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This MagicMirror module allows you to display dynamic compliments by using Google Tasks.
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MagicMirror MichMich module to display messages or tasks leveraging google Tasks.


This module helps you display elements from Google tasks lists. In particular:

  • tasks that are open (done tasks are not shown)
  • tasks that are due can be shown differently The first use case is to provide a similar experience the default Compliments Module, but giving the possibility to use a phone app (Google Tasks) to update / change the message. The second use case will be to be able to set visual reminder on the mirror of things to do at home, or just on arriving or leaving. The third use case will be to offer an option to leverage meta-data in the task to display the tasks more appropriately (show more of what is relevant for that mirror at that time). Name comes from the French word for 'Bubble', made into a verb, which refers to the activity of doing nothing (link to task), and to little bubble of text (link to compliments use case).



Google Tasks setup

  1. Obviously a google account is required
  2. follow this instruction to Turn on the Google Tasks API and get your file credentials.json .
  3. Put this file in the module folder. Erase any token.json file (that would have been previously set-up, in particular if you change account or had an issue).
  4. When first launching the module (doing npm start at the magicmirror level for example), look at the console
  5. A link should be seen in the console, open it in your browser, login as the Google account you want to use the Google tasks from,
  6. it should then display a consent code, copy and paste it back in the terminal.
  7. If everything went smoothly, a list of your lists in google Tasks should be displayed


  1. Clone repository into ../modules/ inside your MagicMirror folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-Buller/ folder
git clone
cd MMM-Buller
npm install
  1. Add the module to the MagicMirror config
	        module: 'MMM-Buller',
	        position: 'top_bar',
	        header: 'Buller',
	        config: {

Configuration file

  • lists: mandatory: array: contains information on the lists to monitor (it will give possibility to monitor several lists). See below

lists array

  • name: mandatory: name of the list of tasks
  • metaData: optional: boolean: Should the buller metadata be look for in the tasks, default: false
  • label: optional: usual name to be displayed, default: the value defined in name
  • updateInterval: optional: integer: number of ms to wait between two information request, default: 1 * 60 * 1000 * 60 * 6 6 hours

config example

	debug: false,
        lists: [
			type: 'gTasks',
              		name: 'MMM',   
              		label: 'da4throux tasks',
              		updateInterval: 1000 * 60 * 1 * 1, //every minutes
              		icon: 'fas fa-male',
              		type: 'gTasks',
              		name: 'Compliments',   
              		label: 'da4throux compliments',
              		color: 'pink',
              		icon: 'fas fa-female',
              		updateInterval: 1000 * 60 * 1 * 1, //every minutes


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