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Cinder block around the nuitrack body tracking SDK
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This block wraps the nuitrack SDK for body tracking. It comes with an example Boxman which draws all the bones in the orientation and location reported by the SDK.


Quick word of warning up front: I am experiencing mysterious crashes with the nuitrack SDK that I'm not able to track down since the SDK is closed source. As far as I can see, if a single user is being tracked for a longer period of time (minutes) at some point the skeleton data will freeze. As soon as that user steps out of the tracking frame the nuitrack SDK crashes and burns. I got an opencv error message, something to do with resizing an empty frame I believe, but since the SDK is closed source I figured it wasn't worth investigating further.

More ranting here


After being in touch with the nuitrack team it seems like buying and activating a license key will solve the crashes I experienced. In a future update a proper license exception will be thrown instead. I did not have the opportunity to test this yet.

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