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Fri Nov 16 22:52:40 CET 2007 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Update version to 1.2.11. This is the 10 years
anniversary release of xmms, and also 1211 days since 1.2.10.
Thu Jul 5 13:59:48 EET 2007 Heikki Orsila <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c: Avoid overscanning ID data over
bounds, do not push ID data that is too short into the element list
Thu Jul 5 13:20:52 EET 2007 Heikki Orsila <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c: Allocate enough memory for the
string array [CORRECTIVE]
Sun Jun 17 15:15:30 EET 2007 Heikki Orsila <>
* xmms/playlist.c: Remove stripping of file names that are
inserted from a playlist file (pls or m3u). Specifically,
leading spaces are not stripped away, so adding a file named
" " is inserted properly. [CORRECTIVE]
Sun Mar 4 23:26:19 EET 2007 Matti Hämäläinen <>
* acinclude.m4: "grep -q" is not supported by Solaris
grep, and simple redirection suffices.
Sat Jan 6 14:09:04 EET 2007 Matti Hämäläinen <>
* Input/vorbis/http.c, Input/mpg123/http.c:
Use socklen_t as it should be used, instead of gint.
Sat Jan 6 10:40:40 EET 2007 Matti Hämäläinen <>
* Few typos in the previous changes
broke things. Should be fixed now.
* Add in libtoolization, since those
files have been removed from CVS.
Sun Dec 31 23:54:25 EET 2006 Matti Hämäläinen <>
*, libxmms/ Functional fixes:
some tests might have been broken on certain platforms.
Mostly just cosmetic cleanups and adding of quoting to
m4 macros.
Tue Dec 26 18:52:57 EET 2006 Matti Hämäläinen <>
* Removed files that are generated by GNU Autotools
from CVS. Hopefully nothing broke. :D
Tue Dec 26 06:19:56 EET 2006 Matti Hämäläinen <>
* Input/vorbis/http.c: 'Save stream to disk' now adds -N
suffix (where N is an increasing decimal number), if the
file already exists. Behaviour is now similar to the mp3
(mpg123) plugin, patch from Andras Lipoth <>
* README: The conditional support in titles was reverted
long time ago, remove all traces about it from README.
Fri Dec 1 17:15:21 EET 2006 Matti Hämäläinen <>
* CVS-README: Updated URLs and other information.
* COPYING: Updated GPL, the FSF postal address had changed,
and also Library GPL is now Lesser GPL.
* xmms/prefswin.c: Removed documentation of titlestring
conditionals, because the code for supporting them was removed
(reverted) long time ago.
Wed Nov 15 13:28:32 CST 2006 Zinx Verituse <>
* acinclude.m4 libxmms/acinclude.m4: Put XMMS_AS_NOEXECSTACK back.
Wed Nov 15 12:33:06 CST 2006 Zinx Verituse <>
* acconfig.h, acinclude.m4, config.guess, config.sub,,, libxmms/acconfig.h, libxmms/acinclude.m4,
po/ libtool/autoconf/gettext updates. Nothing but
libtool and our macros in acinclude.m4 now.
Wed Aug 16 00:54:53 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_keypress_up_down_handler): We
could get confused about what was selected while moving the
selection in some cases.
Thu Jul 27 20:52:34 CEST 2006 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c, playlist.[ch]: Make menu option Queue behave
like the keyboard accelerator, allowing [de]queuing of multiple items.
Patch by Knut Auvor Grythe <>
Tue Jul 25 05:19:22 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (mpg123_get_first_frame): Tighten up check
some more to avoid false positives on some non-mpeg files.
Tue Jul 25 00:55:55 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c, playlist.[ch]: Add "randomize selection" option.
Patch by Malte Rohde <>
* Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c: Apply effect plugins.
Patch by David Mcwherter <> and
Jeremy Huddleston <>
Tue Jul 25 00:01:16 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/wav/wav.c (is_our_file): Fix leak of file handles.
Patch by Walter Doekes <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (volume_adjust): Make software volume
adjustment logarithmic.
Patch by Nicolas Boullis <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Some minor cleanups.
* acinclude.m4, Add "-Wa,--noexecstack" to CCASFLAGS
if the assembler supports it.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (play_file): Add range checking for
track number.
Mon Jul 24 01:04:24 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (mpg123_get_first_frame): Fix incorrect
fetching of xing tag which would cause wrong calculation of time
for some files.
(mpg123_get_id3_genre): Export.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c (id3_get_content_v23): Fix
possible endless loop.
Sun Jul 23 20:46:14 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c: Support id3v2.4 properly. Fix
a bug that could cause crash on some invalid tags.
* xmms/pluginenum.c (cleanup_plugins): Fix small memory leak.
Patch by Ville Skyttä <>
Tue Jul 11 01:37:42 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/esd/mixer.c (esdout_fetch_volume): Handle failures
* xmms/util.c (util_filebrowser_is_dir): Ouch, fix
strdup()/g_strdup() misuse. Highly unlikely to trigger though.
* xmms/fft.c: g_malloc() cannot fail, so remove check.
* Input/cdaudio/cdinfo.c (cdda_cdinfo_track_set): Move bounds
checking. This was not buggy, but it's nicer this way.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_mixer_timeout): Remove debug message.
* libxmms/titlestring.c: Reduce use of macros somewhat. Fix some
minor issues.
* acinclude.m4: Add some brackets to keep newer autoconfs happy.
Mon Jul 10 16:59:30 CEST 2006 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/effect.[ch]: Add mutex to protect the effect plugin list from
beeing used while updated. Some other cleanups.
* xmms/bmp.c (read_bmp): Handle read errors more gracefully.
Get rid of a typedef.
Mon Dec 26 16:01:33 CET 2005 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/main.[ch], xmms/playlist.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.c,
README, Add playqueue manager. Adds queue managing
enabling you to reorder the queue and a search like the jump to
file dialog.
Patch by Knut Auvor Grythe <>
* Add missing playlist window specific key bindings.
Sat Oct 8 13:33:33 CEST 2005 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_update_replaygain): Do not apply
+6dB boost if no replaygain information is available.
Patch by Juha-Matti Tilli <>
Fri Oct 7 07:07:40 CEST 2005 Thomas Nilsson <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.[ch], xmms/controlsocket.[ch],
xmms/playlist.[ch]: Added xmms_remote_playqueue_clear,
xmms_remote_get_playqueue_pos_from_playlist_pos and
Patch by Carlos Eduardo Coelho Baptista Shinagawa
Patch by Knut Auvor Grythe <>
Tue Aug 9 21:50:41 CEST 2005 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/controlsocket.h: Restructure to have the ENUM in
correct order rather than pretty. Thanks to BMP guys
for spotting this.
Sun May 15 03:57:27 CEST 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* General/ir/ir.c (irapp_init_port): Fix a problem with
initialization of the irman.
Patch by Baruch Even <>
* Add gtk+-devel as a buildprereq.
Sun May 15 02:51:00 CEST 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_press): Pop up right click menu
also if clicking on the pop up buttons.
* Input/mikmod/plugin.c (init): Make the titles default to old
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.h (MAX_SKIP_LENGTH): Increase the amount of
garbage we will skip from 256kB to 2MB.
Sun May 15 01:29:04 CEST 2005 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Effect/echo_plugin/gui.c, Effect/stereo_plugin/stereo.c,
Effect/voice/about.c, General/ir/about.c, General/ir/configure.c,
General/joystick/about.c, General/joystick/configure.c,
General/song_change/song_change.c, Input/cdaudio/cddb.c,
Input/cdaudio/cdindex.c, Input/cdaudio/configure.c,
Input/mikmod/plugin.c, Input/mpg123/configure.c,
Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c, Input/mpg123/http.c,
Input/mpg123/mpg123.c, Input/tonegen/tonegen.c,
Input/vorbis/configure.c, Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c,
Input/vorbis/http.c, Input/vorbis/vorbis.c, Output/OSS/about.c,
Output/OSS/configure.c, Output/alsa/about.c,
Output/alsa/configure.c, Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c,
Output/esd/about.c, Output/esd/configure.c,
Output/solaris/about.c, Output/solaris/configure.c,
Output/sun/about.c, Output/sun/configure.c,
Visualization/opengl_spectrum/configure.c, libxmms/dirbrowser.c,
xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/input.c, xmms/main.c, xmms/playlistwin.c,
xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/util.c: s/Ok/OK
Mon May 9 23:01:58 CEST 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c, Output/alsa/init.c,
Output/alsa/configure.c, Output/alsa/alsa.h: Remove single
threaded mode and mmap mode.
Sat May 7 03:46:09 CEST 2005 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Enable shoutcast title streaming
by default.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_play): Use same randomizer for random
skin as we use for shuffling.
Sat May 7 02:28:36 CEST 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/OSS/audio.c (write_all): Handle short writes properly.
Bug reported by Sean Meiners <>
Sat May 7 01:54:57 CEST 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_next): If at the end of the playlist
the queue was not considered when pressing next.
Patch by Bastiaan Jacques <>
* Input/mikmod/plugin.c, Input/mikmod/mikmod-plugin.h: New option
to always use filename for title.
Patch by Tatu Kilappa <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_general_menu_entries): Set Ctrl-Q as
default keybinding for quit.
Patch by Michaël Houzé <>
Sat May 7 01:13:01 CEST 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/ Add test for bigendian (we already tried
to use the result from this test).
Patch by Erik de Castro Lopo <>
* Output/solaris/audio.c (abuffer_open): Add support for a couple
of more soundcards. OSS and AMD8111. For OSS you probably want
to use the OSS plugin though.
Patch by 4Front Technologies <>
Patch by Dmitry Pimenov <>
Fri May 6 23:50:19 CEST 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c: Fix crash if looking at file info while
the window is already open.
* General/song_change/song_change.c: Add a parameter that
indicates if it is playing or not.
Patch by Jeff Shute <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_keypress): Make enter work even
if the current selected song is not visible.
Patch by Bastiaan Jacques <>
* xmms/main.c (main): Try to set SCHED_RR priority even if we
don't are root if it is enabled.
Mon Apr 18 11:00:18 CET 2005 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (is_our_file): Detect flac files.
Fri Apr 8 15:44:20 CET 2005 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c (vorbis_file_info_box): Added vendor and
avarage bitrate information.
Patch by Thomas E. Zander <>.
* libxmms/util.c (xmms_check_realtime_priority): Use size_t
instead of int.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (is_mounted): Fixed return values.
Mon Jan 31 22:27:34 CET 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_setup): Fix alignment.
Patch by Takashi Iwai <>
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Add more tooltips.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_save_filesel_ok): Better error
message if playlist type not recognized.
(playlistwin_keypress): Make keypad enter work like return.
Sun Jan 30 02:32:44 CET 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Do proper prebuffering.
(alsa_get_output_time): Fix time display when paused.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Fix a race when pausing early.
Patch by Alex Smith <>
* libxmms/xconvert.h: Remove a prototype for a function that was
never implemented.
* Output/alsa/configure.c: Some reorganization of the
configuration window.
(alsa_configure): 10s should be plenty for max buffer size.
* Output/alsa/init.c (alsa_init): Clamp value of thread buffer
Sat Jan 29 00:44:59 CET 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Make the alsa plugin work like most other
output plugin with a separate thread that feeds data to the
soundcard. Several other fixes.
Patch by Takashi Iwai <>
Thu Jan 13 11:47:12 CET 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/wav/wav.c: Add support for mu-law and a-law encoding.
(convert): Do explicit conversion of floating point data instead
of using a union.
* xmms/input.c (input_play): Fix a problem where the seekbar and
time widgets would not be enabled on play if the input plugin set
the title early.
Thu Jan 13 03:13:35 CET 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/wav/wav.c (construct_wave_file): Don't bindly assume that
(convert): Unbreak float files again.
Thu Jan 13 00:00:28 CET 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/wav/wav.c: Don't use C99 intializers. Minor cleanups.
(read_le_long): Make 64 bits clean.
Wed Jan 12 22:15:52 CET 2005 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/wav/wav.c: Add support for 32bits PCM and floating point
wav files.
Patch by Dirk Jagdmann <>
Sat Dec 4 00:57:08 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/titlestring.c (xmms_vputnum): Fix padding if both zero
padding and precision is given.
Fri Oct 29 22:18:26 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* General/ir/ir.h: Remove incorrect prototypes.
Patch by Jeremy Huddleston <>
* Add en_GB to ALL_LINGUAS.
Tue Aug 24 20:28:42 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_get_volume): Make sure "soft volume"
works even if we find no mixer.
Wed Jul 21 11:41:22 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.h, libxmms/configfile.h, libxmms/dirbrowser.h,
libxmms/titlestring.h: Remove some superfluous semicolons.
Patch by Andreas Jochens <>
* libxmms/titlestring.c (xmms_get_titlestring): Fix zero padding.
Mon Jul 19 02:36:57 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (configurewin_check_drive): Check that
the user has read permission to the directory.
Mon Jul 19 02:03:52 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms.m4: Fix some paranthesis that automake 1.8 want.
Patch by Ville Skyttä <>
Mon Jul 19 00:17:34 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c, Input/mpg123/common.c,
Input/mpg123/mpg123.h, Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Write some new
code for locating the first frame in a mpeg file. This fixes some
problems where the file info box would display wrong info and
Sat Jul 17 23:48:32 BST 2004 Chris Wilson <>
* libxmms/acinclude.m4: Add m4's from gettext-0.12 to fix
compile with older gettext.
Sun Jul 18 00:13:17 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/titlestring.c: Remove the conditionals again. The
syntax was not the best. Various cleanups.
Sat Jul 17 21:21:44 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* General/song_change/song_change.c: New option to make is
possible to run command at end of song. Interface enhanced.
Various improvements.
Patch by Jorg Schuler <>
* Output/esd/mixer.c, Output/esd/init.c, Output/esd/esdout.h: Made
the esd plugin remember volume settings between sessions.
Fri Jul 16 23:28:23 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_delete_node): Fix some issues with the
queue when deleting files.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_sort_str_by_path_cmpfunc): Fix a bug
where certain directories was sorted wrong.
Tue Jun 1 07:38:11 CEST 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/hints.c (net_wm_set_desktop): Workaround a problem with
_NET_WM_DESKTOP in FVWM which would lead to XMMS being unable to
unset its sticky state.
Sun May 30 00:50:04 CEST 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/equalizer.c: Fix a segfault when using keyboard to load and
save presets.
Sun May 23 01:58:05 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/hints.c (net_wm_set_desktop): We could unintentionally move
the window on start because of a race with the window manager.
Patch by Martin Stjernholm <>
Sun May 23 01:33:23 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_create): Accelerators did not
work for some sub-menus.
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Software volume control was broken for mono
* Output/sun/configure.c (configure_win_destroy):
configure_win_destroy() was called twice and that caused some
Patch by Matthias Drochner <>
* Output/esd/configure.c (esdout_configure): It was not possible
to enable the oss mixer due to an inverted #ifdef.
Sun May 23 00:18:19 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/about.c, xmms/main.c, xmms/util.c, xmms/util.h,
xmms/input.c, Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c, Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c:
Make dialogs close if you press esc.
Patch by Eric Fikus <>
Mon Apr 26 01:01:16 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* General/joystick/joy.c (cleanup): Don't try to stop the thread
if we never started it.
Mon Apr 26 00:30:43 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/configure.c: Change the "mixer card" selection into
an option menu with the name of the card instead of a numeric spin
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c (xmms_remote_set_main_volume): Improved
rounding to preserve the balance a little better.
Sun Apr 25 04:00:50 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c: Fix a bug where the window title triggered itself
to be updated.
Sun Apr 25 01:41:50 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/charset.c (xmms_charset_from_utf8): Improve conversion
from utf-8 when iconv() is unavailable.
Based on a patch by Ilya Konstantinov <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_set_info_text): Also update the window
title here.
* acconfig.h, libxmms/acconfig.h, xmms/fullscreen.c, xmms/util.c:
Removed somewhat incomplete dmalloc support.
Mon Apr 12 23:07:05 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/sm.c: Fix compilation if compiled without support for
session management.
Mon Apr 12 20:49:13 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (display_usage): Improve for translations.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_load_ins): Read extented info also
from pls playlists.
Patch by Martin <>
* xmms/main.c (main), xmms/playlist.c: Initialize random generator
with initstate() if /dev/urandom is present.
Patch by Bret Towe <>
Mon Apr 5 01:47:58 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_close): Don't unconditionally close
the mixer device on stop. This prevented it from working when not
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_mmap_audio): Make sure to start
playback if the buffer is almost full.
* xmms/equalizer.c (equalizerwin_keypress): Add some keybindings
for the equalizer.
Patch by <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_tag.c (id3_read_tag): Signal error if the tag
contains no usable frames.
Patch by Renaud Saint-Gratien <>
Mon Apr 5 00:12:47 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c (id3_get_comment): Add support for
reading COMM frames.
* libxmms/charset.c (xmms_charset_from_utf8): Handle NULL strings.
