+The female mage with horizontal flowing cape now has the default promotion of Sage (F)
Latest commit 05d435c May 14, 2019
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Release 0.96.1 Hotfix May 14, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit May 12, 2019 Update May 14, 2019

FE5-Randomiser-By-dD_ShockTrooper 0.96

Credits to Zane Avernathy's amazing publicly available documentation on FE5 ROM data, Klokinator's original Visual Studio form design, NNadnerd's original FE5 Randomiser source code. All these reference materials saved me countless hours of work when building the project from scratch.

Release for 0.96BETA version of the FE5 Randomiser.

There's going to be bugs. If you get a ROM crash, email me the seed used to create the faulty ROM (ddshocktrooper or drop a message on the discord server. If you get a logic error or have other feedback, describe what you think is the issue and send it.

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