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The Metasploit Framework is released under a BSD-style license. See COPYING for more details.

The latest version of this software is available from

Bug tracking and development information can be found at:

The public GitHub source repository can be found at:

Questions and suggestions can be sent to: msfdev(at)

The framework mailing list is the place to discuss features and ask for help. To subscribe, visit the following web page:

The mailing list archives are available from:


Generally, you should use the installer which contains all dependencies and will get you up and running with a few clicks. See the Dev Environment Setup if you'd like to deal with dependencies on your own.

Using Metasploit

Metasploit can do all sorts of things. The first thing you'll want to do is start msfconsole, but after that, you'll probably be best served by reading some of the great tutorials online:


See the Dev Environment Setup guide on github which will walk you through the whole process starting from installing all the dependencies, to cloning the repository, and finally to submitting a pull request.

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