Sun Apr 4 22:07:14 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c (set_entry_tag): Use standard glib
string funtions.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Dynamically allocate memory for id3v2
strings. Removes some limits for the length of these strings.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_read_frame): Fix frame size
computation for id3v2.4.
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c (remote_read_packet): Fix another problem
with short packets.
Sun Apr 4 18:15:35 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/*: Lots of whitespace changes in the id3 code to
bring the intendtation in line with the rest of the code.
Sun Apr 4 16:57:50 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c, Input/mpg123/id3.h,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_url.c,
Input/mpg123/unicode.c: Fix support for unicode (utf8 and utf16)
in id3v2 tags.
Based on a patch by Ilya Konstantinov <>
* libxmms/charset.c (xmms_charset_convert): This function now
needs size of input string.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_read_frame): Fix a signedness
Sat Apr 3 22:28:45 CEST 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/charset.c, libxmms/, libxmms/
Move Input/vorbis/utf8.c to libxmms.
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c, Input/vorbis/vorbis.c,
Input/vorbis/vorbis.h, Input/vorbis/ Update to work
with moved charset conversion.
* Document -i/--sm-client-id properly.
Sun Mar 21 17:41:25 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/playlist.c: Changed a few lingering
pthread_mutex_[un]lock(&playlist_mutex); to PL_[UN]LOCK();
We didn't clear the play queue when the playlist was cleared.
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.[ch], xmms/controlsocket.[ch],
xmms/playlist.[ch]: Added xmms_remote_playqueue_remove();
Patch by Michael Grigoriev <>
* xmms/main.c: New option to display time as mmm:ss instead of
switching to hh:mm (occurs at 100 minutes). Displaying remaning
time will be 'broken' for songs longer than 99:59 as the '-'
won't have room to be displayed.
Patch by Neil Hodge <>
Wed Mar 17 04:45:18 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.[ch], xmms/controlsocket.[ch],
xmms/playlist.[ch]: Added xmms_remote_playqueue_add() and
xmms_remote_get_playqueue_length(). Patch by Michael Grigoriev
* main.c, README, New commandline option to add songs
to the play queue directly. -Q/--queue
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: We would erroneously use 0 as
* xmms/about.c, xmms/dnd.h, xmms/fullscreen.c, xmms/main.c,
xmms/urldecode.[ch]: Worst bug ever. s/Licensse/License/
* xmms/prefswin.c, Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Fix two typos.
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c: Removed two debug messages.
Tue Mar 16 14:47:08 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* README, libxmms/titlestring.c, xmms/prefswin.c: Cleaned up the
titlestring code to make it possible to have larger than 256
character long strings. New conditional options which allows the
user to display a much more dynamic title for songs lacking
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Work around a problem where year and
comment got mixed when the comment started with a digit.
Patches by: Matti Hämäläinen <>
Mon Mar 15 01:32:49 CET 2004 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_pause): Ensure the device is properly
setup before calling alsa ('going' variable, now correctly
Mon Mar 15 00:51:42 CET 2004 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_pause): Add better error reporting,
and pass only valid handles to alsa! (fixes nasty bug when switching
tracks very quickly).
Mon Mar 15 00:08:29 CET 2004 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_pause): Add snd_pcm_prepare call,
which is the dual of snd_pcm_drop.
Thu Mar 4 07:25:45 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
*, README, xmms/main.c: Make the --toggle switches take
an optional value to either enable or disable the function.
Tue Mar 2 22:28:51 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* AUTHORS,, libxmms/xmmsctrl.c, libxmms/xmmsctrl.h,
xmms/about.c, xmms/controlsocket.c, xmms/controlsocket.h,
xmms/main.c, xmms/main.h: Added commandline switches; --quit,
--toggle-shuffle, --toggle-repeat and --toggle-advance. Patch by
Ian 'Hixie' Hickson.
Wed Feb 25 15:14:36 CST 2004 Zinx Verituse <>
* Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c: Applied disk writer patch
from Heikki Orsila to keep the extension when generating the
new filename if enabled.
Mon Feb 23 22:53:06 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.10.
Mon Feb 23 22:43:14 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/ Update libtool version.
Sun Feb 22 23:51:28 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Remove reference to gnomexmms.
Sun Feb 22 18:22:38 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_quit_cb): Stop playback sooner on exit.
* Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c: Some cleanups.
Patch by Matti Hämäläinen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_delete_node): Fix deletion of a song
that is in the queue.
Patch by Santtu Lakkala <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_read_frame_v22): Fix a
sign extension problem.
Based on patch by Graham Reed <>
Fri Feb 20 00:00:27 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (decode_loop): Fix seeking in some files
with xing headers that miss file length.
* AM_PATH_ALSA clobbers some variables.
* xmms/controlsocket.c (read_all): Fix a problem equal with the
one in xmmsctrl.c.
Fri Feb 13 02:45:08 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_press): Add seeking with horizontal scroll
wheel. Patch by Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker <>
* xmms/hints.c (net_wm_set_desktop): Fix a bug where we at startup
would move all windows to the current desktop.
Patch by Martin Stjernholm <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/playlistwin.c: Move the <control>3 keybinding
to make it work properly in the playlist window.
Wed Feb 11 21:09:23 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c (read_all): An early eof was handled
inproperly causing crashes.
Thanks to Doug Holland <>
Wed Jan 28 22:13:57 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.9.
Wed Jan 28 20:31:55 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/esd/mixer.c, Output/esd/audio.c: Make sure to reset the
player id between songs.
Based on a patch by Wolfgang Ocker <>
Wed Jan 28 19:54:32 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* po/Makevars (XGETTEXT_OPTIONS): Add --from-code.
Wed Jan 28 18:49:04 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* NEWS: Updated for 1.2.9
Wed Jan 28 01:09:28 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Fix some confusion on whether we were using
moveresize or not.
* xmms/hints.c (hint_move_resize_available): Disable moveresize
here instead of in playlistwin.c.
Wed Jan 28 00:03:42 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (configurewin_check_drive): We could
leak a file handle in some cases.
Tue Jan 27 23:03:42 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_keypress): Remove the hardcoded
<Ctrl>3 to show file info. There is an accelerator for this now.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_keypress_up_down_handler): Fix a
problem when moving a single file using keyboard.
* xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/playlistwin.h: Make a few functions
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_pause): Use snd_pcm_pause() also for
mmap mode. No need to call snd_pcm_prepare() after
* wmxmms/wmxmms.c: Remove an #include that was redundant and could
cause problems.
Tue Jan 27 20:27:43 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Make sure to start the stream as the buffer
fills up.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_setup_mixer): Remove the #ifdef around
the bug work around and fix it.
* Remove uz@Cylr from ALL_LINGUAS.
Tue Jan 27 01:55:37 CET 2004 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Conditional compilation of the alsa-lib
workaround, apparently, it has been fixed in 1.0.1.
Fri Jan 23 16:48:32 2004 Espen Skoglund <>
* Added check for <sys/cdrio.h>. Do not add
-ffast-math to CFLAGS on FreeBSD/Alpha.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.h: Include <sys/cdrio.h> if present.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (read_audio_data): New read function for
handling ATAng under FreeBSD.
Thu Jan 22 10:33:07 CST 2004 Ryan Weaver <>
Changed obsolete serial to epoch.
Removed gnome package.
Replaced static dirs with rpm macros (e.g. %{_bindir}).
* Added line to regenerate xmms.pot in po/.
Wed Jan 21 11:36:45 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Fix a rounding problem.
Patch by Peter Eisenlohr <>
Sat Jan 17 01:49:24 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* po/ Remove gnomexmms.
Sat Jan 17 13:34:51 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Output/alsa/configure.c (get_devices_for_card): Fix
compliation on older GCC versions.
Sat Jan 17 01:27:41 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* README, AUTHORS: Update copyright year.
Sat Jan 17 01:15:06 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/about.c (show_about_window): Update copyright year.
Sat Jan 17 00:31:17 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
*,, gnomexmms/*, acinclude.m4,, Drop gnomexmms.
Fri Jan 16 23:14:40 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Add queue/unqueue to the playlist right
click menu.
* xmms/main.c: Remove "Queue - Unqueue" from the main->playback
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_queue_selected): Renamed from
playlist_queue() and fixed a race condition.
* acinclude.m4: Small fix to make autoconf 2.13 work.
Tue Jan 13 05:06:32 CET 2004 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_generate_title): Fix crash when
the file don't have a vorbis tag. Caught by Simon Rees.
Sun Jan 11 19:55:36 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* intl/*, po/, po/Makevars, ABOUT-NLS, config.rpath,
mkinstalldirs: Update gettext to 0.12.1.
* acinclude.m4: Update the libtool m4 file to the one from 1.4.3.
Update ogg.m4 and vorbis.m4. Various gettext related macros
* The ogg and vorbis macros changed name.
Sun Jan 11 18:27:35 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_open): Don't let the open fail even if
we fail to open the mixer.
* Input/mpg123/id3_header.h: Fix a wrong define. This would cause
us to misdetect the "extended" header in some cases.
* Input/mpg123/common.c: #if out some dead code.
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c (genre_find_index): Fix a warning.
* Output/alsa/configure.c (get_devices_for_card): Remove a
* xmms/sm.c (sm_init): Fix return value if no session manager is
Sun Jan 11 15:09:09 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/configure.c, Output/alsa/init.c,
Output/alsa/audio.c, Output/alsa/alsa.h: Change the audio device
selection into one combo box.
Thu Jan 8 01:20:56 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (cleanup): Fix a double free that would
happen if one exited while playing analog.
* Output/alsa/configure.c (get_devices): Fix some error handling.
Sun Jan 4 23:27:54 CET 2004 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/configure.c (get_mixer_devices): Remove inactive and
non-playback mixer elements from the list.
* Add explicit epoch to xmms, glib and gtk+ require
lines. It seems like some new version of rpm has started to treat
a missing epoch to match "none" while it earlier would ignore
epoch. Oh what fun.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (get_volume): If the output plugin
provides no volume control we would crash.
* xmms/controlsocket.c (ctrl_write_packet): Explicitly zero the
packet we send.
Thu Dec 11 00:42:55 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Make building of the esd plugin conditional.
Patch by Anders Morken <>
* xmms/util.c (util_filebrowser_is_dir): Work around a problem
that would happen if the file browser is opened in a directory
that does not exist, and the used typed in a directory and pressed
Tue Dec 9 23:49:20 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_setup_mixer): Reinstate a workaround
for a bug in alsa-lib.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_keypress): Set up so it's
possible to use keyboard accelerators for the pop up menu.
* xmms/equalizer.c: Make the accelerators actually work.
* xmms/main.c (main): Use gdk_set_sm_client_id() which sets
SM_CLIENT_ID properly.
* xmms/sm.c, main), xmms/sm.h: Make sm_init() return session id.
* xmms/hints.c (net_wm_check_features): Remove a leftover debug
Tue Dec 09 23:25:09 CET 2003 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/configure.c: Code cleanup (naming and completely
clean alsa info retrieval), use menus and combos where
appropriate (well, almost, the mixer card has still a spin button,
and i'm not sure if it's needed).
Mon Dec 08 00:44:49 CET 2003 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c, Output/alsa/alsa.h,
Output/alsa/configure.c: display list of available mixers when
choosing a particular mixer card. Most likely leak, incomplete
Mon Dec 8 00:19:22 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file): Don't force window to
(mainwin_jump_to_time): Ditto.
* Input/mpg123/http.c (http_buffer_loop): Fix a bug in the
generation of a filename for a stream that is dumped to disk.
Sat Dec 6 04:15:25 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file_edit_cb): Fixed a problem with
the "Queue"/"Unqueue" button not getting updated properly. Also
fixed a problem with it not beeing translated.
* Input/mpg123/http.c (udp_establish_listener): Print more info if
we fail to create a socket.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (init): Default to having the Icecast udp
title streaming disabled by default.
Sat Dec 6 01:37:22 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/esd/audio.c (esdout_open): We could under some
circumstances create two streams on the server with the same name.
We would pick the wrong one every time and that would cause the
mixer to not work. Patch by Wolfgang Ocker <>.
* xmms/main.c (output_failed): Change the error message if the
output plugin fails slightly.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_generate_title): If the file has
no title, use filename without extension, instead of with
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c (read_all): Fail properly if we get eof.
* Output/esd/configure.c (esdout_configure): It was impossible to
enable the oss mixer due to a bad ifdef.
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (configurewin_add_drive): "CDROM" ->
Sat Dec 6 01:32:55 CET 2003 Thomas Nilsson <>
* README: Update the IRMAN section and change a few urls.
Thanks to <> for the IRMAN section.
Mon Dec 1 21:10:55 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_setup): Do a non-blocking open.
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Don't start the stream until we have filled
the hardware buffer.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_mmap_audio): Do xrun recovery if
snd_pcm_wait() returns EPIPE.
* xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/, xmms/softvolume.c,
xmms/softvolume.h, Output/alsa/alsa.h, Output/alsa/audio.c,
Output/alsa/configure.c, Output/alsa/init.c: Move the software
volume control over to the alsa plugin for now.
Sat Nov 29 20:55:19 CET 2003 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* xmms/main.c (read_config), xmms/main.h, xmms/prefswin.c: removed
software volume related code.
* xmms/softvolum.{h|c} (soft_volume_load, soft_volume_save): Get
the configuration file pointer from the first argument (avoid
* Output/alsa/init.c, Output/alsa/audio.c,
Output/alsa/configure.c, Output/alsa/alsa.h: add softvolume
support. Correct the bug that made the soft volume be reset on
song changes.
Tue Nov 25 00:29:27 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_clear_song_info): Make sure the mainwin
title text don't get set just after we clear it.
* xmms/about.c (credit_text): Removed a superfluous comma.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_save_filesel_ok): A error
message dialog was not set as a child of another window, but as a
parent. Patch by Philip Wyett <>
Sat Nov 15 13:34:33 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_press): Stop using "move resize"
also for resizing the playlistwin. kwin seems to have some issues
with it.
* xmms/equalizer.c (equalizerwin_delete_delete): Fix a bug that
occurred when deleting presets.
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c (fail): Fix a typo.
* Input/mikmod/plugin.c (configure): Fix a typo.
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Fix a typo.
Fri Nov 7 00:35:20 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_set_song_info): This functions is called
from plugins. We avoid to do anything that needs to access X here
to avoid playback from stopping if there is some intemittent
problem reaching X. We do the actual updating in idle_func()
* xmms/main.c: Fix a few typos.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_set_info): mainwin_set_song_info() now
handles updating itself.
* xmms/main.h: Export void mainwin_get_song_info().
* xmms/controlsocket.c (ctrlsocket_func): Use
mainwin_get_song_info() instead of accessing global variables
Fri Nov 7 00:23:22 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/prefswin.c: Fix a few typos.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_show_save_filesel): Add
translation hint.
* Input/wav/wav.c (play_loop): Allocate buffer dynamically.
Thu Oct 26 18:57:00 CDT 2003 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* xmms/softvolume.h, xmms/softvolume.c, xmms/
Implemented software volume management as proposed by a patch i
received. The soft_volume_* functions should be used by plugins
who wants to let users use this feature instead of their
particular volume setter/getter. The conversion is a macro and
i'm not sure it is correct in all cases.
Patch by Tomas Simonaitis <>
* xmms/prefswin.c: Added a softvolume toggle near output plugin
options. It is the default softvolume_enabled value, but plugins
can use supplementary code to have their own softvolume
* xmms/main.c (read_config), xmms/main.h:
Added softvolume_enabled option to xmms section.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_{get|set}_volume, alsa_open,
alsa_close), Output/alsa/init.c, Output/alsa/alsa.h:
Added code to use the new softvolume code.
Thu Sep 18 08:11:28 CDT 2003 Ryan Weaver <>
* Added ms to ALL_LINGUAS
Sun Sep 14 23:28:55 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/solaris/audio.c (abuffer_open): Add support for
Ensoniq1371/1373 and Creative Labs 5880 audio controller.
Patch by Fredrik Lundholm <>
* Move the gnomexmms man page to the gnome package.
* (man_MANS): Don't install the gnomexmms man page if
we are not building gnomexmms.
Thu Sep 11 11:07:39 CDT 2003 Zinx Verituse <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c (xmms_connect_to_session): Use g_snprintf
instead of sprintf.
Thu Sep 11 17:26:16 CEST 2003 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_mmap_audio): add support for mmap on
cards with more than 8 channels.
Patch by Haroldo Gamal <>
Tue Sep 9 23:42:12 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (main): Call gtk_set_locale() earlier to make sure
that stuff like 'xmms --help' get translated.
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c (get_entry_tag): Pad id3v1 strings with
nul instead of space. Seems like that is what most other programs
are doing these days.
Patch by Jean Delvare <>
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c (cdda_cddb_show_server_dialog): Double
clicking on a server was not working properly.
* xmms/hints.c: Don't set "SKIP_WINLIST" for Gnome compliant WMs.
Set "SKIP_TASKBAR" also for EWMH WMs.
