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@ByteProject ByteProject released this Jan 6, 2020 · 2 commits to master since this release

DAAD Release 5 is finally here and it comes with fundamental changes and new features. Based on original C64 code, we created a new interpreter targeting the Commodore Plus/4. It will also run on C16 systems with 64k. Porting the C64 interpreter to the 264-series was a tremendous effort, involving countless testing, compiler adjustments and deep knowledge of the systems. Thank you, Imre Széll and all others involved in making this happen. Note that Plus/4 may only be targeted with DRC. What else has changed? While DRC became DAAD's new standard compiler, the old DOS set of tools is deprecated now but still supplied with the system. We strictly cleaned the project and heavily simplified the structure. The interpreter directories are now prepared for automated build scripts using DRC and come with per-system documentation files. The Commodore 8-bit platforms now have new, highly configurable loaders. Happy adventuring!

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