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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Dernière modification
le $Date$
par $Author$
révision $Revision$ -->
<!ENTITY intro SYSTEM "intro.xml">
<!ENTITY prerequisites SYSTEM "prerequisites.xml">
<!ENTITY installation SYSTEM "installation.xml">
<!ENTITY slonik SYSTEM "slonik.xml">
<!ENTITY concepts SYSTEM "concepts.xml">
<!ENTITY cluster SYSTEM "cluster.xml">
<!ENTITY defineset SYSTEM "defineset.xml">
<!ENTITY adminscripts SYSTEM "adminscripts.xml">
<!ENTITY startslons SYSTEM "startslons.xml">
<!ENTITY subscribenodes SYSTEM "subscribenodes.xml">
<!ENTITY monitoring SYSTEM "monitoring.xml">
<!ENTITY maintenance SYSTEM "maintenance.xml">
<!ENTITY reshape SYSTEM "reshape.xml">
<!ENTITY failover SYSTEM "failover.xml">
<!ENTITY listenpaths SYSTEM "listenpaths.xml">
<!ENTITY plainpaths SYSTEM "plainpaths.xml">
<!ENTITY addthings SYSTEM "addthings.xml">
<!ENTITY dropthings SYSTEM "dropthings.xml">
<!ENTITY ddlchanges SYSTEM "ddlchanges.xml">
<!ENTITY firstdb SYSTEM "firstdb.xml">
<!ENTITY help SYSTEM "help.xml">
<!ENTITY faq SYSTEM "faq.xml">
<!ENTITY reference SYSTEM "reference.xml">
<!ENTITY slonik SYSTEM "slonik.xml">
<!ENTITY usingslonik SYSTEM "usingslonik.xml">
<!ENTITY versionupgrade SYSTEM "versionupgrade.xml">
<!ENTITY slonikref SYSTEM "slonik_ref.xml">
<!ENTITY slon SYSTEM "slon.xml">
<!ENTITY slonconf SYSTEM "slonconf.xml">
<!ENTITY schemadoc SYSTEM "schemadoc.xml">
<!ENTITY history SYSTEM "history.xml">
<!ENTITY legal SYSTEM "legal.xml">
<!ENTITY notation SYSTEM "notation.xml">
<!ENTITY problems SYSTEM "problems.xml">
<!ENTITY slonybook SYSTEM "slony.xml">
<!ENTITY logshipfile SYSTEM "logshipping.xml">
<!ENTITY bestpractices SYSTEM "bestpractices.xml">
<!ENTITY locking SYSTEM "locking.xml">
<!ENTITY supportedplatforms SYSTEM "supportedplatforms.xml">
<!ENTITY testbed SYSTEM "testbed.xml">
<!ENTITY loganalysis SYSTEM "loganalysis.xml">
<!ENTITY slonyupgrade SYSTEM "slonyupgrade.xml">
<!ENTITY releasechecklist SYSTEM "releasechecklist.xml">
<!ENTITY raceconditions SYSTEM "raceconditions.xml">
<!ENTITY partitioning SYSTEM "partitioning.xml">
<!ENTITY triggers SYSTEM "triggers.xml">
<!-- specifique PGFR -->
<!ENTITY frenchtranslation SYSTEM "frenchtranslation.xml">
<!-- back matter -->
<!ENTITY biblio SYSTEM "biblio.xml">
<!ENTITY bookindex SYSTEM "bookindex.xml">
Some parts of the documentation are also source for some plain-text
files used during installation. To selectively ignore or include
some parts (e.g., external xref's) when generating these files we use
these parameter entities. See also standalone-install.xml.
<!ENTITY % standalone-ignore "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % standalone-include "IGNORE">