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Fix translation of the genre names.
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Better fix for the resize problems.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_setup): Removed a g_message().
Tue Sep 9 20:42:18 CEST 2003 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Make the popup menu a bit more sensitive to
if we have a selection or not.
Tue Sep 9 02:42:29 CEST 2003 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_generate_title): Read the YEAR tag
and make it available for use in the titles.
Sun Sep 7 21:13:27 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/about.c (translators): Add a bunch of translators, and
reorganize a litle.
* xmms/equalizer.c (equalizerwin_load_auto_preset): Fix a small
memory leak.
Sun Sep 7 19:34:09 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: When unshading the playlist with a
moveresize capable window manager, the playlist would end up in a
confused state.
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (configurewin_check_drive): Fix a
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Fix a couple of typos.
* xmms/prefswin.c: I can't spell "recommended".
(create_prefs_window): Add a tooltip.
* xmms/util.c (filebrowser_dir_select): Check that event is
non-null to fix a crash.
* xmms/util.c (util_create_filebrowser): Mark one string for
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file_select_row_cb): Mark strings
for translation.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c: Mark strings for translation.
Thu Sep 4 22:48:10 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.8.
Thu Sep 4 22:26:59 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (cdda_configure): Disable the cdindex
Thu Sep 4 22:24:44 CEST 2003 Thomas Nilsson <>
* NEWS: Updated for 1.2.8 release and changed order
Thu Sep 4 21:49:30 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* README: Fix broken urls.
* Avoid using nested ifs to avoid rpm bugs. Don't
do explicit stripping of binaries, rpm will handle that. Check for
the right version of libvorbisfile.
* libxmms/ Added ".." to INCLUDES.
Thu Sep 4 20:34:30 CEST 2003 Thomas Nilsson <>
* README: Updated the documentation to better reflect on the
current state of XMMS.
Tue Sep 2 19:33:14 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c, xmms/controlsocket.c: Handle short reads and
writes on the controlsocket properly. Based on a patch by
Andrew Moise <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.h: Double the maximal displayed length of
title, artist and album.
* libxmms/xconvert.c: I had forgot to put a xmms_ prefix on a
couple of functions.
* xmms/about.c (translators): The Vietnamese and Tajik translators
had got swapped for some reason.
Patch by Pablo Saratxaga <>.
Mon Sep 1 22:25:30 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/ Increment libtool version.
* xmms/util.c (util_create_add_url_window): Make sure the "play"
button is active if it is present.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_load_ins): Fix loading of filenames
containing ";" from pls playlists.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (debug): Convert it from a macro to a
* xmms/util.c (read_ini_string_no_comment): Make it possible to
not regard ";" as a comment in "ini" files.
* libxmms/xconvert.c, libxmms/xconvert.h: Moved the format,
channel and frequency conversion routines from the oss plugins
here, and reworked them somewhat to work for several plugins.
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Do format, channel and frequency conversion
if necessary.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_mr_change): Show correct text when always
on top is enabled.
Patch by Erik Gillespie <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_close): Fix a bug that could trigger
if open failed.
* Work around a bug in AC_PREFIX_PROGRAM in some
autoconf versions.
* Input/cdaudio/http.c, Input/mpg123/http.c, Input/vorbis/http.c:
Use g_snprintf() instead of snprintf().
Tue Aug 12 23:05:25 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* po/ Remove some obsolete files.
Patch by Hiroshi Takekawa <>
*, Input/cdaudio/http.c, Input/mpg123/http.c,
Input/vorbis/http.c: Support for ipv6 (disabled by default).
Patch by Tomasz Torcz <>
* xmms/about.c (translators): Jordi Mallach also has worked on
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (configurewin_check_drive): We could
leak filehandles.
* xmms/pluginenum.c (cleanup_plugins): Fix some small memory
leaks (this is just befor exit, but it clutters up leak reports).
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (cdda_configurewin_ok_cb): Set the oss
mixer channel to CD. (It was unitialized). This should be made
configurable at some point.
* Output/alsa/init.c: Fixed a small memory leak.
Tue Aug 12 16:56:30 CEST 2003 Espen Skoglund <>
* Do not ignore -lc_r flag on FreeBSD-5. This causes
SERIOUS breakage.
* gnomexmms/ Fixed typo LTLIBSINTL -> LTLIBINTL.
Fri Aug 8 19:15:38 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/about.c (translators): Add "Tadej Panjtar".
Fri Aug 8 17:48:29 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (handle_cmd_line_options): If "--play" and
"--enqueue" are combined start playing the new files. This alters
the old behaviour slighly, but it makes so much more sense that I
think it's ok. Patch picked up from the Ximian rpm.
* xmms/, wmxmms/, gnomexmms/
* xmms/main.c (enable_x11r5_session_management): Set the
WM_COMMAND property.
Wed Aug 6 23:07:00 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_open): Fix bugs in error recovery.
* Input/mpg123/http.c (mpg123_http_read): Fixed a small memory
* Deciding whether to build the gnome package at
configure time is not such a bright idea when building the rpm
from a tarball. Change the defailt to off.
* Default to build the OSS plugin.
Wed Jul 23 09:50:47 CDT 2003 Ryan Weaver <>
Added grep to filter out the 'no package provides' response
from rpm that was causing a false positive.
Fri Jul 18 19:06:46 CEST 2003 Matthieu Sozeau <>
* Output/alsa/configure.c, Output/alsa/init.c, Output/alsa/alsa.h,
Output/alsa/audio.c: add mixer_card handling code
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_close): added error handling code for
close. Do not free mmap buffer and areas if mmap wasn't activated
as they weren't allocated.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_setup): added error handling for
get_size/get_time calls. Added rate plugin initialization if rates
doesn't match.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_open): fix typo in alsa_setup call.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_get_volume): handle mixer settings
changes from another application, remove useless temporary variables.
Wed Jul 16 01:22:21 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/http.c (http_buffer_loop): Never overwrite files
when saving streams.
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Fix a typo.
* xmms/controlsocket.c (ctrlsocket_func): playlist_clear() did not
update the main window.
* Input/tonegen/tonegen.c (tone_about): Remove non-ascii
* Output/sun/about.c (sun_about): Remove a superfluos space.
* Cosmetic fix.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (decompress_frame): Make sure size
includes the null termination.
Wed Jul 16 00:37:44 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/configure.c (configure_win_ok_cb): Fixed a small
memory leak.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_get_output_time): Correct for what is
already sent to the soundcard to fix the absymal synchronization.
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Fix playing beyond 2^32 bytes.
* Output/alsa/init.c, Output/alsa/audio.c: Cleanups.
Mon Jul 14 00:54:41 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/xentry.c, libxmms/xentry.h, libxmms/ Small
modification of the entry widget where keyboard navigation works
even if the widget is not editable.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_real_open): Fix an inverted test.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_aboutbox): Convert string to use
only ascii.
* xmms/about.c: Add some more people, and convert all names to
* xmms/input.c (input_general_file_info_box): Use the new entry
* libxmms/formatter.c (xmms_formatter_format): Fix a bug that
would trigger if the very last character was a '%'.
* General/song_change/song_change.c (timeout_func): Compare
filename instead of song time to figure out if we got a new song.
Sligly more expensive, but much better, and avoids problems with
songs that are changing length. Let song change trigger also when
not playing again.
* General/song_change/song_change.c: Warn if the user sets an
unsafe command.
* xmms/playlist.c: Make sure that we visit each subdirectory
exactly once when recursively adding directories to avoid problems
with recursive symlinks.
* po/ Change translation comment tag to "I18N:".
* Reinstate hack for -pthread flags in .la files that
were undone by the libtool upgrade.
Thu Jul 10 00:43:28 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/,,
Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Cdindex has renamed to Musicbrainz some
time ago, and the old way of looking up data does not seem to be
supported any more so don't bother building it.
* Input/mpg123/dxhead.c (mpg123_get_xing_header): Do some sanity
checking on the data.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (get_song_time): Check the file size if
the xing tag has no filesize (and the tag is valid).
* Add xmms-mpg123 and xmms-mp3 to obsoletes.
Sat Jul 5 00:55:06 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* General/song_change/song_change.c (timeout_func): When the
playlist was emptied some data was not cleared.
Patch by <>
* Fix a typo in the files for the alsa package. Use
the %configure function.
*, Decide whether to build the
xmms-gnome package at configure time.
Fri Jul 4 00:05:02 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_show_vis_plugins_page): Due to
reorganization we showed the wrong page.
* Output/alsa/ EXTRA_DIST was a conditional.
* Build an alsa package.
* Make the build of gnomexmms conditional. Require
version 1.0 of the vorbis packages.
* Remove obsolete gettext 0.10.35 workaround. Move
list of languages over to po/LINGUAS.
Wed Jul 2 22:09:30 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Upgrade to libtool 1.4.3.
Wed Jul 2 21:22:53 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/defskin/titlebar.xpm: Make the "clutterbar" letters better
* Don't test for OSS if it has been explicitly
* Output/OSS/, Input/cdaudio/ Remove
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.h: Export
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c, Input/cdaudio/configure.c: Don't try to
use dae if there is not compiled in support for it.
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c (configurewin_check_drive): Test dae
(configurewin_add_drive): Fix an inverted ifdef.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c, Input/cdaudio/cdindex.c: Refix a clash
between glibc and kernel headers on linux.
Mon Jun 16 22:24:29 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* acinclude.m4: Fix the GNOME configure script to work better with
new autoconfs.
* Output/OSS/, Output/alsa/ Make sure these
plugins are included in 'make dist'.
Sun Jun 15 23:46:37 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (dae_play): CDaudio is little endian.
Thu Jun 12 18:41:08 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c: Fix a couple of references to "Sticky".
* Fix a typo that would cause the OSS plugin never
to get built.
Mon Jun 9 22:39:57 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Make it possible to enable the oss plugin even if
we can't find the header file.
* Output/OSS/OSS.h, Output/esd/mixer.c, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c,
Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.h, Input/cdaudio/configure.c, xmms/main.c:
Use the local copy of soundcard.h.
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Remove unneccesary typedefs
(alsa_setup): Clean up error handling.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_options_menu_entries): Rename "Sticky" to
"Show on all desktops".
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_delete_node): Update mainwin text to
get playlist position correct if we delete a entry before it.
Sun Jun 8 15:29:17 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/about.c (show_about_window): Update copyright year, and
reinstate 4front.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_draw): Show queue position
for songs that have no length too. Based on a patch by
Ricky Clarkson <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c, xmms/controlsocket.h, libxmms/xmmsctrl.c,
libxmms/xmmsctrl.h: Remove the recently added functions that pop
up gui elements.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_get_queue_position): We don't want to
grab the playlist mutex here.
(playlist_is_position_queued): Change return type to boolean.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Add dae support for Solaris.
Patch by 4Front Technologies <>.
Thu Apr 3 20:40:30 CEST 2003 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Change CROP from shift+delete to
Tue Apr 1 23:25:11 CEST 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
*, intl/*, po/, po/Makevars,
po/boldquot.sed, insert-header.sin, remove-potcdate.sin,
Rules-quot, po/quot.sed, acinclude.m4: Check in gettext to cvs.
* xmms/equalizer.c (equalizerwin_load_auto_preset): Fix a small
memory leak.
Tue Mar 18 00:07:01 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/tabinit.c, Input/mpg123/tabinit_MMX.s,
Input/mpg123/ Move tabinit_MMX.s into tabinit.c.
* Input/mpg123/layer3.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.c,
Input/mpg123/mpg123.h: Fix playing of mono files if the mmx
decoder is in use. Not very optimal fix, but atleast it works.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Use the id3v2 COMM frame as comment
instead of TXXX as we used to.
* Input/mpg123/layer3.c (mpg123_dct36): Remove some dead code.
* xmms/hints.c (net_wm_set_desktop): Make "sticky" actually work
on EWMH window managers.
* xmms/hints.c (net_wm_check_features): Use _NET_WM_STATE_ABOVE if
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_press): Don't use "moveresize" to move
windows even if it is available. xmms' handling of windows is so
weird that its creating more problems than its solving.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_press): Ditto.
* xmms/equalizer.c (equalizerwin_press): Ditto.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file_edit_cb): Remove a completely
wrong signal emit that would make xmms crash when typing in the
jump to file box. I can't see why what good this was supposed to
do at all.
Sat Mar 15 15:00:23 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/sm.c, xmms/sm.h, xmms/main.c: Restart with the same sm id
as we had last time. Patch by Havoc Pennington <>
* Input/mpg123/common.c (mpg123_stream_close): We would call
pthread_join(NULL, NULL) when closing a file. Most pthread
libraries seems to handle this bug gracefully, but atleast some
versions of NPTL crashes.
* xmms/controlsocket.c (check_ctrlsocket): Clamp volume to less
than 100 for both channels. Patch by Eric Piel <>.
* xmms/skin.c (skin_decompress_skin): Escape characters that are
special to the shell inside double quotes to avoid running any
commands unintentionally.
Thu Jan 16 02:32:46 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Call AM_PROG_AS if it is available instead of the
previous hack.
Wed Jan 15 19:08:51 2003 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (read_audio_data): Added DAE support for
FreeBSD. Should also work on other <sys/cdio.h> based systems.
Tue Jan 14 15:37:40 2003 Espen Skoglund <>
* libxmms/util.c: Added <sys/types.h> include necessary for newer
FreeBSD systems.
Mon Jan 13 16:35:05 CET 2003 Peter Alm <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/playlist.[ch], playlist_list.c: Applied
queue patch (Patch by Johan Tavelin <>)
Sat Jan 11 16:03:01 CET 2003 Peter Alm <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.[ch], xmms/controlsocket.[ch]: Added xmms_remote_*
functions for showing various playlist-add dialogs. (Patch by
Tobias Bengtsson <>)
Sun Jan 5 17:09:26 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c: Push some variables into functions. More
whitespace changes. Use glib memory allocation functions.
* Output/alsa/audio.c (alsa_error): Gtk+ was called unsafely from
threads. Just output a g_warning for now.
* Output/alsa/configure.c: Remove a reimplementation of strstr().
Remove unused variables. Whitespace changes.
* Output/alsa/init.c: Some minor cleanups and whitespace changes.
Sun Jan 5 15:24:22 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* acinclude.m4: Pull in more autoconf macros that are used by
* config.rpath: Also used by AM_ICONV.
Sun Jan 5 02:08:56 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/alsa.h: Fix paths and stuff to make it compile.
* Output/alsa/audio.c, Output/alsa/configure.c,
Output/alsa/init.c: Reindented to match the rest of xmms.
Sun Jan 5 01:36:47 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/alsa.h: Remove the gettext dummy macro.
Sat Jan 4 23:58:22 GMT 2003 Chris Wilson <>
* Output/alsa/audio.c, configure.c: Bring up to date with Matthieu
Sozeau's CVS tree
* AUTHORS: Bring up to date with xmms/about.c
Sun Jan 5 01:02:35 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/alsa.c: Change the version string.
* Output/alsa/ Make the alsa plugin build.
* Add check for ALSA.
* config.guess, config.sub, missing, mkinstalldirs: Update to
newer versions.
Sun Jan 5 00:33:59 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* po/ Add files from the sun and alsa plugins.
* Output/ Add alsa.
* acinclude.m4: Import alsa.m4.
* Output/sun/configure.c: Remove a unnecessary _().
Sat Jan 4 23:56:54 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/alsa/*: ALSA plugin by
Matthieu Sozeau <>. It does not get
compiled yet.
* Input/cdaudio/configure.c: Disable the mixer selection if dae is
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (dae_play_loop): Handle drives that
can't do cooked ioctl dae better.
* xmms/about.c (credit_text): Add Matthieu Sozeau.
Fri Jan 3 00:58:02 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_set_song_info): Show frequencies below
10kHz correctly too.
* xmms/util.c: Do some changes to the handling of virtual
directories to cope with the "deletedir" Gtk+ patch that some
vendors apply to Gtk+ these days.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (cdda_init): Only drive one would show
up in the gui after a restart.
Thu Jan 2 23:47:01 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.h,
Input/cdaudio/configure.c: Add support for playing cdaudio with
digital audio exctraction. Linux only, and still a few rough
edges left yet.
* Removed a non-break space character.
Thu Jan 2 19:02:40 CET 2003 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/ Explicitly link against libxmms.
* Make sure msgmerge also knows we use old-style po
*, acinclude.m4, Input/vorbis/utf8.c,
Input/vorbis/ Use AM_ICONV to detect if we got
iconv(), this handles libiconv properly.
Sun Dec 15 23:52:18 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Pop up a message if writing a playlist
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_save): Report failure also if the
fclose() fails.
* Input/mpg123/dxhead.c (mpg123_get_xing_header): If there is no
toc in the header, make one up. This will allow seeking, albeit
Mon Nov 18 13:47:09 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* libxmms/dirbrowser.c (select_row_cb): Don't crash if we
don't have a GdkEventButton. Thanks to Eric Piel (#1108)
Sat Nov 16 14:11:18 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* General/song_change/song_change.c: Only update if we currently
are playing something, prevents garbage to be printed when
clearing the playlist. Patch by Jeff Shute (#1099)
Fri Nov 15 16:34:56 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c: playlist_position can now be NULL with entries
on the playlist but this was not handled properly.
