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Commits on May 15, 2016
  1. Update Makefile

    committed May 15, 2016
  2. Squashed 'modes/company-mode/' changes from 3e70e12bd942..395f846b05fa

    395f846b05fa Revert "Remove completions without annotations when considering duplicates"
    dc4927b3509a Allow company-dabbrev-ignore-buffers to be a function
    e0d2bf0ae6df company-bbdb: Use full names as prefix
    d587bd019e04 Fix an old typo
    d48eaee815af Merge pull request #499 from fice-t/autoload
    077182c12c2c Add autoload cookies
    90ec4ceef924 Don't call company-abort right after startup
    a7e4408f4052 Merge pull request #491 from akirakyle/patch-1
    6c8763a39a30 Fixed lighter for grouped backends
    7d2d49bea57a company--fetch-candidates: Bind non-essential
    9b89556880e3 company-capf: Look up `face', not `font-lock-face'
    1de23f8ee97a Merge pull request #486 from akirakyle/patch-1
    c38d3822de46 Fixed typo
    1f5389bf0d2c Merge pull request #483 from stardiviner/add-julia-keywords
    3ec9d5df9283 Add Julia keywords
    c357d5acf7f1 company-grab-line: Make it work in ERC prompt
    e52579348d85 company-dabbrev--search-buffer: Speed up
    c97828cfcff0 Clarify where callback must be called from
    1275cddb0834 Bump copyright
    c12216bc2f52 re-sort
    ae0a4068aa5f Add some C++11 keywords, fixes #478
    bdf6b221c7b4 Fix #474 by filtering dabbrev completions at the end
    e251568e99de Update test for the latest change
    724e6dda0741 Delete the cache when async completion aborts
    7d0db9ea6232 Move company-files closer to the front of company-backends
    ac7f8166b780 Merge pull request #466 from tarsius/patch-1
    b52697887fb8 Fix typo in dependency name
    a619a93069da Merge pull request #465 from vspinu/files-optim
    4f0d7a1477bb Kill trailing / on directories completion
    a53911c5253e Separate sort of candidates and children in company-files
    ca447ec37f20 [#464] Optimisation and fixes in `company-files`
    ada2ede3ec75 Merge pull request #461 from rlph/patch-1
    ec9f6c79c602 Moved company-tempo-insert call to post-completion
    5565541255db Option to have tempo expand tags after completion.
    99ce60bc4f8e Add company-search-flex-regexp
    9e844d1c1120 Merge pull request #459 from fbergroth/prefix-length-var
    4cd4c3a7bf5a Turn :company-prefix-length property into a value
    1221739dcc9c Improve the description of cons prefix
    18a77b937151 Improve the example in the Commentary
    faa8f84f19e7 Add company-semantic-insert-arguments
    cd69d7b3ad6f Add company-semantic-begin-after-member-access
    5d0a9bb95a21 company-semantic: Retain function overloads
    779de03e226b Merge pull request #457 from cpitclaudel/wip-simplify-electric
    9fb6072f6df1 Reimplement -electric-do using a pre-command-hook
    7a05d1cb35a4 company-cancel: Call pre/post-completion at the end
    31780fb736a6 Revert "company-cancel: Call frontends' 'hide before 'post-completion"
    39eb1158909b company--posn-col-row: Fall back to posn-col-row
    2dd1f6a2dc8a company-cancel: Call frontends' 'hide before 'post-completion
    e65ab4cffa73 Merge pull request #453 from jtatarik/bbdb-multiple-recipients
    df1472763828 Fix bbdb completion for multi-recipient messages
    23c6f853538c Merge pull request #450 from fbergroth/capf-prefix-function
    0a6bfa96e021 company-capf: Add :company-prefix-length property function
    e477eaf8d021 Bump copyright years
    387b4d12ef61 Fix "obsolete function" warning
    e5177c91887d Add company-tooltip-annotation-selection face
    da9b108c0edb Refine the workaround further
    18b041423604 Declare python-shell-get-process
    6bf24912a8a3 Rename company-clang-obc-templatify to company-template-objc-templatify
    931e7587391d Fix the workaround
    be2f586fc09c Add workaround for bug#18067
    b001e91a8c3b Fix a test (after adding `should`)
    5bfbb05108a3 Add the pre-render backend command
    c845c43aaa6c Revert "Add support for company-face"
    900ae0d7a227 Add support for company-face
    946c798dfc19 Handle empty list of candidates
    07a4e9e62e58 Travis: Try to fix the "held broken packages"
    3726fe2947bf [ci skip] Use the "generic" language
    777982049314 Remove completions without annotations when considering duplicates
    1c36f7cdaf74 company-dabbrev--search-buffer: Use use forward search (#433)
    4a16a55dc9e4 company-dabbrev--make-regexp: Regexp can match non-word characters
    4a6eea94edb1 Use company-dabbrev-char-regexp more consistently (#433)
    250ca1c395c6 Add company-etags-everywhere
    478f124b7484 company-dabbrev-code-modes: Improve Customize labels
    a3858bee55c3 Ignore trigger key prefixes that are shorter than symbol-at-point
    8952cfe3906b Handle key prefix being shorter than prefix (#422)
    ed3e7112fc0d company-yasnippet: Disable cache (#422)
    6165cb2d7bfd Don't "adjust key" (#422)
    21da29bcb532 Update copyright
    a95d7f1d6a25 Respect yas-key-syntaxes (#422)
    7d005c424eb9 Document some company-grab- functions
    c656b25f9e98 Merge pull request #418 from PythonNut/master
