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OpenADMS 0.5 (Eindhoven)

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@interkosmos interkosmos released this 06 Sep 09:36

OpenADMS 0.5 has many new features and improvements:

  • updated to Python 3.6 and added support for PyPy3.5;
  • added new modules:
    • “LocalControlServer” for simple Web-based remote control,
    • “UnitConverter” for converting response values,
    • “InterruptCounter” for counting GPIO interrupts on the Raspberry Pi,
    • “BluetoothPort” for serial communication over IEEE 802.15.1 (experimental);
  • added sensor files for DXL360S, Lambrecht rain[e], Leica Nivel210, Leica total stations, and STS DTM;
  • added data validation with JSON schema;
  • added an integrated MQTT message broker;
  • added unique IDs for observations (UUID4);
  • added a graphical launcher based on wxPython;
  • added service files for FreeBSD and Linux (systemd) to run OpenADMS as a daemon;
  • added an installation script for FreeBSD;
  • added a requirements installation script for Microsoft Windows;
  • added a setup script for cx_Freeze;
  • added several example configuration files for sensors;
  • changed the observation time from Unix time stamp to UTC;
  • updated the manual (HTML and PDF);
  • added further fixes and improvements.