vCPU scheduler & memory coordinator for KVM through Libvirt
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vCPU scheduler & memory coordinator for KVM through Libvirt

This is just a experiment to play with the libvirt APIs and have a benchmarking tool for scheduling problems.

It consists of two projects:

  • A vCPU scheduler which tries to assign the best pCPU to each vCPU, based on fairness. It triggers only after a fixed usage percentage on one of the CPUs (defined in the source).

  • A memory scheduler based on fairness which keeps the unused memory on all active domain within certain boundaries (e.g between 100/300MB)


Run make from the project's root to generate both programs. You can also run make in each of the subfolders to only generate one or the other program.

Find the binaries on bin/memory_coordinator and bin/vcpu_scheduler.

To compile this, make sure you have the packages libvirt-dev and qemu-kvm.


Memory Coordinator

vCPU Scheduler


  • Improve asymptotic complexity of scheduler. It spends so long gathering statistics that it'll fail to work on a period smaller than 1 second
  • Gather statistics using multiple threads way, with a barrier before running the fairness algorithms
  • Apply fairness only when a VM is above or below a certain standard deviation of % unused / same thing for CPU % usage. The current threshold model is quite naive and does not work well when all domains demand high resources.
  • Write tests ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If you are interested in maintaining this project, make some contributions and I'll be glad to give you commit access here. This is not really meant to be a substitute for the ballooning and scheduler algorithms in virtio (shoutouts to you, kernel folks), it doesn't even take into account NUMA and other stuff. Just a small simple project to play with these things.