    4646d35eb919 Allow advising company-dabbrev(-code)? regex generation
    33f7bbcfc5e5 Fix some compilation warnings
    d97c98fed8fb company-search-candidates: Mention company-search-regexp-function
    cec877989511 Introduce company-search-regexp-function
    02d0e7447d1a Modernize the Commentary a bit
    87351aa033a1 Double space
    433ae926feed Retouch the docstring further
    46d44559b899 Merge pull request #402 from vspinu/sorted
    050c0c13893f Improvements of the `company-backends` docstring
    5d68a504742d [Fix #317] Allow :sorted keyword in grouped backends
    7afffbc99040 Spell "backend" and "frontend" without hyphens
    9e66366521cd Fix #404 by blanking out line-prefix again
    5f8e6ebb2ef5 Merge pull request #397 from bremner/make-elpa-fix
    679846ae6223 Makefile: allow package and elpa targets to run without git
    93aa472ebe85 Merge pull request #382 from ilohmar/etags-fix
    3aa806f49c46 company-etags-find-table: check that TAGS is a regular file, cf. #222
    d463642056c5 company-etags-find-table: fix fallback tags file expansion
    c6af7d29ef7b Mention the previous change in NEWS [ci skip]
    25cf452c297c Don't start automatically during macro recording
    d39b956539d3 Introduce company-indent-or-complete-common
    7419d5f4204d Update the tests
    1079d1af8aa3 Use cl-labels instead of cl-flet, for cl-lib shim compatibility
    05987e687d81 Fix #362 (arbitrary jumping of point)
    7579ced425bb Fix a bug reference
    2306c9cb1ac7 Support whitespace-mode newline-mark
    6e88174dae25 Don't cut off the last character from a wrapped line
    b0a946db2c40 company-clang--start-process: Only erase buffer when there's no existing process
    7d143502d4e5 company-eclim-executable: Pick up the value of eclim-executable, if present
    a053848b9a64 Sort alphabetically, to appease a test
    9c8364d51f54 company-keywords: Support scala-mode
    049b0e63c403 company--begin-new: Check the value of c
    4ba426467953 company--begin-new: Reorder statements
    d2ff1dcb0a9f company--begin-new: Call `company-cancel' in the unique case
    75e21f6ddc2a company-css: Support web-mode
    0b37d177a051 company-mode: Mention the sorting order
    35f4178f4331 Allow including window-start in the doc-buffer return value
    f1ca92fa8a6e Update NEWS [ci skip]
    820263803b6b Document ignore-case backend command
    27c913afb944 Don't use `require-match t' in normal backends
    c08dbc18f76d Don't use `sit-for'
    5296784ca4cc company-template: Add a summary line
    abe46daf96fd company-files: Skip disconnected remote completions for "/xyz"
    1dce7698fd97 company-version: Require find-func
    948656327a98 Accept markers in the data returned by c-a-p-f functions
    5fc4a9a0b0c7 Update company-clang-objc-templatify in line with the previous change
    f45b11ea6e65 Don't replace the default argument values with `argN` anymore
    2de213e94f52 company-dabbrev--search-buffer: Save match data
    7ad049d41806 Fix the svg url
    decd537c0d3d Add MELPA badge
    a0ba5936776b Drop githalytics link
    5fe84a2e9f3e Merge pull request #334 from vermiculus/patch-1
    9f67f1ee4e2e Fix docstring
    b20726c7b64d string-prefix-p signals error on nil in Emacs < 25
    b94b115651db company--insert-candidate: Don't insert an empty string
    5b736e9c124d Introduce company-dabbrev-ignore-invisible
    63010937854d Clarify the meaning of cdr in the prefix cons
    464a45878674 company-lighter: dispatch on whether company-candidates is non-nil
    479c676f31ce Don't use `forward-symbol', apparently it's not in 24.3
    b0f206a2e8de Handle function pointers in annotation and template expansion
    733d4a926230 Merge pull request #318 from iqbalansari/master
    41f45368a981 Add missing require to `company-gtags`
    c2e59818c098 Remove company-ropemacs
    17e6d19dbe4a Remove company-pysmell
    5e107fd39629 Accept numeric argument in company-select-next and friends
    a7a4ba681cf9 Merge branch 'release'
    e085a3338679 company--merge-async: Handle mixed sync/async and immediate callbacks better
    12f55f5fe57f Buf was unused
    af962d47817f company-diag: Call `annotation' in the right buffer
    5733f2b7d21f company-diag: Fix the annotation call
    7941f6e8e18b company-diag: Include Emacs and Company versions
    125a4dad231b company-show-location: Mirror the latest change to company-show-doc-buffer
    e94f2ecb20c1 company-show-doc-buffer: Still call doc-buffer inside the electric block
    448bcd8ebefb company-show-doc-buffer: Bind other-window-scroll-buffer
    d56ddaa1671d Allow scrolling the doc window with the mouse wheel
    1f1925f84bff company-backends: Make the version check more conservative
    e6ea77958ac7 Add `company-diag'
    5e29e41929f3 company-files--grab-existing-name: Check if the file is remote
    dae79c4a43d6 Merge branch 'search-hl-fix'
    22ecb9251e50 company-clang--start-process: Disable undo in the output buffer
    git-subtree-dir: modes/company-mode
    git-subtree-split: 395f846b05fa37be4d00247941a370e6e0b7790e
    committed May 15, 2016
  3. company-mode master

