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Troubleshooting steps:

Are links still opening in Microsoft Edge even after installing EdgeDeflector? Try these troubleshooting steps to resolve common problems.

Please perform each steps and test whether it starts working after completing each step.

  • Upgrade to the latest EdgeDeflector release.
  • Press Start key + R and type exactly and press Enter. Press Start key + R again and type exactly microsoft-edge:// and press Enter. Did your preferred web browser open after each step? Then EdgeDeflector is working fine. The problem is specific to the app or link you’re having trouble opening in another program.
  • Open the Windows Settings app: Apps and defaults: Default apps. Verify that your preferred web browser set as the default web browser. Then Click on Choose default apps by protocol, and verify that EdgeDeflector is selected for MICROSOFT-EDGE.
  • Open the Microsoft Edge app: Settings: Advanced settings and disable Optimize taskbar web search results for screen readers. (This forces the use of Internet Explorer.)
  • Open the Windows Settings app: Apps and features: Default apps. Click Reset to Microsoft recommended defaults. Log out of Windows and log back in again (or reboot). Reopen the Settings app and reset your preferred apps. You can then try to reinstall EdgeDeflector. (These steps work around a long standing Windows problem where protocol associations aren’t working properly.)
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