* xmms/util.c (util_create_filebrowser): Revert a wrong signal
connect change.
Sun Nov 3 01:27:12 GMT 2002 Chris Wilson <>
* xmms/prefswin.c: General cleanup to make things more consistent
across notebook pages. Also split Effects & General plugins onto
different pages. Effects plugins still not ideal.
Sun Oct 27 20:25:54 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/skin.c (skin_load_pixmaps): We would crash if the text.bmp
file was too small.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_ins_dir): Make the background scanning
of dirs optional.
(playlist_ins_url_string): Don't do background scanning of dirs
here. Not a good idea when adding dirs from the commandline or
* xmms/main.c, xmms/playlist.c, xmms/playlist.h: Don't maintain a
shuffle list if it's not enabled. Thus we'll regenerate the list
if it is disabled and enabled.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_set_position): Regenerate the shuffle
list if the user selects a position manually.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_update_list): Fix some ugly
checks for things that never should happen.
(playlistwin_update_sinfo): Remove a stray PL_UNLOCK().
(playlistwin_fileinfo): playlist_get_selected_list() was renamed.
(playlistwin_set_sensitive_sortmenu): Use
playlist_get_num_selected() instead of
(playlistwin_show_sub_misc_menu): Ditto.
* xmms/playlist_slider.c (playlistslider_draw): Make it possible
to use the middle button to scroll directly to the position of the
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_get_num_selected): New function.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_get_selected): Renamed from
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_url_ok_clicked): Prepend the url with
http:// if that seems necessary.
Sun Oct 27 19:15:24 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/util.c (del_directory): Make sure to close the fts handle.
(read_ini_string): Change the order of some tests, we would
sometimes access characters one byte outside the string.
* xmms/about.c (credit_text): Add credits for the mmx code. Add
Josip Rodin.
* wmxmms/wmxmms.c: Various whitespace changes. Removed some
duplication in the command line arg handling.
* libxmms/dirbrowser.c (show_cb): Don't try to scroll the window
if we can't find the node to scroll to.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c (id3_utf16_to_ascii): Make the
conversion hack work.
* Input/mikmod/ (INCLUDES): Include $(top_srcdir).
Mon Oct 14 20:43:07 CEST 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/about.c: Give proper credits for the skin.
Mon Oct 14 18:15:49 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/configfile.c: Set the locale back to the original one
properly when we change it.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_play_loop): We didn't close
streams correctly if the open failed, this would leak resources.
Patch by <>
Fri Oct 11 08:07:19 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/dirbrowser.c: Make the window default to slightly
larger, scroll to make the selected entry visible. Cleanups.
* xmms/util.c (util_create_filebrowser): Make the play button do
* Input/mpg123/common.c (read_id3v2_tag): The calculation of the
size of the tag was way wrong.
Tue Oct 8 21:06:44 CDT 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Hex am good. Made the CPU_HAS_3DNOW
macro work. I hope. :)
Tue Oct 8 19:50:49 CDT 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Don't use anticlip if we don't
have tags for it, and do proper clipping when values
are out of bounds.
Thu Oct 3 04:46:22 CEST 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/main.c: Doubleclicking on the songtitle will open
the fileinfo dialog. [#998]
Thu Oct 3 04:02:50 CEST 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/mpg123/configure.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.c
Input/mpg123/mpg123.h: Changed the preferences for "Detect by
content" to be a little more configurable. It's now possible to
detect by content, extension and both. [#145]
* xmms/main.c, xmms/main.h, xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/playlist.c:
Changed "Read meta data from playlists" to "Use meta data in
playlists". If disabled we will not save the EXTINF data in
the playlist. [#682]
* xmms/util.c: Removed unused variable.
* Input/vorbis/configure.c: Make "Override generic titles" switch
enable/disable the rest of the gui without having to exit settings
to change the title.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.c, Input/wav/wav.c:
Made the titles more unified. %F will no longer include the
filename, and will always end with a /. To reproduce the old %F
use %F%f to get /path/filename.ext [#746]
Mon Sep 30 17:39:29 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/layer3.c: Fix a missing symbol if simd was enabled.
Sat Sep 28 02:00:13 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c, Input/mpg123/dct64_MMX.s,
Input/mpg123/decode_MMX.s, Input/mpg123/tabinit_MMX.s,
Input/mpg123/, Input/mpg123/configure.c,
Input/mpg123/dct64_3dnow.s, Input/mpg123/decode_i386.c,
Input/mpg123/layer2.c, Input/mpg123/layer3.c,
Input/mpg123/mpg123.h, Input/mpg123/tabinit.c: MMX mpeg decoder
optimizations from mpg123. configure with --enable-simd to
enable. mpg123 optimizations by "higway" <>. XMMS
patch by Osamu Kayasono <>.
* Input/mpg123/getcpuflags.s: Redo the fetching of info from
cpuid. Properly check if cpuid is supported in the first place
and also check if the functions we want are available.
* Input/mpg123/decode.c, Input/mpg123/decode_2to1.c,
Input/mpg123/decode_4to1.c, Input/mpg123/decode_o386.c: #if out
the mono2stereo decoding that we never used.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.h,
Input/mpg123_decode_ntom.c: Remove the n to m resampling that we
never used.
* Input/mpg123/id3_tag.c, Input/mpg123/id3_header.h,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c, Input/mpg123/id3.h: Support for reading
ID3v2.2 tags.
* Input/mpg123/id3.h, Input/mpg123/id3.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_url.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_tag.c, Input/mpg123/common.c: Don't use typedefs
for most of the id3 struct's.
* xmms/util.c: Change the caption on the buttons on the
filebrowser to make it more consistent. The "add selected files"
and "add all files in directory button" will no longer clear the
playlist even if the filebrower is opened from the eject button.
* Define CCAS and CCASFLAGS to be compatible with
automake > 1.4.
* Make sure the cdrom plugin gets built on
Sat Sep 21 09:09:53 CDT 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/configure.c: Made plugin actually save the
value of use_anticlip.
Sun Sep 8 22:18:25 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* */ Add $(top_srcdir) to INCLUDES where needed. This
fixes building with a separate source and object tree.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c (cddb_server_dialog_ok_cb): Fix invalid
casting of pointer to int.
Patch by Wilbern Cobb <>
* Visualization/blur_scope/config.c: Fix more invalid casting
between pointers and int.
Patch by Wilbern Cobb <>
* xmms/visualization.c (vis_send_data): Fix a problem that would
occur if char's are unsigned.
Patch by Wilbern Cobb <>
* xmms/about.c (credit_text): Add Wilbern Cobb.
Sun Sep 8 19:01:37 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Don't close the window if the user
pressed save, and we failed to write the file for some reason.
* libxmms/configfile.c: Do more checking of the parameters we are
fed, to be able to fail gracefully if possible.
* Input/mpg123/id3_tag.c, Input/mpg123/id3_header.h,
Input/mpg123/id3.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c,
Input/mpg123/common.c: Don't read id3 info from disk using packed
structs. That never was a portable aproach.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c, Input/mpg123/id3.h,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c: Don't dereference unaligned 16
bits integers. Made us segfault on some id3v2 tags on just about
every platform but ia32.
* Input/mpg123/common.c: Remove the mmap based reader that I don't
think we have ever used.
* Input/mpg123/, Input/mpg123/decode_i386.c: Fix so
that it's possible to build with the i386 version of decode.c
without using assembler.
Sun Sep 8 17:54:26 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (main): Hold the GDK mutex also when calling
init_plugins() and gtk_main().
* Input/vorbis/configure.c (vorbis_configurewin_ok): The setting
of track / album was swapped in the gui.
Patch by Olivier Calle <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file_edit_cb): Fix a crash if a
entry in the playlist contains no '/'.
Patch by Suzanne Skinner <>.
* General/ir/irio.c, General/ir/configure.c,
Output/solaris/audio.c: Remove C++ style comments.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_time): Remove the limit on the
length of the entry. We would get problems when a song was longer
than 100 minutes.
Sun Aug 18 12:59:11 CDT 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Xiphophorus -> the Foundation
Fri Jul 26 05:20:08 CDT 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/configure.c: Made the replaygain switch
actually set the radio buttons sensitive/non-sensitive :/
Tue Jul 23 13:25:12 CDT 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Oops. ov_read doesn't return OV_EOF,
it returns 0.
Tue Jul 23 09:17:56 CDT 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Changed check for version, xmms requires
a proper ov_read_float now.
* Input/vorbis/configure.c, Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c,
Input/vorbis/vorbis.c, Input/vorbis/vorbis.h: Updated to use
newer ReplayGain tag names.
Wed Jun 12 14:49:14 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/input.c (input_update_vis): Throw away old visualization
data as soon as possible. This prevents an ouput plugin that is
returning bad timestamps from making xmms allocate lots of memory.
* Output/OSS/audio.c, Output/OSS/OSS.h, Output/OSS/convert.c: Do
mono->stereo and stereo->mono conversion if necessary.
Wed Jun 5 11:20:35 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/sun/configure.c: Remove a spurious #include.
* Don't use assembler on i386 OpenBSD.
* xmms/playlist.c: Add some function prototypes.
* Add a hack to work around problems with the -pthread
flag in .la files.
Sun Jun 2 15:13:33 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* README,, Output/, output/sun/: Added the
BSD Sun output plugin by Wilbern Cobb <>
* xmms/output.c (set_current_output_plugin): Fail gracefully if no
output plugins are installed.
* xmms/input.c (input_play): Ditto.
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Minor improvements to
Sun May 26 01:13:47 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.h,
Input/cdaudio/configure.c: Support for unlimimited number of
drives. There are still a few rough edges left here. Originally
based on a patch by Jean Delvare <>
* xmms/input.c (input_general_file_info_box): Show a generic file
info button if no input plugin recognizes the file, or if the
input plugin does not have one.
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Add more tooltips.
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_apply_changes): Update mainwin info
text in case the "show numbers" option has changed.
Sat May 25 22:38:32 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c (xmms_remote_playlist): Fix a deadlock if not
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c: Add a few g_return_if_fail() calls.
* xmms/prefswin.c: Change the "read info on" options to radio
buttons which is hopefully less confusing.
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Pop up a warning box if the user tries to
overwrite a playlist.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_ins_dir): Scan files in the background
when doing add dir. It can be very timeconsuming. Still need to add
something to show that we are doing something. Sort the files
before adding them to the playlist.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_sort_str_by_path_cmpfunc): Make "sort
by path" sort directories before files.
* xmms/playlist.c, xmms/playlist.h: Make a few functions static,
and some whitespace changes.
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Change the name
of one id3 genre from "Alt" to "AlternRock".
Wed May 22 15:10:51 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/configure.c, Input/vorbis/vorbis.h: Remove a couple
of things that were not supposed to be checked in. The vorbis
plugin will compile again.
Sun May 12 16:53:41 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New language: Macedonian (mk).
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_ins_dir_real): Add files returned from
input_scan_dir() with full path.
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_rt_callback): Make the warning even
more discouraging.
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Start adding tooltips to
some options.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Move the replaygain processing to a
separate function. Misc cleanups and whitespace changes.
* Input/vorbis/configure.c: Make the cancel button work like
expected. The replaygain settings won't be applied until the next
song starts.
* Output/solaris/audio.c: Use blocking IO.
Patch by John Coiner <>
Sat Apr 27 19:27:55 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mikmod/drv_xmms.c (xmms_Init): This plugin should now work
also on big endian hardware.
Patch by Wilbern Cobb <>
Sat Apr 27 19:02:19 CEST 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.h, xmms/playlist.c (playlist_save): Don't try to
guess type of playlist from filename, caller must specify
* xmms/main.c (save_config): Change the call to playlist_save().
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Allow the user to explicitly set what format
the playlist should be saved in.
* xmms/util.c (util_font_load): Fall back to "fixed" if we can't
load the font.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_keypress_up_down_handler): Move
the complex handling of key up and down to a separate function.
Fixed some confusion about what is the selected entry after
* xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/playlist_list.c: Try harder to keep
the moving entries visible when using Alt+up/down.
* xmms/hints.c: Remove some unecessary casting.
* xmms/ Changed a "+=" to "=".
* Split arch and os spesific things into two
different case expressions. Fixes a problem with the Solaris
plugin not getting built on Solaris/X86.
* xmms/urldecode.c (xmms_urldecode_path): Assume that invalid %nn
constructs are literal '%'.
Sun Apr 14 13:10:37 BST 2002 Chris Wilson <>
* xmms/effect.[ch] xmms/effect.h xmms/main.[ch],
xmms/pluginenum.c xmms/prefswin.c: Added support for having
multiple effects plugins enabled at the same time.
Tue Apr 9 21:58:45 BST 2002 Chris Wilson <>
* xmms/prefswin.c: Stop the "enable plugin" checkboxes being
sensitive when theres nothing for them to control.
Tue Mar 26 16:08:47 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/playlistwin.c: Let the
windowmanager handle movements, and resizing if it supports
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Handle the resizing of the playlistwindow in
an idle func.
* xmms/hints.c (net_wm_move_resize): Removed a g_message().
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.h: Darwin has a
different format for 'structcd_sub_channel_info', the former fix
for this did not compile. Maybe it compiles now.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Several minor portability improvements,
mainly for NetBSD/OpenBSD.
Mon Mar 25 11:38:55 CST 2002 Ryan Weaver <>
*, po/ Drop the idcin plugin.
Sun Mar 24 22:28:40 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/hints.c, xmms/hints.h: Check what hints the windowmanger
actually support. Added support for the _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE hint.
* xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/main.h, xmms/main.c: Let "save playlist
postition" always be true, and removed the configuration option.
* xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/main.h, xmms/main.c, xmms/util.c: Removed
the "Reverse file order in file selector" option which was always
completely useless.
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Change "Do not hide
windowmanager decorations" to "Show windowmanager decorations".
Write "seconds" instead of "s".
Sun Mar 24 15:35:41 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/urldecode.c (xmms_urldecode_path): Handle "localhost" urls.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_load_ins): Fixed a inverted check that
caused very long filenames in playlist to be loaded incorrectly.
Patch by Nobuyoshi Nakada <>
* acinclude.m4, Input/vorbis/ Update ogg and vorbis m4
scripts to those found in 1.0rc3.
* Fix ambiguous wording.
Sat Mar 16 00:07:47 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
*, Input/, Input/idcin/*: Drop the idcin
* Output/solaris/audio.c: Fix the prebuffering that never worked.
Mon Mar 4 22:27:37 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.7
Mon Mar 4 22:24:14 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c: Commented out two tests that were
never triggered.
Mon Mar 4 21:27:41 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/ Increment libtool revision.
* Output/solaris/audio.c (abuffer_shutdown): Don't destroy the
mutex between songs.
Mon Mar 4 20:48:34 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3.c (id3_seek_fp): fread() returns 0, not -1 on
error. We could go into an infinite loop.
Patch by Michael Weber <>
* Input/mpg123/id3.c: The read interface has no way to signal
short reads, so return error instead.
Sun Mar 3 13:31:30 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/solaris/audio.c: Fix some bugs with regards to the
handling of the circular buffer.
Patch by John Coiner <>
* Output/solaris/audio.c (abuffer_loop): Fix a variable that could
overflow on seek.
Patch by John Coiner <>
* xmms/controlsocket.[ch], libxmms/xmmsctrl.[ch]: Back out the
windowshade handling functions. I prefer not to add things that
are this closely tied to the gui.
Thu Feb 28 01:33:39 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* libxmms/dirbrowser.c: Replaced the directory icons which
was not ours to use. Open folder made by Jakub Steiner
<>, closed folder based on his.
Wed Feb 27 22:55:06 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/wav/wav.c (play_loop): Handle eof properly.
* Input/wav/wav.h: Change filesize to unsigned long.
Wed Feb 27 00:12:14 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c (cddb_generate_hello_string): Supply a
dummy user and hostname to the cddb server.
Tue Feb 26 23:58:29 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_options_menu_callback): Always on top did
not work.
Tue Feb 26 23:07:27 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_read_frame): Sanity check the size
of mallocs to aviod crashing on bad data.
(decompress_frame): Ditto.
* Fix new gettext versions completely.
Mon Feb 25 21:50:48 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c (id3_get_content): Don't
g_free what we're about to return.
Wed Feb 20 00:35:14 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_get_info_text): Fixed a memory leak.
Wed Feb 20 00:16:22 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/dxhead.c, Input/mpg123/dxhead.h,
Input/mpg123/common.c, Input/mpg123/dxhead.c,
Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.c,
Input/mpg123/mpg123.h: Fix reading of the xing header toc. Some
Tue Feb 19 21:15:45 2002 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c (id3_utf16_to_ascii): New.