    committed May 15, 2016
Commits on May 13, 2016
  1. Squashed 'modes/rust/' changes from 5e51aaa7cdea..4fce17848d7d

    4fce17848d7d Merge pull request #154 from nikomatsakis/new-errors
    40c33fd71d87 add code to handle new-style rustc errors
    b23efef0b6a6 Merge pull request #153 from mrBliss/fix-151
    eafb7a0fcdc9 Properly fix #151
    b971c6dd1c93 Fix #151
    ed0b390e11be Merge pull request #148 from bmastenbrook/master
    a8a5e14544ce Fix for emacs24
    917503bf51d9 Fix failing tests, and add a test for the fix.
    c3feac150560 Fill regular block comments correctly too, in addition to rustdoc comments
    18fad391b9ab Merge pull request #142 from tromey/remove-emacs-23-support
    840063859f08 update and Package-Requires to require emacs 24
    bc77e168478d remove emacs 23 support
    bd44088e1361 Merge pull request #138 from kraai/upstream
    1c3724921252 Merge pull request #136 from Stebalien/indent-brace
    bfe24d25d299 Merge pull request #132 from tomjakubowski/move-module
    981223247d95 Document how to install on Debian
    bc0df03bec8b Merge pull request #135 from Stebalien/file-local
    0914b48b082c Merge pull request #133 from kraai/avoid-cl
    315cc59ec5a8 Re-indent on }
    1492106b02a7 Fix hook args for after-revert-hook
    beec95a510a2 Allow disabling rustfmt with a dir-local/file-local variable
    351732107d40 Merge pull request #129 from MicahChalmer/fix-issue-127
    f8d94cb53cdf Use catch and throw instead of block and return
    2f42da89c773 Add rust-promote-module-into-dir
    f408b06ea850 Run the after-revert hook after rustfmt
    6739dd9d6312 Merge pull request #123 from birkenfeld/fix-unicode-char-escapes
    01db4cb55b43 Fix font-locking for Unicode escapes in character literals.
    00e5366f70d4 Merge pull request #122 from kraai/remove-duplicate-keywords
    86d636aad77e Remove duplicate keywords
    b1cca0fa7363 Merge pull request #72 from birkenfeld/builtin-face
    ae4938076ee2 Merge pull request #121 from fbergroth/integrate-rustfmt
    86c55b1f34e8 Integrate rustfmt support
    304ae4bab477 Change font-lock face for module names.
    fa5b38feac9c Merge pull request #117 from TheBB/fix-closing-delim
    6252cf188390 Fix indentation of closing delimiters
    2cd3cf93853f Merge pull request #116 from Wilfred/type_annotation_highlighting
    dd6d417c1404 Fix type annotations incorrectly highlighted as modules.
    061e6d8a3a91 Merge pull request #109 from mrBliss/highlight-unsafe
    b874bbe927e4 Merge pull request #113 from MicahChalmer/fix-issue-104
    1ceac8b6561c Re-fontify buffer after it is reverted
    95d089cbc3a2 Merge pull request #110 from mrBliss/fix-103
    eaf95af109b2 Merge pull request #111 from mrBliss/where-indentation
    92584c303acc Fix the special case for the first line
    b76e803768bd Correctly indent where clauses
    a33b684a027b Fix #103: comment indentation after struct members
    339afbaf47b3 Highlight the unsafe keyword
    0601540d43b9 Merge pull request #96 from MicahChalmer/add-licenses
    1761a9c212cd Merge pull request #105 from MicahChalmer/remove-misc
    52870b653522 Remove unused require of misc.el
    61a35f619ff7 Merge pull request #97 from syohex/update-url
    cdaf3fcc6fbc Update MELPA URL
    54e24e6b646e Add basic license information
    a2e9f56a8f3b Merge pull request #84 from birkenfeld/compilation-note
    30d1dac40d84 Recognize compiler help and notes as "info" messages
    c801ddadaee1 Merge pull request #77 from tromey/fix-byte-compiler-add-lexbind
    866df37ca517 make rust-mode use lexical binding
    012537b6c915 remove byte-compiler warnings and prevent future ones
    git-subtree-dir: modes/rust
    git-subtree-split: 4fce17848d7df44ea5a722577dbf69cccf39878b
    committed May 13, 2016
Commits on May 7, 2016
  1. Squashed 'modes/haskell-mode/' changes from 4fd0fff4c6d1..db874f5bd9f2

