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Simple HTTP Server with WebUI and REST API for Sending WoL Package over the Wire
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GoLang HTTP Server for Remote WOL Requesting from an CSV Computer List

A HTTP Server who send Wake On Lan Package on an HTTP Request.

Simple Bootstrap UI for the easy Usage.


Simple REST API to let a Machine wake someone up

/api/computer/ - Returns a JSON Object

  "message":"Succesfully Wakeup Computer Computer1 with Mac 64-07-2D-BB-BB-BF on Broadcast IP",

Command Line Arguments

Commandline Argument Example Description
--port --port 80 Define the Port where the Webserver will listen to (Default: 8080)
--file --file comp.csv Path to the CSV File containing the Computerlist

Computer List File CSV layout


<name of the computer>,<mac address of the computer>,<broadcast ip to send the magic packet>




Docker Image: dabondi/get-rest-wol

docker build -t go-rest-wol .
docker run go-rest-wol

If you want to run on a different port (i.e.: 6969) and also want to provide the csv file on your host:

docker run -p 6969:8080 -v $(pwd)/externall-file-on-host.csv:/app/computer.csv dabondi/go-rest-wol

Was a good exercise to learn golang (and refresh my Docker skills)

Thx for the WOL Code, sorry that i stole it from you, because i got no clue how i can inject it into my program :-(

If you got good ideas, i'm open for any pull requests

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