(id3_get_text_number, id3_get_text_desc, id3_get_text): Fixup of
unicode handling. Always return malloced string.
* Input/mpg123/id4_frame_url.c (id3_get_url, id3_get_url_desc): Ditto.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c (id3_get_content): Ditto.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (ID3_SET): g_free() malloced string.
Mon Feb 18 02:56:14 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/playlist.c: Don't display playlist numbers in other parts
of XMMS if they are disabled in the playlist.
Mon Feb 18 01:15:43 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c: Fixed a off by one error in the drawing
of widgets. Patch by Thomas Nilsson <>
Sun Feb 17 23:50:16 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist_list.c: Fixed a bug that caused a crash when click
and dragging on a empty playlist.
* Input/cdaudio/ Add the oss cflags.
Patch by TANIGUCHI Yasuaki <>
Sat Feb 16 18:35:02 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Made xmms wait only for the number
of samples we need free in the buffer, instead of for the entire
return by ov_read_float. Patch by John Morton <>
Thu Feb 14 00:26:46 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Explicitly check that the gnome header files are
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c, Optionally use a user
supplied icon instead of the default one when xmms is not
running. Patch by Jon Colverson <>
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c (update_tooltip): Fixed a memory leak.
Tue Feb 12 01:12:05 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/skin.c (skin_get_textcolors): Destroy the image.
* libxmms/configfile.c (xmms_cfg_free): We did not free the actual
ConfigFile struct.
* xmms/sm.c (sm_init): Fixed a very small memory leak.
Tue Feb 12 00:12:17 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/bmp.c: Added support for 32bits bmp files.
* xmms/xmms.desktop: Remove the %F from the exec line as it was
causing problems. Added MIME types.
Wed Feb 6 21:55:57 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/bmp.c: Support for 16-bits "bitfield" bmps.
* Input/mpg123/dxhead.c (mpg123_get_xing_header): Make sure that
the number of frames is always a positive number to avoid problems
with invalid data.
Mon Feb 4 16:58:11 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.[ch]: Added support for Darwin (picked up
from fink) and NetBSD (picked up from NetBSD cvs), currently
untested. Some cleanup.
* Set OLD_PO_FILE_INPUT in a way that doesn't
require GNU make. Added checks for cdrom variants. Fixed some
problems with the Ogg/Vorbis checks.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_process_data): Update to match
a changed define.
Mon Jan 21 00:16:11 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c (check_ctrlsocket): Fixed a missing
mainwin_set_song_info(0, 0, 0) -> mainwin_clear_song_info()
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_stop_pushed): Ditto.
Fri Jan 18 23:44:51 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (decompress_frame): Fixed a bug that
caused a crash on compressed id3 frames.
* libxmms/configfile.c: Write out float values locale
* The path to skinfiles was wrong.
Patch by Matthew Swift <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_set_song_info): Move the special case of
all zero to a separate function. We would get problems if a
plugin hit that code path. Also fixed a theoretical race
* xmms/playlist.c, xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/main.h:
mainwin_set_song_info(0, 0, 0) -> mainwin_clear_song_info()
Tue Jan 15 18:44:20 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/about.c: Update year to 2002.
* xmms/main.*, xmms/playlistwin.*, xmms/equalizer.*: Changed the
windowshade functions to be more consistent and not use the same
name for diffrent types of actions.
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.*, xmms/controlsocket.*: Added functions to
control shading of the three windows.
xmms_remote_main_shade_toggle, xmms_remote_pl_shade_toggle,
xmms_remote_eq_shade_toggle, xmms_remote_is_main_shade,
xmms_remote_is_pl_shade and xmms_remote_is_eq_shade
Sun Jan 13 10:01:14 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c: Fixed a very small memory
leak, and modified the file info dialog to allow you
to edit ReplayGain tags.
Sat Jan 12 10:12:19 CST 2002 Zinx Verutuse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c, Input/vorbis/vorbis.h,
Input/vorbis/configure.c: Made it so you can change
replaygain while playing, and made it update when
the current ogg stream changes.
Fri Jan 11 19:14:48 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Last one, I promise! Removed
an excess newline from the about box.
Fri Jan 11 19:11:36 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Made it so you can use anticlip
without replaygain, like the original patch.
Fri Jan 11 18:50:34 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Fixed a bug I stuck in that
wrote too many samples when channels > 1.
Fri Jan 11 18:37:42 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Added check for broken ov_read_float
* Input/vorbis/configure.c, Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c,
Input/vorbis/vorbis.c, Input/vorbis/vorbis.h:
Added support for ReplayGain tags. Patch by Gian-Carlo
Pascutto <>.
Wed Jan 9 12:01:31 CST 2002 Ryan Weaver <>
* Updated vorbis requirements.
Tue Jan 8 17:51:42 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.6
Tue Jan 8 16:38:27 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (init): Use new style tags as default for
the format. Patch by Chris Wilson <>.
2002-01-08 Anders Carlsson <>
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c (drop_types): Add support for
text/uri-list and STRING drop types.
Tue Jan 8 05:53:53 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* xmms/playlist.c: fixed a small memory leak in
Mon Jan 7 22:59:31 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c (convert_buffer): Fixed a
endian problem.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_prev): Wrap around to the top of the
playlist if repeat is enabled.
* xmms/xmms.desktop: More translations.
Patch by Jordi Mallach <>
* libxmms/titlestring.c (CHECK): Don't cast pointers to int.
* acinclude.m4: Some versions of xml-config were reported to print
something before the version number.
Sun Jan 6 22:54:05 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/xmms.desktop: Added translation.
Sun Jan 6 02:21:26 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
*, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Added
--with-cdda-device, --with-cdda-dir.
Sun Jan 6 02:01:20 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/http.c (mpg123_http_read): Fixed a problem with
shoutcast-style title streaming.
Patch by
* Fixed some escaping.
* xmms/util.c (find_file_recursively): Make sure we do a width
first recursion.
* Output/solaris/audio.c (abuffer_open): Added a couple
Patch by TANIGUCHI Yasuaki <>
* General/joystick/configure.c: Fixed a buffer with a static size
that got too small if using a joystick with lots of buttons.
Sun Jan 6 01:33:57 CET 2002 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Cleaned up some #IFDEF's
* README: Mention the use of XMMS_CDDB_CLIENT_NAME
Sat Jan 5 00:19:25 CST 2002 Zinx Verituse <>
* Visualization/opengl_spectrum/opengl_spectrum.c:
Fixed a memory leak and maybe fixed a crash on disable.
Thu Jan 3 23:43:20 CET 2002 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Added a missing prototype.
* Input/mpg123/id3.c (id3_seek_fp): Don't try to seek outside the
id3 tag.
* Input/mpg123/layer3.c (III_dequantize_sample): Added a hack to
avoid overflowing a buffer with some corrupted files.
Sat Dec 29 20:00:58 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/http.c (http_buffer_loop): We could use a closed
FILE handle.
* Input/vorbis/http.c (parse_url): Handle urls with "@" in the
path better.
* Input/vorbis/http.c (vorbis_http_get_title): Use the basename of
the url instead of the entire url as default.
Sat Dec 29 16:29:31 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/pluginenum.c (init_plugins): Compare only the basename of
output plugins, to avoid problems when changing prefix.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_get_info_func): The playlistwin total
time was not always updated.
Sat Dec 29 15:45:52 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/layer2.c (mpg123_do_layer2): Fixed a bug that could
make us segfault on some corrupt files.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Use a gtk timeout to stop the drive
instead of a separate thread. Fixed some of the ifdef clutter.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c: We would miss the last track in some
cases. Patch by Elmar Ludwig <>.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c (cddb_generate_hello_string): Made it
possible to change the client name supplied to the cddb server
with a environment variable.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.[ch]: Added back
updating of the network window.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c (cddb_generate_offset_string): We could
overflow a buffer with a disc with a lot of tracks.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c (cddb_check_protocol_level): Log the error
message if the request fails.
Thu Dec 27 23:33:16 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/common.c (read_id3v2_tag): Handle invalid id3 tags.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_read_frame): We need to skip past
the data of frames we don't recognize.
* Input/mpg123/id3.c (id3_seek_fp): This function has apparently
never worked.
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.h (CDDB_MAX_PROTOCOL_LEVEL): Set max protocol
level to 3, we don't handle multiple exact messages anyway.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (cdda_init): Don't read the protocol
level. It can cause problems, and the benefit is minimal.
Tue Dec 18 18:48:13 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (mpg123_get_id3v2): Use
TPE2 (Band/orchestra/accompaniment) for artist if TPE1 is empty or
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_read_frame): All text frames were
destroyed, woops. Some other minor cleanup.
Mon Dec 17 23:24:27 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: Don't query the drive for the current
time when paused. Most drives are inaccurate, some return plain
wrong values.
* Input/vorbis/vcedit.c (_blocksize): Oops, left a typo here.
Mon Dec 17 01:54:13 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Added a check for vorbis_packet_blocksize(). You
need vorbis 1.0rc1 or newer to compile the vorbis plugin.
* Input/vorbis/vcedit.[ch]: Update to latest version by Michael
Sun Dec 16 23:44:40 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Actually use zlib if it's available.
* Input/mpg123/id3.c, Input/mpg123/id3.h,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_url.c: Fix
several problems with management of the dynamic buffers for id3
frame data.
* AUTHORS: Sync with about.c.
* xmms/main.c (main): We would deadlock on various command line
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_create): One menu was not
Patch by Hiroshi Takekawa <>
Fri Dec 7 13:06:44 CET 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* README: Minor changes to layout and updated some urls.
* added -t/--play-pause
Tue Dec 4 20:04:46 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/ Increment libtool version.
* xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/playlist.[ch]: Added reading of
playlist info for selection.
* wmxmms/wmxmms.c: Added an #include.
* libxmms/titlestring.c: Added an #include.
* General/ir/configure.c: Removed an unused variable.
Mon Dec 3 03:11:00 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/esd/configure.c, Output/esd/init.c: Don't use the OSS
mixer my default. Cleanup.
* Output/esd/audio.c: Fixed a minor memory leak. Some other minor
* Output/esd/mixer.c, Output/esd/esdout.c: Better handling of
external changes when using OSS mixer. Other cleanups.
Mon Dec 3 00:27:21 CET 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* README: More details about the equalizer and some smaller changes.
Sun Dec 2 23:22:55 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.c: Added some functions to
manipulate the "selected" status of entries.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_select_range): Removed.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_button_press_cb): Use
standard playlist functions instead of manipulating the playlist
* Output/OSS/audio.c (oss_set_audio_params): Print a warning if
some ioctls fail.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_update_info), xmms/playlist.c:
Moved calculation of playlist time to playlist.c
* xmms/pluginenum.c (init_plugins): Compare only the basename of
the output plugin to prevent problems if switching prefix.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_update_sinfo): Fixed a error
with long titles, and handling of "%20" conversion. General
* Input/mpg123/http.c (mpg123_http_get_title): Use the entire url
if the basename is empty.
* Don't add "-m486" to CFLAGS as it annoys people
who want to set it to something else.
Sat Dec 1 17:57:32 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/main.c, xmms/playlistwin.c: Set correct
event time for menu popups, makes menus behave much better.
* xmms/textbox.c (textbox_generate_pixmap): Added a hack to avoid
resetting the scrolling text if only the length changes.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Handle a pause that happens before we
have opened the output properly.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (decode_loop): Fixed a crash that could
happen when seeking close to the beginning or end of a vbr file
without xing header.
* Input/mpg123/id3.c (id3_close): We didn't free the memory
allocated for the frames.
* Input/mpg123/id3.[ch], Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_tag.c: Change the linked list of frames to a
* Input/mpg123/id3.h, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame_url.c: Added constants for character
encoding according to id3v2.4
* Input/mpg123/http.c (mpg123_http_get_title): Use the basename of
the url instead of the entire url as default.
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_content.c (id3_get_content): Change to
avoid translating two string twice.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_set_song_info): Don't set playstatus if
already paused.
* xmms/main.c (idle_func): Don't open a new window on output
plugin error if the old one still is open.
Thu Nov 29 21:13:32 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/http.c (parse_url): Handle url's with '@' in the
path better.
(http_buffer_loop): Make function static.
* Input/vorbis/http.c (http_buffer_loop): Make function static.
* xmms/about.c (translators): Added another translator.
* Always set HAVE_MIKMOD, fixes a problem with
--disable-mikmod. Set symbol prefix for NetBSD and OpenBSD.
* README: Fixed a syntax error in a command.
* xmms/main.c (check_pposition): Set the same wmclass as other
Wed Nov 14 23:01:29 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/esd/mixer.c, Output/esd/audio.c, Output/esd/configure.c,
Output/esd/esdout.h, Output/esd/init.c, : Set stream volume in esd
instead of tweaking the oss mixer directly.
Patch by Karl N. Gutwin <>
* xmms/skin.c (skin_decompress_skin): Change the bzip2
decompression to use a pipe. GNU tar has been changing the flag
to several different things.
* acconfig.h, libxmms/acconfig.h: Make realtime priority work
* xmms/playlist_list.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/prefswin.c:
Get a new font from the server only when it changes. This should
avoid a memory leak in some versions of XFree86.
* gnomexmms/ Add orbit CFLAGS to fix compilation with
new orbit releases. Patch by David D. Zuhn <>.
* Input/mpg123/http.c (http_buffer_loop): We could use a closed
FILE handle. Patch by Thomas Nilsson <>.
Wed Nov 7 01:25:51 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New language: Thai (th).
Wed Nov 7 00:15:45 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c: By popular demand, added a --play-pause command
line option.
(display_usage): Restructured the --help output for easier
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.[ch], xmms/controlsocket.[ch]: Added
xmms_remote_play_pause() and
Fri Oct 19 13:13:44 CDT 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Don't g_free() a buffer on the
Sun Sep 23 16:08:05 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
*, config.guess, config.sub, acinclude.m4,
libxmms/acinclude.m4: Upgrade libtool to version 1.4.2.
Tue Sep 18 23:03:31 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.[ch], Input/mpg123/common.c: Handle vbr
files without a xing header a bit better.
* xmms/pluginenum.c: Cleanup. Less #ifdef's now. HP/UX not
tested, and might be broken.
* xmms/about.c (translators): Added some people.
* Input/*/, Output/*/,
General/*/, Visualization/*/,
Effect/*/ Only export the one symbol we need. This
makes startup slighly faster.
* xmms/playlist.c: Fix a compilation problem with Sun's cc (I
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Removed the old 3dnow about box and added
a more generic one.
* Input/cdaudio/ Fix a typo.
* xmms/xmms.desktop: Redid the desktop file.
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_toggle_wm_decorations): Make sure all
wm hints is set.
* General/joystick/about.c: Changed the style of the box to better
match the rest of xmms.
* Fixed a typo.
* xmms/textbox.c, xmms/sm.c: Some purely cosmetic changes.
Tue Sep 18 21:10:01 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/util.[ch], xmms/main.c, Make it possible to set
keybindings permanent.
* xmms/util.c (util_filebrowser_is_dir): Selecting "." or ".."
with keyboard was not handled properly.
* Input/vorbis/vcedit.c, Input/vorbis/vcedit.h: Updated to Michael
Smith's latest version.
* Input/tonegen/tonegen.c (play_loop): Fixed a bad inaccuracy.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New translations: Basque (eu),
Tajik (tg), Vietnamese (vi).
* Output/OSS/audio.c, Output/OSS/convert.c: Remove a couple of
g_message() and some other debugging stuff.
Mon Sep 10 20:47:29 CDT 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* xmms/Input/tonegen/tonegen.c: Changed it back so
Håvard doesn't get conflicts when he applies the
real fix instead of my broken one.
Mon Sep 10 20:21:05 CDT 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* xmms/Input/tonegen/tonegen.c: Changed period and t from
int to double.
Thu Sep 6 18:36:10 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/hints.c: Changed the net wm hints according to the current
spec. Always on top now works with KDE2. Lots of other cleanups.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_press): Don't unshade if double clicking
inside a sensitive widget. This fixes an annoyance when clicking
fast on next or previous when the main window is shaded.
(main): No need to set sticky and always on top twice on startup.
* xmms/about.c (translators): Added a couple of translators.
* Don't touch
Removed the --disable-gnome flag, use --without-gnome instead.
* libxmms/, libxmms/ Set the libxmms
version number in
* Output/OSS/audio.c (oss_set_audio_params): The format conversion
would not work after a skip or a pause.
(oss_loop): Don't go backwards in the buffer when we pause. The
data might already be format converted or be run trough a effect
plugin already.
* Output/OSS/audio.c, Output/OSS/OSS.h, Output/OSS/convert.c,
Output/OSS/ Moved the format conversion code to the
new file convert.c
* xmms/equalizer.c (equalizerwin_real_show): Use hint_set_always()
instead of mainwin_set_always_on_top().
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_real_show): Ditto.