    db874f5bd9f2 Merge pull request #1302 from fice-t/indentation
    9fb8e3ac65d1 Merge pull request #1316 from fice-t/tag
    82beb7fac3bd Document electric characters
    9ac7077dee0d Update xref-push-marker-stack
    7c406ea4e733 Merge pull request #1314 from gracjan/pr-unreachable-clause
    aeec6bedd04d Remove unreachable clause in indentation
    5d583145736e Merge pull request #1306 from mdorman/cabal-direct
    41532cf933b8 Fix logic for running cabal directly.
    7e839e383977 Demonstrate the problem with haskell-process-do-cabal.
    a1c9d629f1ca Implement electric characters
    33a147f78f89 Merge pull request #1310 from gracjan/pr-silence-font-lock-modes
    704dd8ddf7c7 Merge pull request #1309 from fice-t/prompt
    aefc32fe4a25 Sience possible messages from modes
    7649af3bcea2 Merge pull request #1308 from fice-t/make
    799ec9a8bb26 Put cursor in the echo area at prompt restart
    fc04a197a4f4 Don't message when EMACS shell variable is void
    2f681cc1138a Merge pull request #1307 from gracjan/pr-fix-completions-hook
    9ee7d6d22211 Autoload haskell-completions-completion-at-point
    62a94504e224 Merge pull request #1304 from gracjan/pr-haskell-mode-hook
    01eb3fc1a9ad Remove unused lexical variable
    773540c8781a Merge pull request #1290 from gracjan/or-indentation-fixes
    235b19bd4a3d Merge pull request #1288 from gracjan/pr-docs-fixes
    ad3ff4908ab0 Merge pull request #1298 from fice-t/repl
    9d1c7d0762ae Simplify haskell-interactive-handle-expr
    c730a819e2a7 Restore customization for haskell-mode-hook
    b94cbc610b38 Mark some tests as passing
    6e599c0a0e16 Improve Getting Help section
    cb3a1a2ef3c0 Add multiple expression continuation possibilities (tests)
    d71b9abf29e7 Describe haskell-mode-hook
    1ac451f5e5cd Add multiple expression continuation possibilities
    3e5a33e15870 Expand Unicode chapter
    e2e6f3f5b7da Return no-following-token at eobp
    ca18f4fa2223 Describe syntax highlighting better
    452f2cf0e604 Improve documentation here and there
    ffb9df6c7a6e Allow types to continue with left indent
    cae23e537f40 Remove outdated paragraph
    19870994d349 Do not indent -> more than needed
    1bc7a5f55cc0 Continue from left indent in phrases (tests)
    6a21282f2e4a Continue from left indent in phrases
    0a8c32b89be6 Remove unused parse-line-number
    84ab4c29fcb7 Continue indentation after vbar test
    8c9d2bc18189 Merge pull request #1293 from geraldus/g/fix-1234-tags-completion-table
    d4799311bf81 Complete things with tags iff tags-on-save is t
    95428b16e2bb Fix `tags-completion-table` usage
    bf2e5af2eceb Merge pull request #1269 from gracjan/pr-phrase-rest
    d577d2bf7753 Merge pull request #1275 from gracjan/pr-fix-module-indentation
    84cc6267d9dd Merge pull request #1276 from gracjan/pr-standalone-deriving-indentation
    40b1df72c9ea Merge pull request #1277 from fice-t/24.3
    599d0d94bf83 Merge pull request #1281 from gracjan/pr-char-literals
    7e10eb5aebdc Add escape sequences to char literals
    8f300f6112b3 Use setq-local and defvar-local
    44d83729dae2 Officially support only Emacs 24.3 and later
    18544d4f23fc Implement standalone deriving indentation
    b3a9e1b6ffcb Fix module declaration indentation
    547ac4fefbd4 Add tests for module indentation
    7b83c71d6789 Remove haskell-indentation-ifte-offset
    745fa1868634 Simplify haskell-indentation-phrase-rest
    cff017bae0bc Merge pull request #1267 from gracjan/pr-fix-doc
    6df1bc091648 Revert "Handle case expressions properly"
    bbad69c19efb Rearrange changing repl target section
    5aeff2da04dd Merge pull request #1264 from gracjan/pr-indent-region-noop
    650c112c0f0a Document indent-region as a no-op
    bcdd8d4944a9 Merge pull request #1263 from gracjan/pr-expand-font-lock-manual
    59b6a55a690c Merge pull request #1262 from gracjan/pr-img-margin-left
    20413466703e Expand font lock chapter
    1e6d8c1171ec Make img have same margin-left as div.smallexample
    43c2e7006ce7 Merge pull request #1256 from gracjan/pr-fix-dot
    c97870355366 Fix double negation issue in dot fontification
    c1396e4d051c Merge pull request #1254 from gracjan/pr-use-shakespeare
    d5f8a70bfba4 Use shakespeare mode for hamlet quasiquotes
    6e2779e566cd Merge pull request #1252 from gracjan/pr-use-default-face-in-qq
    e9dfe28fcb99 Use default face in quasi quotes
    fd52de07fe8b Merge pull request #1251 from gracjan/pr-font-lock-types-default
    a7076b8cb42c Change default for haskell-type-face
    3af8a54a48f5 Merge pull request #1248 from fice-t/cl
    31426d720b2a Remove final cl requires
    048b157a0361 Merge pull request #1247 from geraldus/g/disable-operator-completions
    3f80860a4b84 Disable interactive operator completions
    e9308ce4578d Merge pull request #1244 from gracjan/pr-move-some-wiki
    c4c74bacb191 Merge pull request #1237 from gracjan/pr-font-lock-types
    7b57f8b8c514 General formating fixes
    e6c18b7f593b Haskell Interactive Mode Debugger
    4154007d3df0 Haskell Interactive Mode Cabal integration
    9468c11b8a74 Haskell Interactive Mode Querying
    e88f3fb92974 Haskell Interactive Mode REPL
    147bcc4480e6 Move Compiling from wiki to manual
    e3c6a0d8e4d3 Move Sessions from wiki to manual
    54f4a026c13f Haskell Interactive Mode Tags Using GHCi
    33b914fa3131 Move Haskell-mode bindings from wiki
    a2ae66a81573 Expand installation chapter
    5a66fa69e05d Move Getting help to the very end
    39458072be58 Move History from wiki
    f5124acf3275 Move Module templates from wiki
    dccb5fc874a0 Move autoformatting from wiki
    e82ef448bee3 Move Rectangular commands from wiki
    601ac9e8d4fe Move external indentation from wiki
    716b7151dc74 Move indentation info from wiki
    707be6a94552 Move aligning code from wiki
    15711f3a78b4 Move browsing haddock from wiki
    c732a292712d Spell checking strings and comments
    2a404686d38f Font lock types in c2hs tests fixes
    b50d820307ab Add testing for re-highlight in font-lock
    4f548373f8a2 Font lock types tests
    3b88daeb0c99 Font lock types in their own color
    7d259b3bd49d Use case sensitive search in font-lock tests
    git-subtree-dir: modes/haskell-mode
    git-subtree-split: db874f5bd9f28b44cbd39b2dad8989a6f294c3e9
    committed May 7, 2016
Commits on Apr 28, 2016
  1. No tabs in markdown

    committed Apr 28, 2016
Commits on Apr 27, 2016
  1. C-w too

    committed Apr 27, 2016
Commits on Apr 5, 2016
Commits on Apr 2, 2016
  1. Squashed 'modes/haskell-mode/' changes from 560859a9e847..4fd0fff4c6d1

