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A .net project that displays your current glucose values in a floating popup on your windows desktop
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FloatingGlucose is a windows program aiming to display your current bloogsugars live on your desktop.

A transparent popup window will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your desktop, with your current blood glucose values fetched from your nightscout site.


Image of Floating glucose in action


Download The Setup.exe of the latest release, which you can find here and run it. You should normally just install it to the default directory which is C:\Program Files (x86)\FloatingGlucose.


  • Dexcom Share Dexcom share plugins by Bjørn inge Vikhammermo. Connects to Dexcom share (both US and Non-US) servers to fetch glucose data

  • Nightscout Nightscout plugin by Bjørn inge Vikhammermo. The original - fetches glucose from a specified nightscout site.

  • Glimp plugin by Bjørn inge Vikhammermo. Fetches glucose from a dropbox file uploaded by Glimp on your phone. This requires your computer to also have dropbox installed.

  • weather Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK

Running the program

Should be as simple as double clicking the app. A settings dialog will appear asking you to specify an endpoint (plugin) you'd like to connect to

Hidden / Nice to Know features

  • You can drag the window around and place it where you want to.
  • To show the settings again, please right click the notification area icon or the app. A menu will pop up allowing you to access the application settings
  • The same pop up menu can be used to temporarily disable sound alarms.


Having troubles with crashes or with the widget not updating? Please make sure you have enabled exception logging to stderr (in the configfile) then run the program from command line:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\FloatingGlucose"
FloatingGlucose.exe 2> glucose_log.txt

Then open glucose_log.txt

Settings files

Please note that you can edit the settings from inside the application. If you still need to access the conig files directly, please go to either of these locations

  • Installation directory, and open FloatingGlucose.exe.config
  • %localappdata%\Bjorns_opensource_utils and locate user.config

The user.config file will override any values inside the FloatingGlucose.exe.config file

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