Thu Sep 6 10:19:35 CDT 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* xmms/main.c: ignore SIGPIPE too. This keeps the control socket
from bringing down xmms when someone terminates while communicating
with it :)
Sun Sep 2 20:04:10 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* ltconfig,, config.guess, config.sub: Upgrade libtool
to version 1.4.
* acinclude.m4, libxmms/acinclude.m4: Include libtool.m4. You no
longer need libtool to build xmms from cvs.
Sun Aug 26 19:24:10 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New language Norwegian (nynorsk) (nn).
Sun Aug 19 20:59:05 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/skin.[ch], xmms/textbox.[ch], xmms/playlist_slider.[ch]:
Make sure everything get reloaded when reloading a skin.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (selection_received): Never clear the
playlist when we get a selection.
* xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/playlistwin.c,
xmms/playlist_popup.c, xmms/util.[ch]: Explicitly set a cursor on the
* Input/mpg123/http.c (udp_check_for_data): Fixed a possible crash
if we recieved a "streammsg".
* xmms/playlist.[ch]: Removed playlist_selection_enqueue() that's
no longer used.
* xmms/main.c (main): Take the GDK mutex after initializing
plugins to make sure there is no conflict with plugins.
Sat Aug 18 22:52:48 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_ins_dir_real): Follow symlinks when
adding directories.
* xmms/playlist.c: Fixed indentation, fixed a memory leak, and
some other issues with regards to the m3u playlist support.
* xmms/main.c, xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/main.h, xmms/playlist.c:
Changed the option about metadata in playlists to be if metadata
should be read or not, not if it should be written.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_time_cb): Don't try to seek in
non-seekable files.
* Input/mpg123/common.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.[ch]: Don't crash if
we are asked to seek in streams.
* Input/tonegen/tonegen.c (tone_play): Fixed a segfault if a tone
url had no valid tones. Some other cleanup.
* Output/OSS/audio.c (oss_get_output_time): Cleanup the handling
of input/output/effect format.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_release): Removed a stray
Thu Aug 16 19:50:52 CEST 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: (stop) don't set mpg123_filename to null
before the decode thread has finished.
Tue Aug 7 11:42:28 CEST 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Added check for FreeBSD newpcm driver.
* Output/OSS/configure.c (oss_configure): Use different scan
devices string when having a newpcm driver.
Sun Jul 22 22:33:30 CEST 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/equalizer.c: Added Import/WinAMP Presets to the preset menu
to import an entire set of WinAMP presets (WINAMP.q1) into the
preset list.
* Input/mikmod/plugin.c: Fixed broken recognition of mod.* files.
Mon Jul 16 09:01:31 CDT 2001 David D Zuhn <>
* xmms/playlist.c: added support for extended M3U playlists
(__playlist_ins): added title & length parameters; changed all
calls to this function
(is_playlist_name): call out some common code
* xmms/main.h: added save_extended_info to the cfg structure.
This value determines whether or not XMMS will save the full
extended M3U information as it writes .m3u playlists.
* xmms/main.c: read and write save_extended_info value (default
value is TRUE)
* xmms/prefswin.c: added label for save_extended_info
Sun Jul 15 21:57:28 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/equalizer.c: Change the
way we get window positions. This should help a bit for some WMs.
Fri Jul 13 09:06:10 CEST 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_apply_changes): Prevent storing of
invalid values for snap distance and pause between songs.
Tue Jul 10 17:43:14 CEST 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* xmms/input.c (input_get_song_info): Call xmms_get_titlestring()
with some default reasonable values if plugin does not have a
get_song_info() function.
* Input/wav/wav.c (get_title): New function.
(play_file, get_song_info): Use get_title().
* Input/mikmod/plugin.c (get_title): New function.
(get_song_info): User get_title().
* xmms/util.c (del_directory): Use fts functions instead of ad-hoc
solutions for deleting a file hierarchy. (Note that superuser is
allowed to enforce an unlink() on directories in some systems.)
* Add check for <fts.h>.
Fri Jul 6 00:28:13 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/textbox.c (textbox_generate_pixmap): Fixed the bug which
caused garble on the shaded playlist.
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Reverted the previous fix for garble on
shaded playlist, it was only a workaround.
(playlistwin_show_dirbrowser): We used a non-initialized variable.
* libxmms/titlestring.h, xmms/plugin.h: Move the declaration of
xmms_get_gentitle_format(void) to plugin.h it's not in libxmms.
Patch by Michael Plump <>.
Thu Jul 5 14:45:14 CDT 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* added --disable options for most stuff
Thu Jul 5 19:32:29 CEST 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/playlistwin.[ch]: Page Up/Down now moves one page up/down
instead of 3 lines. Fixed garbage shown in shaded playlist if the
list was empty.
Thu Jul 5 12:25:51 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/OSS/audio.c (oss_set_audio_params): Do endian/sign
conversion if necessary. Also added 16bit to 8bit conversion.
(oss_get_written_time): Fixed a bug that would make visualization
not work, and make xmms use loads of memory under some
(oss_get_output_time): Don't use MAX() on unsigned variables.
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c (timeout_func): Fixed a case where the
tootip was not updated when neccessary.
* wmxmms/wmxmms.c (timeout_func): Ditto.
Wed Jul 4 18:50:28 CEST 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/playlistwin.c: It happend
that people forgot to change the values for the menu items,
changed them to prevent this from happening again.
Wed Jul 4 01:38:44 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_play_loop): We would report wrong
endian on little endian boxes.
Mon Jul 2 23:36:53 BST 2001 Chris Wilson <>
* xmms/playlist.[ch] xmms/playlistwin.c: Added sort by date option
for playlist sorting. Sorts by last modified dates of files, most
recent files at the bottom of the playlist; anything non-file (ie
streaming urls etc) is sent to the bottom of the playlist.
Mon Jul 2 22:18:52 CEST 2001 Thomas Nilsson <>
* README, Updated for XMMS 1.2.5.
Thu Jun 21 01:30:37 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (mpg123_format_song_title): Set empty
strings to NULL, before sending to the titlestring formatter.
This prevents it from generating empty titles.
* README, xmms/main.c (segfault_handler): The URL for bugreports
is Patch by Thomas Nilsson <>.
* xmms/util.c: xmms did not compile if configured with
--disable-nls. Patch by Glen Nakamura <>
* xmms/about.c (translators): Added a couple of translators.
Mon Jun 18 20:08:05 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.5
Sat Jun 16 15:02:07 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (do_seek): Seeking when paused caused xmms
to hang.
* Output/OSS/mixer.c: Make the alternate mixer device actually
* Output/OSS/audio.c (oss_open): Check that alt_audio_device is
not NULL (you would need to edit the config by hand for that to
Sat Jun 16 00:55:14 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
*, gnomexmms/ Fixed rpm build as
* Added man pages.
* xmms/util.c, xmms/util.h, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/main.c,
xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/controlsocket.c: Do translation of menu
entries the right way.
* xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/skinwin.c,
Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Cleaned up some #ifdef ENABLE_NLS stuff.
Sun Jun 10 16:53:59 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist_popup.c (playlist_popup_destroy): Getting one of
the popups up, and then not selecting anything made strange things
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_check_pos_current): Fixed a bug that
caused incorrect behaviour if we were near the top.
* libxmms/ (libxmms_la_LDFLAGS): Bump the version
number for libxmms as we have added interfaces.
* Fixed some places that tried to use the configure
*,,, New man
pages for gnomexmms and wmxmms.
* Added a "see also" section with wmxmms and gnomexmms.
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c: Use the same version as the rest of xmms.
Fri Jun 8 23:53:37 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/input.c, xmms/visualization.[ch]: Fixed a problem with the
osciloscope that happened if the input plugin sent less than 512
samples to input_add_vis_pcm().
* xmms/ (xmms_SOURCES): Removed i18n.h to prevent it
from being distributed.
Wed Jun 6 12:24:13 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/OSS/audio.c (oss_write_audio): Fixed bug that caused
serious problems if we were doing samplerate conversion.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): "zh_TW.Big5" changed to zh_TW.
Insert export OLD_PO_FILE_INPUT = yes into the po/Makefile to be
able to build with new gettext versions.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_delete_node): Fixed a race condition.
I don't think this was possible to trigger though.
(playlist_check_pos_current): Fixed locking.
Thu May 31 17:32:18 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Do not compile with `-fomit-frame-pointer' when
CFLAGS contains `-g' switch. Added AC_SUBST() for Z_LIBS.
* libxmms/ Added AM_CONFIG_HEADER().
* Input/mpg123/ Added Z_LIBS to linker.
* acconfig.h, libxmms/acconfig.h: Added wrappers for GLib
allocating functions (for use together with dmalloc).
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c (g_free_orig): New function.
* wmxmms/wmxmms.c (g_free_orig): Ditto.
* xmms/util.c (g_free_func, g_free_orig): Ditto.
* xmms/util.c (util_item_factory_popup_with_data):
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_physically_delete_cb):
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file_edit_cb, mainwin_jump_to_file):
* xmms/fullscreen.c (xmms_fullscreen_modelist_free): Converted
g_free() passed as argument to g_free_func().
* Input/wav/wav.c (play_file, stop, get_song_info):
* Input/vorbis/vcedit.c (vcedit_new_state, vcedit_open_callbacks):
(vcedit_clear_internals, vcedit_write):
* Input/mpg123/tabinit.c (mpg123_make_conv16to8_table):
* Input/mpg123/http.c (udp_check_for_data):
* Input/mpg123/equalizer.c (init_spline):
* Input/mpg123/common.c (mpg123_stream_check_for_xing_header):
* Input/mpg123/id3.c (id3_open_mem, id3_open_fp, id3_open_fd)
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c (id3_set_text_number, id3_set_text):
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_delete_frame, id3_add_frame):
(id3_decompress_frame, id3_read_frame):
* Input/idcin/idcin.c (idcin_parse_file, idcin_stop):
* Input/cdaudio/cddb.c (search_for_discid, cdda_cddb_get_info):
* xmms/fft.c (fft_init): Converted malloc -> g_malloc, free ->
g_free, strdup -> g_strdup.
* Input/vorbis/configure.c: Added #include "config.h".
* Input/vorbis/vcedit.c: Ditto.
* Input/vorbis/id3.c: Ditto.
* Input/vorbis/id3_frame.c: Ditto.
* Input/vorbis/id3_frame_text.c: Ditto.
* Input/vorbis/id3_frame_url.c: Ditto.
* Visualization/blur_scope/config.c: Ditto.
* Visualization/opengl_spectrum/config.c: Ditto.
* libxmms/configfile.c: Ditto.
* libxmms/formatter.c: Ditto.
* libxmms/titlestring.c: Ditto.
* libxmms/titlestring.c: Ditto.
* libxmms/util.c: Ditto.
* libxmms/titlestring.c: Ditto.
* xmms/fft.c: Ditto.
* xmms/util.c: Ditto.
* Input/mpg123/equalizer.c (init_spline, eval_spline): Made static.
* Minor cleanup.
Thu May 10 17:11:18 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_delete_filenames): Removed a test that
was supposed to be removed.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_save_filesel_ok): Removed a
printf. Some minor fixes.
Tue May 8 21:57:59 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist_list.c, prefswin.c: Disable the transparent
playlist option for now. It doesn't work properly with several
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_button_press_cb): Ungrab the
pointer before calling playlist_play() which might take some time.
* xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Fontsets did not work.
Patch by Konosuke Watanabe <>
* xmms/xmms.desktop: A couple of new translations.
Tue May 1 15:38:49 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file_entry_keypress_cb): Stop the
key press signal on up and down to prevent moving the focus away
from the entry.
* xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/playlist_list.[ch], xmms/util.[ch]:
When selecting view file info from the popup menu, show info on
the song that was right clicked on.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_popup_handler): Fixed a missing
Sun Apr 29 01:06:27 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* wmxmms/wmxmms.c (timeout_func): Fixed a small memory leak.
Don't query the current songlength unless we are playing.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_get_songtitle): If we need to ask the
input plugin we might as well cache the information.
(playlist_get_songtitle): Ditto.
Some other cleanups.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_create): The sub-misc was not in
the right click menu.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_play): Make a copy of the
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (play_file): Make a copy of the filename.
Fri Apr 27 00:23:02 CEST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c: We could try to free() a uninitialized variable
under some circumstances.
* Output/solaris/audio.c: Fixed a nasty wraparound problem that
was introduced recently.
* Output/solaris/configure.c: Some minor cleanup.
* Output/solaris/Sun.c: The solaris plugin did not compile.
Patch by Jim Crumley <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Generate the data with native endianness.
Patch by Monty <>.
Sun Apr 15 20:39:24 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Added right-click popup menu for playlist
window. Patch by Austin hall <>
* xmms/playlist_popup.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.c: A small change to
be able to handle several callbacks in the same function.
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Fixed a problem with translation of the
"sub-misc" menu.
Thu Apr 12 22:15:48 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/utf8.c, Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c,
Input/vorbis/vorbis.[ch], Input/vorbis/,
Save vorbis comments as UTF-8 if the libc can convert it.
* Output/OSS/audio.c: Handle the case where the write() return
short better.
Tue Apr 10 18:20:50 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/effect.c, xmms/prefswin.c: Handle no effect plugins without
* libxmms/titlestring.c, libxmms/dirbrowser.c, xmms/, Make xmms/i18n.h be generated by configure instead.
Tue Apr 10 12:40:23 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/titlestring.c, libxmms/dirbrowser.c, xmms/i18n.h: A hack
to make translations work in libxmms.
Mon Apr 9 21:24:50 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Added a few keybindings and environment variables.
* xmms/util.c (filebrowser_add_files): Changed the way we get the
current dir. This fixes a bug if adding files below the current
* xmms/about.c: Fixed a error with the danish and dutch
Mon Apr 9 13:08:25 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Added keybindings to man page, plus some other minor
Sun Apr 8 19:03:02 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c: Show the file info window for non
readable files and http streams too.
Sat Apr 7 20:09:35 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c: Preserve any unknown tags in the file
when editing. Some further cleanups.
(vorbis_file_info_box): Mark a few strings for translation.
Patch by Jorn Baayen <>
* xmms/about.c: Added Jorn Baayen.
* po/ Add Input/vorbis/fileinfo.c.
Thu Apr 5 18:42:08 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Get info from gtk-config at runtime if
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Moved the genre list over to fileinfo.c,
it's only useful there.
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.[ch]: Not much point in testing if functions
that either return 1 or -1 return 0. There was a local mutex
here, that was useless, this stuff will always be run in the same
thread anyway. We do however want to share the mutex in
vorbis.c. Some misc cleanup.
(init_files): Fixed a leak of filehandles.
(vorbis_file_info_box): A bunch of global variables was
duplicated here. Translate the builtin genres.
*,, New, minimal man page for
Wed Apr 4 17:14:01 EDT 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
*, acinclude.m4, acconfig.h, libxmms/,
libxmms/acinclude.m4: Check for sched_setscheduler and nanosleep
in -lrt for Tru64 Unix. Also fixed a bug here.
Patch by Tim Mooney <>
Moved over to acinclude.m4 and some further rewriting by me.
* Some minor cleanup in the checks for OSS headers.
* xmms/about.c: Added the translators to the about window. Let me
know if there are omissions or other errors.
Wed Apr 4 13:28:55 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/vorbis/fileinfo.[ch], Input/vorbis/,
Input/vorbis/vcedit.[ch], Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Added fileinfo
dialog for Vorbis files. Patch by Jorn Baayen
* Input/vorbis/configure.c (vorbis_configure),
Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_generate_title): Added genre and
comment as possible inputs to title string.
Sat Mar 31 13:08:14 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/input.c, xmms/util.c: Don't dereference non-lvalue arrays.
*, acinclude.m4: New test for libxml. This should
fix the build problems on some Mandrake systems that has the
xml-config script in the libxml (non-devel) package.
Thu Mar 29 13:09:33 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Check FreeBSD gcc version against
FreeBSD_cc_version defined in gcc rather than <sys/param.h>.
Thanks to FUJISHIMA Satsuki <>.
Sun Mar 25 17:39:19 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Added Serbian (sr).
* xmms/main.c (main): Changed the text that complains about a too
old Gtk+ slightly.
(mainwin_menubtn_cb): Fixed a minor error with wm decoretions on.
* xmms/util.c (util_create_add_url_window): Set the entry to a
empty string when the window is opened.
(util_add_url_callback): Increased the maximum number of entries
to 30.
(filebrowser_add_all_files): Clear the entry after adding files.
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Made it possible to show and save the
entire id3v1.0 comment field.
(save_cb): Clamp the tracknumber to 255 instead of letting it wrap
Tue Mar 20 09:18:06 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (handle_cmd_line_options): Fixed a small bug that
prevented filenames on the command line from working.
Tue Mar 20 11:31:57 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/vorbis/configure.c, Input/mpg123/configure.c: Made
titlestring description sensitive to override button.
* libxmms/titlestring.c: Fixed typo.
Mon Mar 19 23:14:04 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/titlestring.c: New function that generates a table of
descriptions of the title tags. This removes some duplicate code
from plugins and makes translation *much* better.
