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100% pluggable, no bullshit static blogging written on Python 3. Currently work in progress and not suitable for real-world use.

The Idea

Basic idea is that blogging should be simple (hence the “no bullshit“ part) and there is no need for dynamic system to serve, you know, static pages. HTML files are good enough and comment support can be added using services like Disqus or Discourse. Another benefit for having static, bullshit-less site is that it will be a whole lot of faster than anything that need a dynamic server to perform. Another idea that Squirrel cherish is pluggable architecture. Do you need ReST instead of Markdown for article formatting? No problem, just add a plugin to your configuration and regenerate site! Hey, do you need comments? It's just one plugin away! What about RSS feeds and Bootstrap theme? Yes, just add those plugins.

So lets see how it goes. It has been fun to implement that plugin part so far.

Current Plugins

  • fs_reader — reads pages from filesystem,
  • markdown — parses pages to Markdown,
  • jinja2_templating — interface for Jinja2 templating,
  • index_renderer — renders index of site,
  • pages_renderer — renders pages of site,
  • fs_cleaner — cleans filesystem from built site,
  • fs_writer — writes site to filesystem;


100% pluggable, no bullshit static blogging




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