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Location Tracking made easy... GeoLicious is a long term iOS project I've maintained from 2013 to 2017 and made public in May 2017.


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I've started development of GeoLicious in 2013 to build an app mainly for my own purposes. I wanted to track my location in a way similar to Foursquare or Facebook but much more private. In 2013 there was no app available that nearly did what I wanted. So I've put all my ideas into this personal project and kept it running till 2017.

The app has never been a real success in terms of revenue from the AppStore. I've invested much more time than I've got money back in return. On the other hand I've never invested real money to promote the app. GeoLicious has always been a private project maintained for personal use and for further learning iOS development.

Today I've decided to release the complete Xcode project and related files under MIT license. I won't invest any more time into this project myself – so feel free to adapt, improve and maintain whatever part you want.

I'll keep GeoLicious available in the AppStore as it has been for years now – but I won't update it anymore.


Do you like to track your location? But you hate to share everything online in some social network? Then GeoLicious is made for you!

GeoLicious has been developed to allow offline and private location tracking. It offers all you need to check in to locations, track your everyday movement and keep a log of all the places you have been in your live. All your checkins are presented in a beautiful interface offering a freely browsable world map, a searchable list of all your checkins and locations and some simple but effective settings for your convenience. Your privacy is considered valuable – GeoLicious will never send any data without your permission and does not collect any hidden data.

GeoLicious also allows you an active connection to Foursquare. If you like, you may sync selected locations to the Social Network. This works for manual checkins as well as automated checkins in the background and makes it easier as ever to defend your mayorship. Of course this functionality is fully optional – you may disconnect Foursquare at every time and reconnect later it desired.

Current Features:

  • Detailed map with all locations you've been so far.
  • Optional connection to Foursquare for public checkins at selected locations.
  • Checkin at your current location with two easy taps or with all the details.
  • Search for locations to add data from the past.
  • Visible checkin counts directly on the map - grouped if desired.
  • Searchable list of all checkins grouped by day, month or year.
  • Track date and time of your checkins and add comments if you wish.
  • Select from different icons to visualize your locations.
  • Searchable list of all locations grouped by region or country.
  • Automated check-in and -out within a given radius of selected locations.
  • Very small impact on battery life do to usage of geo fencing.
  • Local notifications for all automated tracking events.
  • Group near locations on the map for a clearer view of your data.
  • Enable satellite mode on the map for exact placement of your locations.
  • Backup your data using iTunes file sharing and restore at need.
  • Export your data in binary, GPX or CSV format via email.
  • Print a selected timerange using an AirPrint enabled printer.
  • Introduction and FAQ section within the app.
  • Reset your data if you want to start from scratch - automated backup provided.
  • Load some prepared demo data if needed - again backing up automatically.
  • Localization providing english and german.



GeoLicious is available under the MIT license.


Location Tracking made easy... GeoLicious is a long term iOS project I've maintained from 2013 to 2017 and made public in May 2017.








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