Code for analysing Diffraction Peak Profiles (DPPA)
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If you find use for any of the code please cite ref [1] below. Any errors or recommendations will be greatly appreciated and can be noted here on github or by emailing, and I will do my best to respond. It's not been fully tested so expect some bugs, that's why I need your help

The latest version is, download this and unzip. Run by typing >>BIGdippa and >>dippaFC. The results of BIGdippa are used for the Fourier analysis within dippaFC so start with BIGdippa. There are some example results files that can be used to check it is working.


10.5281/zenodo.59156 Matlab Code for analysing Diffraction Peak Profiles (DPPA).

Beta code will be available within July 2016, any help finding bugs would be greatly appreciated. Future updates for van Berkums alternative method and the Variance method will be made available at a later time

Peak Fitting - Warren-Averbach - Williamson-Hall

[1] T.H. Simm, P.J. Withers, J. Quinta da Fonseca, An evaluation of diffraction peak profile analysis (DPPA) methods to study plastically deformed metals, Mater. Des. 111 (2016) 331–343. doi:10.1016/j.matdes.2016.08.091.

[2] Simm, T. H., Withers, P. J., & Quinta Da Fonseca, J. (2014). Peak broadening anisotropy in deformed face-centred cubic and hexagonal close-packed alloys. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 47(5), 1535–1551.