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RevengeDb provides artisan commands to make a reverse engineer of the database, generating automatically the seeds and models
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Laravel 5.1 Package :: RevengeDb

With this package you will be able to transform your existent schema (only support mysql at the moment) in migration files of Laravel with the following command:

  • php artisan revengedb:migrations


Add the package to your Laravel project:

composer require daavelar/revengedb

Add the ServiceProvider to the app.php file



Generating a migration file for all tables of the database of your mysql config

php artisan revengedb:migrations

If you want just execute the action in one or more tables, you can pass only as a parameter

php artisan revengedb:migrations --only=table1,table2,table3

If you want just exclude one or more tables, you can pass the except parameter

php artisan revengedb:migrations --except=table1,table2,table3

Important: All migration files will be generated with the $table->timestamps() line.

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