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= image_size -- measure image size(GIF, PNG, JPEG ,,, etc)
measure image (GIF, PNG, JPEG ,,, etc) size code by Pure Ruby
["PCX", "PSD", "XPM", "TIFF", "XBM", "PGM", "PBM", "PPM", "BMP", "JPEG", "PNG", "GIF", "SWF"]
== Download
The latest version of image_size can be found at
== Installation
=== Normal Installation
You can install image_size with the following command.
% ruby setup.rb
from its distribution directory.
=== GEM Installation
Download and install image_size with the following.
gem install imagesize
== image_size References
* image_size Project Page:
* image_size API Documents:
== Simple Example
ruby "rubygems" # you use rubygems
ruby "image_size"
ruby "open-uri"
open("", "rb") do |fh|
== Licence
This code is free to use under the terms of the Ruby's licence.
== Contact
Comments are welcome. Send an email to "Keisuke Minami"