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Public repo to coordinate collaboration across teams working in the DAOstack ecosystem.
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DAOstack Collaboration

This is a public repository to help coordinate collaboration across teams working in the DAOstack ecosystem. It serves as a participatory roadmap that shows where the stack is headed, what needs to be done and who is doing what. It's also a place where teams can get on-boarded, connect with one another and share updates.

About DAOstack

DAOstack is an open platform for decentralized governance. To learn more, visit

About Genesis

Genesis is a grant giving DAO for the DAOstack ecosystem. See it in action here.

About Us - dOrg

dOrg is a coalition of web3 freelancers and dev shops. We serve the DAOstack ecosystem as development catalysts. Learn more at

How to Use this Repo

This repo facilitates collaboration via issue and proposal tracking. Essentially, the problems and ideas which we believe to be important will appear on the Issues tab. Projects that were funded through Genesis proposals will appear in the proposals folder.

  • Issues (Community Wishlist): Find projects to work on or suggest new ones.
  • Proposals: See passed proposals or add your own.
  • Roadmap: Learn about the broader direction of the stack.

Adding a Proposal

All funding proposals must be submitted directly to the Genesis DAO. This repo is only intended to add convenience and reduce information asymmetries for builders in the DAOstack ecosystem.

We recommend that you add your proposal detail doc to this repo via Pull Request, then link to the PR in your proposal. See our template and example proposal.

The PR will be merged if Genesis passes the proposal. You can also add updates and delivery materials to the proposal details doc. This makes it easy to report back to the community on your progress.

Looking for more?

Real-time conversation

We have channels for real-time discussions on DAOstack. Join the conversations.

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