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Creates cue file from tracklist
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A small utility which facilitates creating cue files from track lists.

Track list highlights

  • In case if a local performer is absent the global one is used, e.g.

  • Performer and title track separators:

    • ' - ' — 45 (hyphen-minus)
    • ' – ' — 8211 (en dash)
    • ' ‒ ' — 8210 (figure dash)
    • ' — ' — 8212 (em dash)
    • ' ― ' — 8213 (horizontal bar)
  • Timings recognition:

    • [08:45] 03. 8 Ball08:45
    • 01.[18:02] Giuseppe18:02
    • 10:57 02. Space Manoeuvres10:57
    • 56:53 T.O.M'56:53
    • 1:02:28 Mossy62:28

Regions list recognition

  • Sony Sound Forge format dd:dd:dd[.,]dd
  • Adobe Audition format dd:dd:dd:dd
  • Audacity format ddddd.dddddd

For developers

_config.php is a pretty plain configuration file, this is an example of mine:

ini_set('date.timezone', 'America/Vancouver');

define('DEBUG_MODE', true);
define('COUNTER_FILENAME', '_counter.dat');

error_reporting(DEBUG_MODE ? E_ALL | E_STRICT : 0);

_counter.dat is a plain text file with a counter value. There's no predefined content, just make sure it has a writable permissions.

Running php server example php -S

Also please notice there is a test suite located at /scripts/tests/index.html This is highly important if you change cue formatter or parser

Building with Docker

There's a development version of Dockerfile in the root of this repository. It provides a minimum set-up with php7.3, nodeJS:12 and globally installed requirejs. For convenience there's file that can help to build, run and attach to the running container.

Building code

npm install -g requirejs
r.js -o scripts/build-config.js
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