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Releases: dabamos/openadms-node

OpenADMS Node 0.7 (Geneva)

29 Aug 17:25
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OpenADMS Node 0.7 (“Geneva”) is only a small update with better database support and several bug fixes. The licences of source code and documentation have been changed to more permissive ones.

  • Added caching for CouchDB database connectivity.
  • Added signal handler for restart on HUP.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Added simple CSV plotting script for gnuplot.
  • Added retry delay for MailAgent module.
  • Changed licence of source-code from EUPL to BSD-2-Clause.
  • Changed licence of documentation from CC BY-SA 3.0 DE to CC BY 3.0 DE.

OpenADMS Node 0.6 (Fukuyama)

05 Oct 09:09
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OpenADMS Node 0.6 is a smaller update which brings support for the document-oriented NoSQL database Apache CouchDB:

  • renamed OpenADMS to OpenADMS Node;
  • added make file for PyInstaller 3.3;
  • added new modules:
    • “ResponseInspector” for simple validation of observation results,
    • “GpioController” for changing GPIO pin states on the Raspberry Pi,
    • “MastodonAgent” for sending alert messages to the Mastodon social network,
    • “RssAgent” for creating RSS feeds,
    • “IrcAgent” for sending alert messages to the Internet Relay Chat network,
    • “CouchDriver” for storing observations in Apache CouchDB,
    • “ErrorGenerator” for generating warning, error, and critical log messages,
  • reworked passive mode of SerialPort module;
  • added rc.d script for NetBSD;
  • added sensor file for Leica Disto pro4a;
  • updated documentation.

OpenADMS 0.5 (Eindhoven)

06 Sep 09:36
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OpenADMS 0.5 has many new features and improvements:

  • updated to Python 3.6 and added support for PyPy3.5;
  • added new modules:
    • “LocalControlServer” for simple Web-based remote control,
    • “UnitConverter” for converting response values,
    • “InterruptCounter” for counting GPIO interrupts on the Raspberry Pi,
    • “BluetoothPort” for serial communication over IEEE 802.15.1 (experimental);
  • added sensor files for DXL360S, Lambrecht rain[e], Leica Nivel210, Leica total stations, and STS DTM;
  • added data validation with JSON schema;
  • added an integrated MQTT message broker;
  • added unique IDs for observations (UUID4);
  • added a graphical launcher based on wxPython;
  • added service files for FreeBSD and Linux (systemd) to run OpenADMS as a daemon;
  • added an installation script for FreeBSD;
  • added a requirements installation script for Microsoft Windows;
  • added a setup script for cx_Freeze;
  • added several example configuration files for sensors;
  • changed the observation time from Unix time stamp to UTC;
  • updated the manual (HTML and PDF);
  • added further fixes and improvements.

OpenADMS 0.4 (Dar es Salaam)

24 Apr 17:54
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The version 0.4 of OpenADMS is a minor update, with a lot of improvements, including:

  • many fixes in base and modules;
  • added support for external graphical launcher (OpenADMS Control);
  • added support for non-printable characters in sensor commands;
  • added support for more sensors;
  • added workaround for Python exception hook bug;
  • added support for PyInstaller and py2exe.

OpenADMS 0.3 (Copenhagen)

19 Nov 11:23
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After more than one year of development on our open-source deformation monitoring system OpenADMS, version 0.3 (code name “Copenhagen”) has been released. This version is a complete rewrite in Python 3, including new features:

  • modularised design;
  • JSON-based configuration;
  • MQTT messaging protocol for inter-module communication;
  • broad range of supported sensors;
  • fast extension with little or no programming;
  • modules for the processing of TPS measurements (polar transformation, Helmert transformation, atmospheric distance correction);
  • alerting system with customisable e-mails and short messages;
  • virtual sensors.