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Memorandum of Understanding


dOrg, LLC


Open, Esq LLC

This Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") is executed by and among the limited liability DAOs, dOrg, LLC and Open, Esq LLC with regard to the matters sufficiently described herein:

  1. Complete pilot "BBLLC - LLC/DAO" Stud(ies) and templatize work product on public instance;

  2. Complete a writeup describing "Limited Liabilities DAOs" with examples of actions performed by and among multiple DAOs established in different jurisdictions such as New York and Vermont and/or different digital protocols such as Aragon and DAOstack;

  3. Develop web tool for DAOs generated on both Aragon and DAOstack to form and maintain legal entities for digital organizations (the "Minimum Viable Product");

  4. Describe the best practices for streamlining ordinary business processes for DAOs through template agreements and software;

  5. Collaborate on grant applications, partnership opportunities, and other fundraising efforts;

  6. All code, templates, and documentation produced by this partnership will remain open source under an MIT Creative Commons License;

  7. Ambiguities with regard to the deliverables described herein shall be resolved by reference to the following URL address: "";

  8. The parties acknowledge that this MOU does not constitute a binding agreement but agree to act in good faith to achieve the goals outlined in this document;

  9. The parties may share details about the collaboration on their public channels including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Github,,,,’s forums, and’s forums;

  10. Sensitive information related to this MOU shall be governed by the form of Universal NDA previously entered into by the undersigned representatives;

  11. This MOU will not become effective until it is ratified by digital transactions at the following Limited Liability DAO addresses:

(a) 0xbe1a98d3452f6da6e0984589e545d4fc25af7526

(b) 0x80cc7c5b3983af6b556bcbc6030eac1285649203



/s/ Ori Shimony (verify signature)

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/s/ Robert Campbell (verify signature)

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