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An internal DSL customized to my own preferences for the creation of a HTML documents (including style tags w/ css contents) and fragments.
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This was an experiment that I have finished (... given up on).

I have decided this is not the right approach to generating HTML + CSS +JS. Instead, I will be using Erector and Stylus.

If you still want to use one language for (HTML, CSS, JS) then you should use RiotJS. It's WWW_App done right... and hugely must better.

My other alternative: What I do is "compile" all Erector/Ruby (into HTML) and Stylus (into CSS). I upload that to the server. Then I used Hogan.js on the client-side as templates with data coming in from AJAX calls.

Thoughts on Ruby for everything:

1) Using Ruby for CSS is not as easy as writing Stylus or LESS code. This is a preference. You might fid things differently.

2) Sometimes using a library is better, sometimes it is not. In this case, Erector is far better than anything I could have written in terms of usability (as defined by Joel Spolsky in "User Interface Design for Programmers").

3) My needs changed: "Pre-compiling" Ruby into HTML on the dev side lets me not worry about speed and efficiency. In the end, NGINX will server text/html files, much faster than Ruby or IOjs.


Turn Ruby into HTML and CSS.

I was going to put a JS features, but I found out that I don't need them thanks to Turu.


To install:

  gem install www_app

To Use: {

  style {
    a._link / a._visited / a._hover { 
      color '#f88'

    a {
      _link / _visited   { color '#fff' }
      _hover { color '#ccc' }
    }^(:drowsy) / a.^(:excited)._link {
      border '1px dashed grey'
      div.^(:mon) / div.^(:tues) {
        border '1px dashed weekday'

  } # === style^(:css_class_name) {

    border           '1px solid #000'
    background_color 'grey'

    style {
      a._link / a._visited {
        color '#fig'

      _.^(:scary) {
        border           '2px dotted red'
        background_color 'white'

    p { "I'm a paragraph." }

    p {
      text %^
        I'm also
      text ' a paragraph.'



1) Server-side: All data from user should be run through :render to ensure sanitization/escaping.

2) Server-side: All JS meant for :script tags should be escaped before encoded into JSON.

3) Client-side: No untrusted data presented to user: :inner_html/:inner_text: only uses content from the server after it has been sanitized/escaped.

4) Client-side: No client-side sanitization/escaping. Too many bugs and security issues because of browser incompability/implementations. Content to be used in client-size JS can only come from the server using "lockboxed vars".

5) Client-side: When using :inner_html, check for: /<script/i in String.

6) All forms require a CSRF token.


1) Blockquotes no longer allow the :cite attribute. Instead use the cite tag. More info at:

2) Originally, this was going to be programs written in 100% JSON. This has changed because it turns out people do not want to create programs, they just want to customize them:

3) JSON Applet was changed to WWW_Applet. WWW_Applet was then changed to WWW_App.

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