    4fd0fff4c6d1 Add star history 700 stars
    be9044b2e633 Merge pull request #1241 from gracjan/pr-circ
    05971651634f Use plain syntax in inferior-haskell-send-decl-post-filter
    a2950a122242 Merge pull request #1239 from gracjan/pr-fix-qq
    a4d93864f2e7 Be more strict about quasi quoter names
    fe795ae6ab19 Merge pull request #1236 from gracjan/pr-remove-menu-indent-region
    f93801aba933 Remove unused indent-region from menu
    3b8c603427b2 Merge pull request #1224 from geraldus/g/fix-1213
    e402e77323b0 Merge pull request #1233 from geraldus/g/fix-1184-static-tags-completions
    1c66d267c850 Small tidy-ups: fix rendering of command
    baa20a396dd6 Fix docs: remove buggy link, mention keywords
    3652414cf6b2 Merge pull request #1230 from geraldus/g/fix-1184-static-tags-completions
    cf1d0b8df75b Add Tags section
    1a66fdc4cb59 Update completion section
    2f1c969e1bc7 Merge pull request #1228 from geraldus/g/fix-1184-static-tags-completions
    0d730998017d Extend static completions with candidates from tags table
    be9a877306e6 Merge pull request #1204 from geraldus/g/fix-964
    9d170072a1e0 Remove unnecessary hashes
    c0b157ddbf43 Make directory argument mandatory in hasktags command composer
    c358be5e23c1 Fix docs
    759bf5de2787 Deprecate interactive tags generation function
    54d6b3b01a72 Switch to static tags generation in jump-to-tag and on save
    7143772cea07 Follow interactive tags generation function behaviour
    6b229b717d33 Move messaging functions to haskell-mode.el
    d657c6b71749 Use haskell-cabal--find-tags-dir
    55b6173cf5e9 Define a function to search suitable directory for TAGS
    60f19f623b2b Generate tags conditionally
    31eac18f7201 Implement tags generation in static mode
    1018f6a6fe78 Use hasktags command composer
    6e425db699dd Define hasktags command composer
    64442fc268d8 Merge pull request #1226 from geraldus/g/fix-circular-deps
    07e966779c63 Remove haskell-mode dependency
    997a175a9150 Move haskell-interactive-prompt-state stuff to utils package
    96af032563e1 Remove haskell-customize dependency
    816b1c65e9c7 Emphasize dependecy note
    93e011163eed More declarative test names
    8f138b2b4b16 Add tests
    2bef7ff95d41 Fix tests
    5298d1ab152f Handle operators in haskell-ident-pos-at-point
    6e110842bb4a Improve docs a little
    cc22219b7d7c Coveralls only for single build scenario, Emacs 24
    fe2cce799031 Require haskell-mode in haskell-cabal
    d8f27fdecc33 Remove unnecessary hashes
    ce5e4d060bfa Merge pull request #1215 from geraldus/g/flycheck-haskell-fix-54
    49b7e2ebeb18 Return removed names for backward compatibility
    5694503dad0c Merge pull request #1214 from gracjan/pr-guard-against-tabs
    63b86e0ac3a2 Guard against tabs in elisp files
    65bdfd863c80 Convert all tabs to spaces
    923e3f10aca9 Merge pull request #1212 from sergv/c2hs-fixes
    c72c4dbad4c8 Merge pull request #1211 from gracjan/pr-makefile-improvements
    7d1235e287ca get rid of haskell--rx-let macro
    0e046128c94c add haskell- prefix to all c2hs-mode symbols
    5904af82badc Check if autoloads will really load
    33033f522f1e Compile all files in the directory
    86b6ffd14845 Remove autoload from c2hs-font-lock-keywords
    a7237e9f1594 Merge pull request #1208 from gracjan/pr-font-story
    9f6b7356ba86 Improve fonts in manual
    0e99de337d02 Merge pull request #1199 from sergv/c2hs-mode
    480f99a51495 Merge pull request #1207 from gracjan/pr-keep-window-position-when-spellchecking
    8a4d42423ea4 Merge pull request #1203 from geraldus/g/fix-completions
    68f6d68a8a8f Keep window position when spellchecking
    f1577158611f Merge pull request #1205 from geraldus/g/tidy-ups
    2c68a363d82a Fix warning
    bd17a1611fbc Rename some functions
    66130212fad2 A bit of refactoring
    58642af044a1 Add some missing docstrings
    1f0836efe049 Add a reminder
    b49c9e24a62f Improve docs a bit
    ec9d37327af8 Better handling of comments and strings
    11738475d55a Add c2hs fontification tests
    93271711277c Split enum into vanilla enum and enum define
    aa46bb85ee81 Generalize check-properties test helper
    6107531dc89c Fix byte compile error in check-face-match-range
    6226b70a2760 Add c2hs mode
    f54cf11b5623 Merge pull request #1202 from fice-t/warning
    58b1e8ceda8b Merge pull request #1201 from fice-t/hook
    04d8c9eae974 Fix some warnings
    4c6b3ffa6b29 Better prefix handling in static completion function
    310b5719efdb Handle nil-ish responses better
    c737825e7bf1 Change a couple hook properties
    ea1851bd1d53 Merge pull request #1196 from neongreen/master
    f5271a7922cb Treat insides of quasiquotes as strings
    1f702443742e Merge pull request #1193 from gracjan/pr-indent-region-do-nothing
    ad06a79c0b50 Merge pull request #1198 from gracjan/pr-comma-list-indent
    cb10620fcd0d Add comma list test for indentation
    f73b1cebace9 Merge pull request #1195 from geraldus/g/fix-XXXX
    d9fba6c78896 Merge pull request #1191 from geraldus/g/fix-1182
    a13540fee9e1 Fix warining
    60d4eb091cb7 Set EMACS env var even in documentation build mode
    96553c79e125 Do nothing when in string or comment
    81d5bebab2f7 Remove some obsolete code
    277aff163942 Improve some docs
    df1ae0709757 Merge pull request #1192 from gracjan/pr-spell-checking-chapter
    9e81a0b70542 Make haskell-indent-region do nothing
    903be027d200 Add chapter about spell checking
    22d3517f27dd Remove haskell-mode-contextual-space and related var
    37113ffb9bf7 Merge pull request #1190 from neongreen/master
    dbc7e5787785 Add a test for #1189 (indentation and quasiquotes)
    64314916ebe8 Merge pull request #457 from cmears/copy-to-prompt
    8f630118168d Add haskell-interactive-copy-to-prompt.
    git-subtree-dir: modes/haskell-mode
    git-subtree-split: 4fd0fff4c6d1dd5b802e88b0006db2b303e21730
    committed Apr 2, 2016
Commits on Mar 22, 2016
  1. Sync with keep-formation

