Verifies types of functions during runtime
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This is a runtime contract/type checker for Erlang -spec declarations (*)

This package allows for calling a function and checks that all
contracts are valid.  Also contains a command line version.

  > checker:run(M, F, Args).

Runs a process where all calls to modules with -spec contracts will be
checked before and after running the function.  This behaviour is then
recursively applied to any further function calls from the original
callee.  The contract checking behaviour will also be inherited by any
spawned processes from the original call.  Results from the contract
checking will be logged using error_logger:format/2 and

Note that all involved modules will have to be compiled with
debug_info for the contract checking to function properly.  Any module
lacking debug_info will break the recursive chain (**).

(*) It also contains a rudimentary converter from the old @spec
    declarations (see bin/@spec2-spec.awk)

(**) This can of course be used as a feature since you may not always
want to contract check the lists module.