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v1.05 2012-12-24
* Fixed zooming under Windows 8.
* Changed zooming controls - hold CTRL and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
v1.04 2012-02-14
* Fixed duplicate items in zoom stack
v1.03 2012-02-10
* Fixed zoom not working for pasted screenshots
v1.02 2012-02-09
* Removed tab stops from copy-to-clipboard buttons
* Added zooming - use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
v1.01a 2012-01-05
* Fixed some typos in the Readme, and an instance of the old icon in the application.
v1.01 2012-01-05
* Added copy-to-clipboard buttons to each text box
* Added New Screenshot button, to take a new screenshot without restarting What The Hex?
* Added Paste from Clipboard button, to paste any image from the clipboard
* Added a slightly fancier icon
* Removed the Close button.
v1.00 2012-01-02
* Initial release