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Welcome to DAAD! DAAD (Diseñador de Aventuras AD) is the last in a series of text adventure creators created by Gilsoft, beginning with the Quill in 1983.

DAAD was designed for Aventuras AD, the most famous text adventure games company in Spain, and after being lost for several years, it was recovered first by Jaime (Deepfb, Alt) Soriano y Javi (Habi) Chocano from a bunch of old disk found by Andres Samudio (former CEO at Aventuras AD) in his attic. Those disks were sorted, and documentation rebuilt by Pedro Fernandez, and in 2014 DAAD saw the light again. At that point Andrés Samudio granted permission to use it to anyone interested.

Some time later, Tim Gilberts himself recompiled the DAAD compiler again with some improvement, fixed some interpreters, and also released the English interpreters, with the help (and insistence) of Stefan Vogt.

So here is DAAD for you to enjoy!

Getting Started

If you're just getting started with DAAD, we highly recommend reading this tutorial by Uto, which will eventually be added to the wiki. (Keep in mind it is written with DRC in mind.)


There is a group dedicated to creating 8-bit text adventures on Telegram.