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My blog on Kohana 3.2 (PHP)
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This code is not the current version of my blog. Current version is written on Django framework and can be found here.

Code of my blog (based on Kohana 3.2)

How to get it working?

  1. Get system/ directory of Kohana 3.2 and place it in /,
  2. Get the needed modules (in application/modules.php you can find the list),
  3. Adjust .htaccess and application/bootstrap.php,
  4. Adjust all needed files in application/config (like database.php),
  5. Execute all SQL scripts from application/sql;

First and second step explained

[dagrevis@raitis dagrevis_lv]$ mkdir -m 777 application/cache application/logs
[dagrevis@raitis dagrevis_lv]$ ls application/
bootstrap.php  cache  classes  config  logs  messages  modules.php  routes.php  sql  vendor  views
[dagrevis@raitis dagrevis_lv]$ git clone system
[dagrevis@raitis dagrevis_lv]$ ls system/
classes  config  guide  i18n  media  messages  tests  utf8  views
[dagrevis@raitis dagrevis_lv]$ mkdir modules
[dagrevis@raitis dagrevis_lv]$ cd modules/
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ git clone
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ git clone
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ git clone am
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ git clone
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ git clone
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ git clone pagination
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ git clone darkmown
[dagrevis@raitis modules]$ cd ../
[dagrevis@raitis dagrevis_lv]$ ls modules/
am  darkmown  database  orm  pagination  profilertoolbar  unittest
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