    committed Mar 22, 2016
Commits on Mar 21, 2016
  1. Split out to keep-formation.el

    committed Mar 21, 2016
  2. Add my/aligned-editing-mode

    committed Mar 21, 2016
  3. remoev my/haskell-who-calls

    committed Mar 21, 2016
Commits on Mar 20, 2016
Commits on Mar 11, 2016
  1. Rebind transpose-words

    committed Mar 11, 2016
Commits on Mar 10, 2016
  1. Visual line mode for text

    committed Mar 10, 2016
Commits on Mar 7, 2016
  1. Snippets

    committed Mar 7, 2016
  2. Various fixes

    committed Mar 7, 2016
Commits on Mar 5, 2016
  1. Squashed 'modes/haskell-mode/' changes from 7fbd4ee7a2dc..560859a9e847

    560859a9e847 Merge pull request #1118 from sourcy/hasktags-ignore-buildfiles
    2652b0e83056 Added ignores for files written by stack and cabal
    bcfe13462200 Merge pull request #1172 from geraldus/g/non-interactive-completions
    c990a4f25f67 Improve docstrings a bit
    e644b7abc9be Rename and rewrite REPL based completion funciton
    6dff9d0acc91 Improve docstring
    f2f90d40a2a6 Add completions hook
    8ca1af70378b Define non-interactive completion function
    9d0459edc252 Rename haskell-completions-pragma-names
    e7ec97fc8a33 Define haskell keywords list
    2193190a271c Merge pull request #1162 from issue-dispenser/deriving
    2d4285570d4f Merge pull request #1167 from luntain/master
    4ef443e9e8da fix haskell-hoogle to work with buffer local var
    74305124750c Merge pull request #1165 from haskell/revert-1121-gman/fix-1109
    b9df6006dba3 Revert "Remove suggested imports completely"
    1e8606138e91 Merge pull request #1163 from fice-t/repl
    9b730b21b5c7 Make RET in REPL create new prompt with blank input
    e54b2541a28e Merge pull request #1159 from gracjan/pr-font-lock-improve
    0e4694e8fdee Merge pull request #1161 from gracjan/pr-manual-fixup-machinery
    ce38a198a26d Retina resolution gifcasts
    403d6c9f4754 Let font-lock manage composition property
    7a1edc51a2d7 Manual fixup machinery
    a47db37ef76a Redo keyword highlight
    8bde194ed950 Highligh qualification same as symbol
    2d52abcf9746 Deriving indentation test
    git-subtree-dir: modes/haskell-mode
    git-subtree-split: 560859a9e84750d68710e99379d784340bc99167
    committed Mar 5, 2016
  2. YASnippet

    committed Mar 5, 2016
Commits on Feb 25, 2016
  1. Fix for markdown-mode

    committed Feb 25, 2016
Commits on Feb 17, 2016
  1. Squashed 'modes/haskell-mode/' changes from 66ed4e3afa36..7fbd4ee7a2dc

