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Unreleased version

  • Use htmlDependency() instead of addResourcePath() which is more robust and works in Rmd naturally (#71)
  • Don't show warning in R 4.2.0 when text is a list (#68)

shinyalert 3.0.0 (2021-12-20)

  • BREAKING CHANGE It's no longer required to call useShinyalert() in the UI. If you still want to explicitly pre-load the UI scripts, use useShinyalert(force=TRUE) (#47)
  • BREAKING CHANGE The rmd parameter of useShinyalert() is no longer used. If you still want to call useShinyalert() (which you don't need to) then you have to remove the rmd argument
  • Fixed UI bug: tall modals did not have a scrollbar and you couldn't see the entire content (#44)
  • Fixed UI bug: long strings in the modal got cut off (#53)
  • Fixed UI bug: vertical scrollbar incorrectly appeared when dialog has no buttons (#49)
  • Fixed UI bug: radio buttons and checkboxes did not render correctly (#55)
  • New feature: added session parameter to allow advanced uses of shinyalert where the Shiny session isn't immediately accessible (thanks @galachad)
  • New feature: added support for MathJax to render equations (need to call withMathJax() in the UI) (#54)

shinyalert 2.0.0 (2020-09-11)

  • BREAKING CHANGE Cannot use html=TRUE together with type="input", you must instead supply your own Shiny inputs when using HTML
  • BREAKING CHANGE When a modal closes automatically due to a timer, it returns FALSE (previously nothing was returned)
  • New feature: added support for shiny inputs/outputs inside the modal (need to use html=TRUE) (#26)
  • New feature: added size parameter to set the size (width) of the modal to one of four pre-defined sizes (#17)
  • New feature: added immediate parameter to immediately show the current alert and close all previous alerts
  • New feature: added closeAlert() function that allows you to close any specific alert (#29)
  • shinyalert() now returns a unique ID
  • Fixed bug where callbackR was not respected when the alert had a timer (#38)
  • Fixed bug where an alert with a timer caused future alerts to not run (#39)
  • Refactor of how unique IDs are created to ensure uniqueness in a performant way

shinyalert 1.1 (2020-04-29)

  • New feature (#11): inputId parameter added, which allows you to set the input ID that is used to retrieve the return value of the modal
  • New feature (#12): support chaining modals, you can now call a shinyalert modal in the callback of another modal
  • Fixed bug (#19) - alerts with an R callback were very slow when the environment had a large object
  • New feature (#23): Support using shinyalert within Rmarkdown documents
  • The return value can now be triggered even if the same input value is used consecutively (only if using shiny version 1.1)
  • Documentation changes
  • Improvements to demo shiny app UI

shinyalert 1.0 (2018-02-12)

Initial release