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My Emacs configuration
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Dan's Emacs 24.4+ configuration

This is a rebooted version of my configuration.

Some stuff require build for this to be used, so:


A few things to consider:

  • To use the native Emacs scrollbar I recompile Fedora's Emacs package to disable GTK's own scrollbars.
  • Should not use any Emacs extension from Fedora itself but only the base package so that no externous dependencies add up.
  • Not using the git-submodule - all additions are built-in taking from respective upstream git revisions. I prefer a workflow with git that is not encumbered by having foreign cloned repos under my tree.
  • Originally I used vmalloc's configuration but instead I prefer to keep things much more minimal by including and loading only the packages I need.
  • Does not depend on MELPA or auto-updates. I'm old fashioned, and like to keep a stable configuration.

So if you ever want to test-run this, you would only need emacs package from Fedora, and this repo under .emacs.d. That's it - no strange magic (except when expecting things to be available under $PATH).

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