    7fbd4ee7a2dc Merge pull request #1158 from cruegge/master
    2ee2bc3be0c7 Implement backward case in haskell-forward-sexp
    02dfe27edff4 Merge pull request #1149 from mrBliss/cabal-word-breaks
    3d3dac7bf085 Merge pull request #1151 from cruegge/master
    da11b78d5ceb Merge pull request #1156 from gracjan/pr-begin-vbar
    1d8ca303c003 Properly find begin of a quasiquote
    e8f9a82945ca Add tests and fix for haskell-forward-sexp
    64346c2c4e21 Merge pull request #1152 from gracjan/pr-better-string-animation
    6ebe4970d8fb Better string animation
    8887ac8f29b7 Fix #1146 by treating . as punctuation
    e158c620a512 Merge pull request #1050 from gracjan/pr-syntax-propertize
    45a3f88b75e0 Merge pull request #1103 from gracjan/pr-haskell-compat
    371c87d3f05f Merge pull request #1143 from fice-t/key
    af267e416b42 Merge pull request #1144 from fice-t/doc
    1bf11a258ed3 More old code
    35ec14931317 Remove some outdated code
    375869f6b709 Make keymap definition more consistent
    e33d5d8587d6 Merge pull request #1136 from fice-t/sticky
    66d831aec3ca Add string highlight gif to docs
    18c9e3eaadaf Fix support for unterminated strings
    67e62fa1d7c8 Highlight incorrect escapes in strings
    4ebba4a48734 Support \x and \o in strings
    9aa1e738f985 Update
    704a7abd248b Add twitter follow button
    f1f8e7f12c96 Cleanup haskell-compat.el
    065f3a4461b7 Add unterminated quasi quotes
    611f23eb9df2 Add support for unterminated strings
    03b335c3ea63 Generate font-lock-keywords dynamically
    433784554efd Add haskell-appearance customization group
    d6667950afb6 Add literate lexeme tests
    d7c9f2a58bf4 Unify font-lock-keywords for literate and non-literate Haskell
    dd731e3a1a8e Remove font-lock-syntactic-keywords and friends
    572e67d2b786 Make font-lock use same syntax table
    0dc6b33753f3 Implement literate syntactic-propertize
    01b49e58db50 Recognize literate-comment as lexeme
    1b90a7351aa4 Use syntax-propertize-function
    22b8e3af09e8 Merge pull request #1142 from haskell/revert-1137-stylish-haskell-after-save
    aa10bd63edea Revert "Stylish haskell after save"
    7972207ea13f Merge pull request #1140 from bergey/pr-switch-back-from-process-load
    c8153ea29166 use `haskell-interactive-switch` in process-load
    884d97adfe13 Merge pull request #1139 from fice-t/key
    e90cc5d1c73b Make all define-key calls use kbd
    438b914ebc61 Merge pull request #1137 from bergey/stylish-haskell-after-save
    df528b8e39fb Remove save-hook suppression
    41c23f3ccbc8 run stylish-haskell before save
    ab8be6eea15a Add front-sticky property to read-only text in REPL
    d4e2e33ca53a Merge pull request #1135 from mikesperber/haskell-process-path-stuff
    b0a0c5556e66 Docstrings and documentation for haskell-process-path-*.
    1647f098922c Merge pull request #1132 from gracjan/pr-remove-haskell-package-el
    c958910f5488 Merge pull request #1130 from gracjan/pr-align-data
    a006cb24ed90 Remove haskell-package.el
    dfb3afbf6381 Align | with = in data declarations tests
    48e4ccc6cc72 Align | with = in data declarations
    b562d054972c Merge pull request #1129 from karljs/master
    259f38dc2878 Mark new tests as failing
    d36e3e8650ec add indentation tests for constructor and deriving
    11b255bf3cd9 Merge pull request #1124 from issue-dispenser/debug
    94ed3b70daf5 Merge pull request #1127 from sergv/fontify-bool-constants-in-cabal
    7536878c2e3b Merge pull request #1128 from geraldus/gman/fix-1126
    02107364ca22 Fix snapshot build
    01a68b7b204d Fontify True/False in cabal mode
    4e126e1fea82 Merge pull request #1121 from geraldus/gman/fix-1109
    34752380db6d Merge pull request #1123 from issue-dispenser/master
    d32dca571850 Remove suggested imports completely
    b6e01872b7d5 Use condition-case-unless-debug
    2fb447ff3305 Support spaces in project directories
    42b1db52cc34 Merge pull request #1116 from geraldus/gman/fix-820
    5369eb6b69ed Add simple test case
    a1a0282ad9a7 Fix #820
    c15c84470b7c Merge pull request #1119 from issue-dispenser/interactive-1
    93bb4305e513 Remove haskell-interactive-mode-completion-cache
    a77f3bf36630 Add GPL3 badge
    eb3c86fd7c9c Update
    c53d5606800c Merge pull request #1115 from gracjan/pr-haskell-indent-tests
    ae618e410f9c Add haskell-indent tests
    af97a6e02642 Merge pull request #1114 from mikesperber/process-path-lists
    0207377ccc46 Allow haskell-process-path-* to be lists.
    git-subtree-dir: modes/haskell-mode
    git-subtree-split: 7fbd4ee7a2dc589700c6ccf1815f4e787cc3c67c
    committed Feb 17, 2016
Commits on Jan 28, 2016
  1. Squashed 'modes/ghci-ng/' changes from 738f66f3d1f1..05df61d826d7

    05df61d826d7 Bump version
    2088b2ea441e Add stack.yaml
    git-subtree-dir: modes/ghci-ng
    git-subtree-split: 05df61d826d71cf8d65a6d764928775fdb8c91ad
    committed Jan 28, 2016
  2. Squashed 'modes/haskell-mode/' changes from 38c4231e7567..66ed4e3afa36