* xmms/prefswin.c, Input/cdaudio/configure.c,
Input/mpg123/configure.c, Input/vorbis/configure.c: Use the new
description function.
* po/ Added libxmms/titlestring.c.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_generate_title): Don't call atoi()
with a NULL pointer.
* Input/vorbis/ Removed obsolete README.
Sat Mar 17 21:22:06 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c (check_ctrlsocket): Reverted the last
patch. The insert functions should (and does) update the
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_update_sinfo): Don't show
playlist position if show numbers in playlist is disabled.
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_apply_changes): Make sure the playlist
gets updated.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_press): Don't change the
playlist_x, and playlist_y variables here. Fixes a minor problem
with wm decorations on.
Sat Mar 17 01:45:14 CET 2001 Olle Hällnäs <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c: Added playlistwin_update_list();
for CMD_PLAYLIST_ADD_URL_STRING: as reported in the
forum by Bob Dean.
Thu Mar 15 05:20:34 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c: Show a tooltip with the name of the song.
Patch by Hiroshi Takekawa <>.
Wed Mar 14 16:09:50 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.[ch]: Added support
for ID3v1.1 tags. Read track number from ID3v1.1 and ID3v2 tags.
Removed id3_format_codes.
Tue Mar 13 15:50:40 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c: Set realtime mode and drop setuid priviliegies
before initializing gtk+.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_mr_release): Fixed a bug that prevented the
clutterbar doublesize toggle from working.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New translation: Portugese (pt).
* xmms/main.[ch], xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/,,
po/, xmms/xmms.h: Removed the DGA support that never
really worked anyway.
* xmms/fullscreen.c: Fixed a warning.
Tue Mar 13 12:34:33 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/vorbis/configure.c (vorbis_configure),
xmms/prefswin.c (create_prefs_window): Fixed typos.
Mon Mar 12 21:17:54 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/mpg123/configure.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.[ch]: Removed ID3
tag disabling. Added generic title override option. Updated
title description string.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c (eval_id3_format): Removed.
(mpg123_format_song_title): Use xmms_get_titlestring(). Always
use ID3 tags if available.
* xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/main.[ch]: Removed `Use generic title'
option (i.e, always use generic titles). Updated title
description string.
* Input/vorbis/configure.c (title_tag_override_cb): Cleanup.
(vorbis_configurewin_ok): Minor cleanup. Removed memory leak.
(vorbis_configure): Cleanup. Updated title desciption string.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_generate_title): Use
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (cdda_get_title): Added some sensible
values for file-name, file-path, and file-extension.
* libxmms/titlestring.[ch]: Added new format `%F - File path'.
Return NULL if nothing sensible was generated in the titlestring.
Mon Mar 12 05:58:14 CST 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* xmms/fullscreen.c: Made fullscreen stuff a bit more sane,
it was way off.
Fri Mar 9 14:19:30 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/solaris/audio.c (dsp_memcpy): Fixed some sign and endian
Wed Mar 9 12:34:14 2001 Olle Hällnäs <>
* Output/esd/init.c: Applied a patch by Martin Storsjö
that enables the use of ESPEAKER variable.
Thu Mar 8 19:19:03 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_ins): Make sure the playlist gets
updated when adding entries.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_aboutbox): Use
xmms_show_message(). Added myself.
* po/ Added several missing files.
Patch by: Juan Carlos Castro y Castro <>
* Ouput/solaris/configure.c: Marked stings for translation, and
some cleanups.
* Output/solaris/init.c: Didn't compile (oops).
(abuffer_init): Minor cleanups.
* Output/solaris/ Fixed a little error.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_update_info): The playlist
counters were wrapping around after 2^31ms (about 600h). It now
wraps around after 2^32s (about 136 years). If you find that
annoying, get a 64bit computer!
* xmms/fft.c: Removed a unused variable.
Thu Mar 8 17:18:31 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* libxmms/titlestring.[ch], libxmms/ New library
interface for formatting titlestrings.
* Input/main.[cg], Input/prefswin.c: Added option for configuring
generic title strings.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.[ch], Input/cdaudio/configure.c: Use
xmms_get_titlestring() to format titlestring. Add option to
override generic titlestring.
* Input/cdaudio/cdinfo.[ch]: Removed cdda_cdinfo_get_name().
Thu Mar 8 00:19:33 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
*, Ouput/, Output/solaris/*: Solaris
plugin merged. Thanks to John Riddoch, Santosh Salunkhe, Julian
Yip and others.
* xmms/about.c (credit_text): Added John Riddoch.
* AUTHORS: Synced with about.c.
* Output/OSS/configure.c, Output/OSS/init.c, Output/OSS/OSS.h:
Added the possibility to configure the mixer device manually.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_play_loop): No need to set the
title on stop.
A couple of other minor cleanups.
* xmms/main.c: Redid the handling of commandline arguments a bit.
This fixes some longstanding problems with sending commands to a
running xmms if allow multiple instances is on.
* xmms/main.c: player_visible is now saved on exit, and handled
properly on start.
* xmms/dock.c, xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/playlistwin.c:
Things should work a little better if both wm decorations and save
window positions is on.
* xmms/main.[ch], xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/controlsocket.c: When
hiding the window with wm decorations on we need to really hide
the widget.
* xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/playlistwin.c: Use
gdk_window_get_root_origin() instead of
gdk_window_get_deskrelative_origin() in configure handlers. This
works better with wm decorations on. Hopefully it does not break
anything else either.
* Fixed a test expression.
Wed Mar 5 08:31:41 2001 Olle Hällnäs <>
* xmms/main.c: added gdk_window_raise(filebrowser->window);
so filebrowser will be raised if already opened.
Mon Mar 5 16:04:49 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/vorbis/configure.c, Input/vorbis/vorbis.[ch]: Added
configurable vorbis file titles. Patch by Jorn Baayen
* General/ir/configure.c, General/ir/ir.c, General/ir/irfunct.c,
General/ir/irman.h: IR code length is configurable. Patch by
Jorn Baayen <>.
Fri Mar 2 18:28:04 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New translation: Indonesian (id).
* Input/mpg123/dxhead.[ch]: Whitespace changes.
Thu Mar 1 18:54:55 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Added checking for old style FreeBSD -pthread flag
to gcc. Works with both -CURRENT and older branches of FreeBSD.
Sat Feb 24 12:24:15 CET 2001 Peter Alm <>
* xmms/textbox.c: Fixed a mutex problem in the textbox widget,
should resolve some issues in the vorbis plugin.
Fri Feb 23 23:11:11 CST 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: set title to NULL now, to avoid double
g_free()ing of it.. No more random crashes :)
Thu Feb 22 16:30:30 CST 2001 Ryan Weaver <>
* Changed name of mesa subpackage to gl.
And added Obsoletes: xmms-mesa.
Wed Feb 21 20:13:00 PST 2001 Jack Moffitt <>
* xmms/Input/vorbis.c: make some cosmetic changes to title
Tue Feb 13 20:07:09 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_selection_enqueue): Fixed a memory
* xmms/main.c (create_popups): The playlist was unintentionally
shown before the mainwin on start, and this was confusing some
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_set_hints): Set base-size to the
same as minimum size.
* xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c: Reverted the adding to playlist
when pressing middle mouse buttom from mainwin and equalizer.
* xmms/main.c, xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/vis.[ch]: Fixed a problem
with the visualization when toggling wm decorations.
Thu Feb 8 16:18:20 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c: Don't rebuild the shuffle_list from scratch
when deleting entries from the playlist.
* Added -Wpointer-arith to CFLAGS if using gcc.
* libxmms/ More compiler warnings if using gcc.
Tue Feb 6 10:55:33 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
*, xmms/main.c (main): Use srandom() or possibly
srandomdev() instead of srand().
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_shuffle_list) (playlist_play),
xmms/mkdtemp.c (mkdtemp): Changed rand() to random().
* xmms/about.c (show_about_window): Added year 2001.
(credit_text): Sorted alphabetically.
Sun Feb 4 22:29:20 EST 2001 Logan Hanks <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/playlistwin.c: Pressing
button 2 (middle button) in the main, equalizer, or playlist
windows causes XMMS to retrieve the contents of the clipboard and
add to the playlist. A double click causes the playlist to be
cleared. Credit goes to Aaron Krowne ( for the
idea and some code.
Sun Feb 4 11:33:34 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* General/joystick/joy.c (joyapp_read_buttoncmd): A string that
should not be translated was marked for translation. Some other
minor cleanups.
Mon Jan 29 18:40:34 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (create_popups): Fixed radio items when running
Sun Jan 28 23:03:41 PST 2001 Jack Moffitt <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: fixed small bug
* Input/vorbis/http.c: changed file extension to .ogg (oops)
Sat Jan 27 09:25:31 PST 2001 Jack Moffitt <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: implemented vorbis streaming
* Input/vorbis/: several new files vorbis streaming
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: don't grab all http streams, leave the
'.ogg' streams for the vorbis plugin.
Fri Jan 26 20:16:05 EST 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_apply_changes), xmms/main.[ch],
xmms/equalizer.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.[ch]: Destroy and recreate
all windows when toggling wm decorations.
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_set_hints): Don't set maximum
values too high.
Thu Jan 25 09:10:07 CST 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Workaround for my crazy WM (or gtk+?). It
seems to think it can decide where the window goes if resizing is
turned on, so I've turned WM resize off unless using the WM's
decorations.. Let me know if this causes problems (seems fine here)
Thu Jan 25 02:30:30 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (set_doublesize): Fixed a possible deadlock on start
if doublesize was enabled. Hopefully without breaking any of the
docking when toggling doublesize.
(main): Add check for sched_get_priority_max().
(create_popups): Cleanup.
* Add check for sched_get_priority_max() which is
missing on OpenBSD.
Some other minor cleanups.
Thu Jan 25 00:17:08 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (cdda_init): Fix compilation on
*BSD/Solaris. Patch by Jonathan Irwin <>.
* xmms/main.c (setup_main_window): Set the autoscroll songname
correctly on start. Patch by Jonathan Irwin <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c (check_ctrlsocket): Fixed a missing break
statement. Patch by Ian Campbell <>
Tue Jan 23 16:46:14 CST 2001 Zinx Verituse <>
* xmms/playlist_popup.c: Move before showing the popup. People
were complaining about it being in the upper-left corner for
an instant..
Sat Jan 20 11:22:18 CST 2001 Ryan Weaver <>
* Output/ Fixed typo
Fri Jan 19 17:29:31 CET 2001 Espen Skoglund <>
* Disable `-funroll-all-loops' when compiling for
FreeBSD. (Known to cause audio glitches during playback.)
*, {Plugindirs}/ Added environment
variable INPUT_PLUGINS and friends that can be used for manually
overriding which plugins to be built. (Useful during automated
building of XMMS.)
Mon Jan 18 01:04:45 CET 2001 Olle Hällnäs <>
* xmms/main.c: added Håvard's fix to display the
icon in KDE2's taskbar.
Mon Jan 8 03:02:09 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (read_config): Fixed a cut'n'paste typo.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Fixed some rare deadlocks.
Sat Jan 6 19:00:58 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_set_shade): Request the size we
used to have when unshading with wm decorations on.
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_toggle_wm_decorations): Set wm hints
for the playlist window.
Sat Jan 6 16:42:14 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Fixed a couple of places where we were
not holding the mutex while calling ov_*() functions.
Thu Jan 4 02:42:04 GMT 2001 Chris Wilson <>
* xmms/main.c (read_config): Fixed segfault when ~/.xmms/config
was missing.
Wed Jan 3 23:44:44 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c: Fixed some issues with shading the
* xmms/playlist_list.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.c: Keep proper track
of first and last selected when dragging entries up or down.
Wed Jan 3 17:27:17 GMT 2001 Chris Wilson <>
* xmms/main.[ch], xmms/playlist_list.c, xmms/playlistwin.c,
xmms/prefswin.c: Added initial support for transparent
playlist window.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_mr_change): Fixed a typo that stopped the
doublesize button on the main window from working correctly.
Tue Jan 2 19:20:06 CET 2001 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/layer3.c (III_i_stereo): Fixed a bug that would
cause crashes on some mp3's using intensive stereo.
(III_dequantize_sample): Commented out the high frequency cutting
that had sneaked in when syncing with mpg123 cvs.
Sun Dec 31 18:15:03 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.[ch], xmms/equalizer.[ch],
prefswin.c: It is now possible to show windowmanager decorations.
This feature is still a bit experimental.
* xmms/main.[ch], xmms/playlist.c (playlist_play): Disable the
seekbars before starting to play. This will prevent us from
sending seek calls to input plugins before they have called
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c: cdaudio plugin ported to OpenBSD.
Patch by Eugene Tsyrklevich <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Handle output plugin errors gracefully.
Sat Dec 30 19:40:39 CET 2000 Espen Skoglund <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c (is_mounted), Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.h, Try to use getmntinfo() for systems that do not have
getmntent(). (Only checked on FreeBSD.) Thanks to Vladimir
Kushnir <>.
Sat Dec 30 23:48:41 GMT 2000 Chris Wilson <>
* General/joystick/about.c, General/joystick/configure.c,
General/joystick/joy.[ch]: Applied patch from Justin Wake
<> to support more than 4 buttons in the
joystick plugin.
* Input/tonegen/tonegen.c: Marked string for translation.
Sun Dec 31 00:19:16 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/skin.c, xmms/skinwin.c: Fixed some
compiler warnings.
* xmms/main.c (main): Use setuid() instead of setreuid() when
dropping any root privilegies.
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c (vorbis_get_song_info): Use the mutex here
too. Patch by "Zack Weinberg" <>
* Input/vorbis/vorbis.c: Reorganised a bit and reintended the
entire file. Fixed some minor issues related to seeking, and
marked some strings for translation.
* xmms/skin.c (skin_decompress_skin): Removed a debugging message.
* xmms/mkdtemp.c (mkdtemp): Use rand() instead of random() like
the rest of xmms does.
Thu Dec 28 15:49:31 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.[ch], xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/equalizer.c,
xmms/dock.c, xmms/skin.c: Preparations for making it possible to
show windowmanager decorations.
* xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/playlist.[ch]: Made it possible to
delete selected files from disk.
* xmms/skin.c: Use mkdtemp() to create the temporary dir when
decompressing skins.
* Check for mkdtemp();
* xmms/mkdtemp.c, xmms/ An implementation of mkdtemp()
for systems that are missing it. Derived from the implementation
in the FreeBSD libc.
* xmms/prefswin.[ch]: Lots of minor cleanups.
Fri Dec 22 23:05:55 GMT 2000 Chris Wilson <>
* FAQ, Input/mpg123/README: Updates and typo fixes from 'Nevermind'
* TODO: Added that need to move streaming code out of the mpg123
Tue Dec 19 23:25:49 GMT 2000 Chris Wilson <>
* README, Input/tonegen/tonegen.c: Applied Daniel Peng's tonegen
Mon Dec 11 11:35:17 CST 2000 Ryan Weaver <>
* Changed the way that I was auto determining
libmikmod package dependencies to complain properly if
the lib was available but not libmikmod-config.
Sun Dec 10 23:54:29 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/playlistwin.c: Cleaned up various abuse of
manipulating internal Gtk+ data. This should make us more robust
against translations with errors.
* xmms/controlsocket.c (check_ctrlsocket): input_seek() could get
called on files without length due to a signedness error. Caused
segfault when xmms_remote_jump_to_time() was called.
* xmms/hints.c: Removed some timestamps that is not necessary
according to the Gnome wm spec.
Wed Nov 29 19:11:12 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_draw_string_wc): Apparently
libc and X might have a different opinion on what a wide character
string is. Thanks to Chun-Chung Chen <> for
helping to sort this out. I'm hoping I got it right this time.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New language: Galician (gl).
Tue Nov 28 00:30:31 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.4
* README: Readme updated by Thomas Nilsson <>.
Mon Nov 27 15:01:58 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.desktop, xmms/xmms.desktop: Updated
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Minor cleanup.
Fri Nov 24 15:26:33 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Added support for http streams.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.c: Minor changes to be able to show some
info on playing http streams.
* Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c (disk_open): Really try the
title if there is no filename.
* Input/mpg123/http.c: Removed an old function declaration.
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c,
Visualization/blur_scope/blur_scope.c: Added some #includes.
* xmms/skin.h, xmms/skin.c (skin_get_eq_spline_colors): Fixed a
dubious function prototype.
* xmms/eq_graph.c (eqgraph_draw): Call skin_get_eq_spline_colors()
Sun Nov 19 14:40:45 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/prefswin.c: Browsing fonts, and then pressing cancel in the
font selection dialog was not handled correct, also start browsing
with the font currently in the entry.
Patch by Thomas Nilsson <>
* Input/mpg123/ (EXTRA_DIST): Make sure the 3dnow
specific files gets included when making dist.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_jump_to_file): Marked a string for
translation. Patch by Gediminas Paulauskas <>.
* xmms/playlistwin.c: The sub-misc menu was not translated.
