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GTK ui for neovim written in rust using gtk-rs bindings. With ligatures support.


Main Window

For more screenshots and description of basic usage see wiki


To setup font add next line to ginit.vim

call rpcnotify(1, 'Gui', 'Font', 'DejaVu Sans Mono 12')

for more details see wiki


From sources

By default to /usr/local:

make install

Or to some custom path:

make PREFIX=/some/custom/path install


AUR package for neovim-gtk

git clone
cd neovim-gtk-git 
makepkg -si


Flatpak package available here


Windows binaries on appveyor latest build



Firstly, install the GTK development packages. On Debian/Ubuntu derivatives this can be done as follows:

apt install libatk1.0-dev libcairo2-dev libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libgtk-3-dev libpango1.0-dev

On Fedora:

dnf install atk-devel cairo-devel gdk-pixbuf2-devel glib2-devel gtk3-devel pango-devel  

Then install the latest rust compiler, best done with the rustup tool. The build command:

cargo build --release


Neovim-gtk can be compiled using MSYS2 GTK packages. In this case use 'windows-gnu' rust toolchain.

SET PKG_CONFIG_PATH=C:\msys64\mingw64\lib\pkgconfig
cargo build --release