    66ed4e3afa36 Update
    8eb749649278 Merge pull request #1111 from geraldus/tidy-up-haskell-load
    a2c9f829fe76 Untabify, reindent.  Fix some warnings.
    4bb11643033d Merge pull request #1108 from bbatsov/docfix
    31b4a3de91a9 Capitalize a mention of Emacs
    83e80ec01a02 Unify the way haskell-mode is written on the getting started page
    9e19a0ae4867 Remove a stray parenthesis
    a10a600b59ec Merge pull request #1100 from bergey/pr-haskell-goto-first-error
    788a70ce4cd5 manual: mention goto-error functions
    e6f3ca538051 add tests for goto-error functions
    6c09f0b88b57 Merge pull request #1106 from gracjan/pr-equals-after-guards
    76d481a1acf0 Merge pull request #1105 from gracjan/pr-data-equals-separate-line
    877f98c35dea Honor equals on separate line after guards
    baa12c48a2fe Honor equals on its own line in data decl
    ffeab3258b50 Merge pull request #1055 from gracjan/pr-require-at-least-emacs-24-1
    38388ea6ed3f Merge pull request #1102 from gracjan/pr-version
    24619e002e47 Require at least Emacs 24.1
    a8d7a336a43e Bump version to 16.1-git
    9eaf461db3d7 haskell-load: add haskell-goto-first-error
    f6eb7938496b Merge pull request #1099 from mrBliss/detect-comma-style
    3bdf7057edbc Remove obsolete `haskell-cabal-list-comma-position'
    19872a29c09c Detect and respect the comma style of a section
    62aafdea37dc Merge pull request #1098 from mrBliss/fix-1094
    52840593ee07 Follow comma style when arranging a Cabal section
    fc9c57fa578f Merge pull request #1096 from gracjan/pr-string-tests
    702573b34d42 Add string tests
    f3142430a1fa Merge pull request #1093 from geraldus/utils-coverage
    8453e6ff4597 Add post-command-hook related tests
    0b71c407a6c0 Do not backup
    f15407d716aa Add index.js script
    9e6283c6e5a4 Merge pull request #1095 from geraldus/test-utils
    c22c1ae592a5 Use functions from test utilities package
    3158f6b25033 Move test utilities to separate file
    a5d18dacca2d Merge pull request #1092 from geraldus/utils-coverage
    674bd952cc78 Improve haskell-utils-reduce-string. Add tests
    d586354cd08d Merge pull request #1090 from geraldus/utils-coverage
    5741ce7d14bb Add tests
    37e70fcf6b6b Minor tidy ups. Licencing
    e3de99c30df9 Refactor haskell-utils-parse-repl-response
    b0ea8e1df09a Fix doc stirng (get rid of warning)
    d8c7c24fb62f Merge pull request #1089 from geraldus/utils-coverage
    8504a49c29b4 Define `haskell-utils-compose-type-at-command` test
    6f335a2a1a7f Document insert-lines (get rid of warinings)
    6f828c13411e Add proper package biolerplate wrap
    92926b70f9ff Untabify file
    ef622da19c51 Update
    da1fca050d7c Update
    dbe0ef60a8ce Merge pull request #1083 from fice-t/haskell-package
    544ce80e824e Define haskell-package struct's slots
    ef3e9dfb03b4 Merge pull request #1077 from gracjan/pr-cabal-tests
    1ddf2a14a724 Increase haskell-cabal.el coverage
    11a0c5da65f1 Merge pull request #1075 from gracjan/pr-inline-jump-loc
    6c9d84506c93 Merge pull request #1073 from gracjan/pr-indentation-more-tests
    cefd979b838b Inline haskell-mode-jump-to-loc
    fa932e92ea74 Add some tests for indentation
    322782edfb36 Merge pull request #1072 from bergey/pr-interactive-next-error-regexp
    ad575d0dfb7e add test for haskell-interactive-mode-error-regexp
    4df95ceee6a7 Fix #635
    62d20abc7e43 Merge pull request #1071 from gracjan/pr-first-char-classify
    65f56a2e81f9 Merge pull request #1067 from gracjan/pr-sql-font-lock
    9a3d87ccd52f Add tests and fix for classify by first char
    3e38565d1e79 Add test for SQL font-lock
    0dcf99661ea3 Merge pull request #1070 from mrBliss/more-font-lock-tests
    4f972476ee32 Merge pull request #1069 from gracjan/pr-remove-turn-on-font-lock
    d8a066f484f3 Test 'type instance' font-locking
    ad73e8f435ee Test '{type|data} family' font-locking (#1056)
    0d71b39097ef Test that 'role' is only fontified after 'type'
    71e5a23efdbc Merge pull request #1068 from mrBliss/test-type-role-font-lock
    d32c75089f4a Add test for 'type role' font-lock
    7854c7815f3f Merge pull request #1066 from gracjan/pr-type-role
    07638247f4b7 Add type role to font lock
    0497f6673202 Update
    1c076f5f5726 Remove turn-on/off-haskell-font-lock
    19b0fb5ccb94 Merge pull request #1064 from bergey/keybinding-cabal-visit-file
    7770a460e648 Merge pull request #1063 from gracjan/pr-coverage
    dcf131a36ddf Remove test 45
    376995a2811a Coverage: use undercover.el for global tests
    0929ebdf98dc Add keybinding for `haskell-cabal-visit-file`
    4bc47bd2ce86 Add add dash.el shut-up.el undercover.el
    5c38c52d8742 Coverage: add badge
    e857094584ba Add whitespace at eol checking
    30bfff26da7a Build at once and check at once
    b71b3c84d7c9 Merge pull request #1061 from gracjan/pr-string-qq
    1186820196fd Use plain string face for quasi quotes
    a7653e35fdec Merge pull request #1060 from bergey/docstring-typos
    10e371a809ce fix typos in documentation strings
    ca37035fbe2a Merge pull request #1058 from bergey/user-manual
    9af63c41944d manual: singular, not plural
    c1afdd0e71f4 Merge pull request #1059 from gracjan/pr-literate-font-lock
    e48ae1ffc9b4 Add some literate font-lock tests
    5d9b7e137bf0 Remove unused haskell-font-lock-latex-comments
    ef96a536cb2f manual: update interactive block indentation
    be6560a459f1 manual: subsection for stylish-haskell-on-save
    5895dc484d0a readme: link to HTML version of Texinfo manual
    b64262a93cb9 fix typo in code comment
    9e236a99995b manual: haskell-indentation-mode is the default
    c17ada78c12c manual: add install section
    cbbb7790fc11 Merge pull request #1056 from bergey/type-data-family
    3b9e6ed0fc2e Add 'family' keyword to doc-reserved-ids
    3fd8896a72b3 Add '{type|data} family' to font-lock-keywords-create
    58b603a1059a Merge pull request #1053 from gracjan/pr-skip-test-for-emacs25
    a7ffd02dc5e7 Skip an indentation test for Emacs 25
    d39f2fcf43e7 Merge pull request #1052 from gracjan/pr-lexeme-improvements
    3ee424d41c73 Lexeme parsing improvements
    1c43bbf4c84f Merge pull request #1051 from gracjan/pr-more-visible-quasi-quotes
    ce884af07383 Make quasi quote more visible
    78e6d503848b Merge pull request #1049 from hvr/pr/pkg-metainfo
    7400678a8a75 Define URL and some keywords/tags for haskell-mode
    fae18756f53e Merge pull request #1048 from gracjan/pr-not=autoload-defcustom
    f0affb46b857 Defcustoms should not be autoloaded
    ae2a55bfc1f4 Merge pull request #1047 from gracjan/pr-record-tibell
    f0a0c87944f8 Record declarations should follow tibell style (test)
    455294757135 Record declarations should follow tibell style
    2ba5d294565c Merge pull request #1045 from gracjan/pr-data-indentation
    0b05e4caa9fe Cleanup tests with 'data' declaration indentation
    8ef95feb969d Merge pull request #1037 from gracjan/pr-haddock-para
    9c14bd04f1b9 Properly separate haddock paragraphs
    3c8e6c8bcc46 Merge pull request #1036 from gracjan/pr-qq
    f3eac9200e12 Implement font-lock for quasi quoted XML, HTML and JavaScript
    git-subtree-dir: modes/haskell-mode
    git-subtree-split: 66ed4e3afa36fe4a35d2b7a03838e275eb5d0dc2
    committed Jan 28, 2016
  3. Various changes

    committed Jan 22, 2016
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