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Custom simple opinionated ansible inventory plugin for digitla ocean netbox system
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Custom Simple Netbox Inventory Plugin

This Inventory plugin was developed for a friend, and it is a quite opinionated simple version of the ansible netbox inventory plugin to return only the needed values for a faster inventory result

  • Device Role filtering
  • Support removal of domain names
  • Custom tag prefix
  • Site filtering


  • Copy ansible/inventory_plugins/ in your custom inventory_plugins directory

  • Create a new an_netbox_inventory.yml in your inventory folder like /ansible/inventory/an_netbox_inventory.yml

    plugin: an_netbox
    netbox_api_key: 7a096c1182f928637a6441c23119ecee042439b2
    # device_role slug to filter, if not defined it will be 'server
    device_role: server
    # if not defined it tag_prefx will be 'tag_'
    tag_prefix: "tag_"
    # if true it will cutout the domainname and pass only ansiblehost=<device_name>
    cut_domain_name: true
    # filter out a specific webfaction_site
    filter_site: Interxion
  • Ensure inventoryplug is enabled in your ansible.cfg

    enable_plugins = an_netbox


netbox_server_url - Required

Url to connect to netbox api

netbox_api_key - Required

API Key to use for the autorization


Device Role to filter for ( Slug Name)

Device Role typical in a Netbox Installation

  • access-switch
  • console-server
  • core-switch
  • distribution-switch
  • firewall
  • management-switch
  • pdu
  • router
  • server

Default: server


Host Group Prefix for each device tag

Default: tag_


Cut out Domains from device name will be linux1

Default: True


Will filter devices of a specific site

If not defined it will return all netbox devices and virtualmachines

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