Patch by Gediminas Paulauskas <>.
* xmms/hints.c: Use macros supplied by GDK instead of casting to
Gdk*Private types.
* xmms/fullscreen.c, xmms/util.c (create_dblsize_image): Ditto.
Fri Nov 17 23:23:00 PDT 2000 Jack Moffitt <>
* xmms/ updated vorbis requires for beta3
Wed Nov 8 21:38:57 CET 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_ins_dir): The shuffle list was
regenerated more than necessary. Adding deep direcory structures
should be *much* faster now.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_move_down): A mutex was
locked instead of unlocked, and this was causing deadlocks when
dragging entries to the bottom.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_draw): Don't use the wide
character stuff unless use_fontsets is enabled. I have a feeling
this is going to cause problems, and most people wont need it.
Sun Oct 29 11:00:00 PDT 2000 Jack Moffitt <>
* added Input/vorbis dir with vorbis plugin
* updated xmms build system to build and detect vorbis
* updated to build xmms-vorbis rpm
Fri Oct 20 01:13:20 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/about.c, xmms/main.[ch], xmms/prefswin.c,
xmms/skin.[ch], xmms/textbox.[ch]: Merged the "xfont" patch by
Chun-Chung Chen <>
* xmms/main.c: Minor cleanup of some gtk code.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_vis_menu_entries): Fixed a typo.
* xmms/main.c (read_config): Use solaris output plugin as default
on sun machines. Patch by John Riddoch <>.
Wed Oct 18 13:36:10 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New language: Turkish (tr).
Tue Oct 17 23:38:40 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/http.c: Rewrote most of the udp metadata
streaming. It had some serious bugs, it was leaking both threads
and sockets.
* Input/mpg123/configure.c (mpg123_configurewin_ok): The upd
metadata streaming was not possible to disable because of a typo.
(mpg123_configure): Changed a string.
* Input/mpg123/mpg123.[ch]: Fixed some warnings.
Mon Oct 16 03:12:37 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/util.c (util_font_load): Moved here from playlist_list.c.
* Check for <wchar.h>. Check for the socklen_t
* xmms/pluginenum.c: Removed workaround for the glibc bug. Get a
fixed glibc instead.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_draw): Convert the strings
to wide character strings before modifying them to avoid
destroying multibyte character strings.
Based on a patch by Isaac Kar-Keung To <>
Fixed playlist locking.
* libxmms/formatter.c: Added a #include.
* Input/mpg123/layer3.c (REFRESH_MASK): Added a cast, supposed to
fix a problem seen on alpha.
Mon Oct 2 15:12:48 CEST 2000 Peter Alm <>
* xmms/pluginenum.c: Removed dlclose() of plugins. Fix for buggy
RH7 glibc.
Mon Oct 2 11:36:15 CEST 2000 Espen Skoglund <>
* acconfig.h,, Input/mpg123/,
Input/mpg123/configure.c, Input/mpg123/decode_i386.c,
Input/mpg123/layer3.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.h,
Input/mpg123/dct36_3dnow.s, Input/mpg123/dct64_3dnow.s,
Input/mpg123/decode_3dnow.s, Input/mpg123/getcpuflags.s: Added
3DNow! support. Patch by Osamu Kayasono <>
* AUTHORS, xmms/about.c (credit_text): Added Osamu Kayasono and
Kimura Takuhiro (3DNow! support).
Sun Oct 1 02:05:48 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/util.c: Always #include sys/time.h. This is supposed to
fix a build problem on OpenBSD.
* libxmms/ Added a couple of checks for header
* Input/cdaudio/cdindex.c: We #included xmlmemory.h for no good
reason, and this gave problems when building against old versions
of libxml.
Tue Sep 26 23:09:06 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New languages: Azerbaijani (az),
Italian (it).
Mon Sep 25 00:12:17 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c (id3_read_frame): Ignore id3 frames
that we do not recognise. This fixes a bug where we could
dereference a uninitialized pointer.
* Input/mpg123/id3.h, Input/mpg123/id3.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame.c, Input/mpg123/id3_frame_text.c,
Input/mpg123/id3_frame_url.c, Input/mpg123/id3_header.h: Use glib
types for 8, 16 and 32 bit integers.
Tue Sep 19 22:31:58 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.3
Tue Sep 19 16:27:00 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* README: Readme updated by Thomas Nilsson <>.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_draw): Try harder to find a
working font regardless of if use_fontsets is set.
Mon Sep 18 01:49:25 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New language: "lv".
* Input/mpg123/common.c (read_id3v2_tag): Make sure the header
size is reasonable, to avoid mallocing large amounts of
Fri Sep 15 14:25:00 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/wav/wav.c (play_loop): Signal eof to the output plugin.
Thu Sep 14 23:17:16 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_keypress): Send keypresses to
the main window if the playlist is shaded.
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c: Removed a few unused variables.
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_ins_dir): Dont add more slashes than
Patch by Juan Carlos Castro y Castro <>
* xmms/xmms.desktop: New translations.
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.desktop: New translations.
* xmms/skin.c: Replaced all gdk_colormap_get_system() with
gdk_window_get_colormap(). This is supposed to fix problems on
SGI's that have different colormaps on each window.
* xmms/urldecode.c (xmms_urldecode_path): Fixed a compiler
* xmms/fullscreen.c: Minor cleanup.
* xmms/dga.c (xmms_dga_draw_indexed_image): Fixed some compiler
* xmms/pluginenum.c (init_plugins): Try to load plugins from
~/.xmms/Plugins. Earlier xmms tried to load plugins from
~/.xmms/Plugins/Input/ etc. These locations are depreciated.
* xmms/main.c (make_xmms_dir): Create the ~/.xmms/Plugins dir.
Tue Sep 12 18:33:56 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/common.c (read_id3v2_tag): If id3v2 tags were
turned off, we would segfault if we encountered one in a http
* Input/mpg123/http.c (http_buffer_loop): Fixed a possible buffer
* General/joystick/configure.c (joy_configure): Fixed a possible
buffer overflow when using translations.
* General/ir/ir.c (irapp_read_config): Fixed a possible buffer
(irapp_save_config): Ditto
Mon Sep 11 23:53:56 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/output.[ch]: The About and Configure buttons
for the output plugins works on the right plugin even if the
selected plugin is different from the current one.
* xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/effect.[ch]: Ditto for effect plugins.
* xmms/util.c: When adding files from the eject button, the
playlist is cleared at the right time also if you add files with
the "Add files..." buttons.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): New language: "ga". "el_GR" renamed
to "el".
Added -Wall to CFLAGS if we have gcc.
* xmms/util.c (util_item_factory_popup): Err, this function were
not doing what it was supposed to.
* xmms/main.c, xmms/prefswin.c, xmms/equalizer.c: When poping up
the main menu, pop up the menu a few pixels down to prevent
anyting from being selected initially.
Sun Sep 3 19:50:29 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/hints.c, xmms/hints.h, xmms/main.c: Applied a patch that
adds support for the new "net-wm" window manager spec.
* xmms/about.c (credit_text): Added Colin Marquardt.
* xmms/equalizer.c: Changed some borders and a couple of strings
Fri Sep 1 18:41:26 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* libxmms/util.c (xmms_usleep): Fixed this functions for systems
that are lacking nanosleep().
*, Input/cdaudio/cdindex.c: Added a check for
xmlDocGetRootElement() which older versions of libxml was
Tue Aug 29 16:44:28 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c (ctrlsocket_func): A break statment had
sneaked in somehow.
Mon Aug 28 00:07:41 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/esd/audio.c: Added endianess and sign corrections.
Patch by Takashi Oe <> and
Henry Worth <>
* xmms/input.c, Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c: Avoid side
effects by the glib byteswap macros.
Patch by Henry Worth <>
* xmms/svis.c, xmms/main.c: Changed the height of the shademode
visualization from 7 to 5 pixels for better skin compatibility.
Patch by Richard Koerber <>
Sun Aug 27 22:48:10 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c (read_config): Fixed a minor memory leak. Don't set
the default value of strings two places.
* xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/main.[ch]: Added the ability to load
equalizer presets from disk.
Patch by Colin Marquardt <>
* xmms/equalizer.[ch]: Misc cleanups.
* xmms/main.c, xmms/controlsocket.c: Updates because of changes to
* xmms/prefswin.c: When changing output or effect plugins, the
change does not take effect until "Ok" or "Apply" is pressed.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_draw), prefswin.c,
main.[ch]: Added a option to load the playlist font using
fontsets. I hope this will make everyone happy.
* xmms/controlsocket.c (ctrlsocket_func): Cosmethic fixes.
Sat Aug 19 22:41:47 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/prefswin.c (prefswin_ilist_clicked): Correct prototype.
If we got a double-click, open configuration dialog.
(prefswin_glist_clicked, prefswin_vlist_clicked): Likewise.
Patch by Jason Merrill <>
* Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c (disk_open): Use filename of
the input file instead of the title to make the name of the wav
Thu Aug 10 19:45:04 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Output/esd/mixer.c: Don't try to set local mixer if playing to a
remote host.
Patch by Vlad Harchev <>
* Output/esd/about.c (esdout_about): Removed a old version number
in the about box.
Thu Aug 10 14:58:57 CEST 2000 Peter Alm <>
* Input/mpg123/configure.c, Input/mpg123/http.c, Input/mpg123.[ch]:
Added support for Iceast UDP title streaming (patch by Alexander Haväng)
Thu Aug 10 14:30:31 CEST 2000 Peter Alm <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c: Fixed a bug that caused streaming links
in netscape not to work.
* xmms/main.c: Added "Play directory"
Mon Aug 7 17:35:01 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c (mpg123_file_info_box): One string made
translateable. Thanks to Hiroshi Takekawa
* xmms/dock.c (dock_shade): Fixed another case where windows were
moved incorrectly.
Sat Aug 5 16:11:15 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/skin.[ch], xmms/eq_graph.c, eq_slider.c, equalizer.c,
hslider.c, main.c, menurow.c, monostereo.c, number.c, pbutton.c,
playlist_popup.c, playlist_slider.c, playlistwin.c, playstatus.c,
tbutton.c, textbox.c : Changed the drawing of skin pixmaps to not
draw anything that is missing from .bmp files. Previously we just
used the default skin. It seems like a lot of skins have started
depend on this "feature" lately.
* xmms/skin.[ch], xmms/hslider.c: Removed the hack that prevented
the knobs to be drawn if they were missing from the skin.
* xmms/skin.c (skin_get_mask), xmms/main.c, xmms/equalizer.c:
Moved the transparency masks from get_skin_pixmap().
* xmms/skin.c (load_skin_color): Make sure the default values are
Wed Aug 2 11:05:17 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/mpg123/layer3.c, Input/mpg123/layer2.c,
Input/mpg123/layer1.c, Input/mpg123/common.c,
Input/mpg123/mpg123.[ch], Input/mpg123/getbits.[chs],
Input/mpg123/ Merged some bugfixes and optimizations
from mpg123. Thanks to Michael Hipp et al.
* Input/mpg123/tables.h: Renamed this file to l2tables.h.
* xmms/dock.c (dock_shade): Fixed a problem that caused windows to
move incorrectly when shading a window close to the top of the
screen with another window docked on the side of the window.
Mon Jul 31 23:46:35 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/about.c (credit_text): Added some more people.
* Input/mpg123/fileinfo.c: Added an entry for the filename
including full path. Some cleanup.
* Output/OSS/about.c (oss_about): Removed the version number. Use
* Effect/echo_plugin/gui.c: Changed a type from char[] to char*.
* xmms/input.c (input_check_file): Don't call ->is_our_file() on
disabled plugins.
(input_get_song_info): Ditto.
(input_play): Ditto.
(input_file_info_box): Ditto.
* Input/idcin/idcin.c, Input/mpg123/mpg123.c,
Input/tonegen/tonegen.c, Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c,
Input/mikmod/plugin.c, Input/wav/wav.c, Output/esd/esd.c,
Output/OSS/OSS.c, Output/disk_writer/disk_writer.c,
Effect/stereo_plugin/stereo.c, Effect/echo_plugin/echo.c,
Effect/voice/voice.c, General/joystick/joy.c, General/ir/ir.c,
Visualization/sanalyzer/spectrum.c: Made plugin descriptions
* (SUBDIRS): Moved the intl dir so it is compiled
first, this should fix some problems that were encountered when
using the included gettext.
* Input/mikmod/plugin.c, Input/mikmod/mikmod-plugin.h: Changed
some defines into a enum.
Mon Jul 31 11:32:26 CDT 2000 Ryan Weaver <>
* Minor changes.
Sat Jul 29 02:58:07 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/ (INCLUDES): I had forgot to add
-I$(top_builddir)/intl here.
Sat Jul 29 01:28:03 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/skin.c: The converting of hex values to integers (from
pledit.txt) was always slightly wrong.
Patch by James M. Cape <>.
(load_skin_color): Handle short strings properly.
* xmms/skin.[ch], xmms/hslider.c: Winamp does not draw the knob on
the mainwin volume and balance sliders if they are missing from
the skin. Now we don't do that either.
Reported by Petre Rodan <>.
* Input/cdaudio/cdaudio.c, Output/OSS/audio.c,
Output/OSS/configure.c, Output/OSS/mixer.c, Output/esd/mixer.c, It is possible to set default output and mixer
device for the OSS plugin from configure.
Patch by Adam J. Richter <>.
Fri Jul 28 18:34:46 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/controlsocket.c (ctrlsocket_func): Use functions from
playlist.c instead of messing around with the playlist.
(check_ctrlsocket): Use the same types on both sides of the
controlsocket (fixed for CMD_SET_EQ_BAND).
* xmms/playlist.[ch]: Wrote some utility functions:
playlist_get_filename(), playlist_get_songtitle() and
Fri Jul 21 01:09:23 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Input/cdaudio/cdindex.c, Input/cdaudio/ Support for
libxml2. Patch by Dave Yearke <> and some
additional hacking by me.
* Input/cdaudio/http.c (http_get): Send the document path, not the
enture url.
Patch by Dave Yearke <>.
* Removed the version check for libxml. Export
Tue Jul 19 00:54:22 CEST 2000 Olle Hällnäs <>
* xmms/playlist_list.c: Changed gdk_fontset_load() back
to gdk_font_load(), didn't work with swedish chars.
Tue Jul 18 23:35:56 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlistwin.c (playlistwin_update_sinfo): Use
__get_playlist_position() now.
* libxmms/xmmsctrl.c (xmms_remote_get_eq_preamp): Never returned
(xmms_remote_get_eq): Avoid void pointer arithmetics.
* xmms/skin.c (skin_create_transparent_mask): Fixed a minor memory
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_motion_cb): Fixed a problem
when dragging entries downwards.
Patch by Aaron Lehmann <>
Mon Jul 17 23:26:14 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/playlist.c (playlist_next): Fixed a race condition where we
changed the playlist position before stopping input plugins. This
could make playlist_set_info() update the wrong entry.
(playlist_prev): Ditto.
(playlist_eof_reached): Ditto.
* xmms/playlist.c, xmms/controlsocket.c, xmms/main.c, xmms/util.c:
Every function that modifies the playlist directly calls
playlist_generate_shuffle_list(). Removed calls to this function
from other files.
* xmms/playlist.[ch] (get_playlist_position): get_playlist_position()
should now be called without the playlist mutex. Use
__get_playlist_position() when holding the playlist mutex.
* xmms/util.c (util_filebrowser_is_dir): Removing of trailing
slashes should not be necessary, so it was removed.
* xmms/main.c (mainwin_configure): Fixed a empty return value.
* gnomexmms/gnomexmms.c, wmxmms/wmxmms.c : Use gtk_set_locale()
instead of set_locale().
* xmms/main.c (main): Dropped set_locale(). gtk_set_locale()
should be enough.
* xmms/playlist_list.c (playlist_list_draw): Use
gdk_fontset_load() instead of gdk_font_load() when loading the
playlist font. Got a lot of requests for this from people using
multibyte fonts.
* Effect/voice/about.c (voice_about): New email adress for Anders
* xmms/skinwin.c (scan_skindir): Cleanup.
* xmms/prefswin.c (gen_module_description): Cleanup.
Tue Jul 11 22:18:18 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Released XMMS 1.2.2
Tue Jul 11 22:07:04 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* Don't use libxml if the major version is different
from 1. libxml v2 is not compatible.
* libxmms/ Set the path to the intl dir explicitly.
top_builddir is different here.
Tue Jul 11 14:56:04 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* xmms/main.c, xmms/playlistwin.c, xmms/equalizer.c, xmms/dock.c:
It is possible to get configure-event's for windows that are not
visible, so we now check for that in the configure-event
handlers. This bug could cause XMMS to exit with a GDK error if
for example a window was shown and then hidden again rapidly.
Sat Jul 8 02:27:38 CEST 2000 Håvard Kvålen <>
* */ Added -I$(top_builddir)/intl to INCLUDES where it
was missing.
* libxmms/ Set automake rules to foreign, and removed