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Bitey Changes Log
08/13/2012 : beazley
Slight cleanup of the various wrapping functions. They are
now layered a bit better to operate with LLVM at different
To wrap bitcode into a module use:
bitey.wrap_llvm_bitcode(bitcode, py_module)
To wrap an existing LLVM module/engine, use:
bitey.wrap_llvm_module(module, engine, py_module)
To wrap a single LLVM function, use
bitey.wrap_llvm_function(function, engine, py_module)
08/10/2012 : beazley
New examples added. Check out examples/remote to see
an example of transmitting LLVM bitcode over a network
connection and instantiating a remote Python module.
08/10/2012 : beazley
Fixed a bug checking LLVM magic numbers.
08/10/2012 : beazley
Minor refactoring of the loader. There is now a function
build_module(fullname, bitcode, preload, postload) that
will construct a module and return it. This can be used
to create a module where the bitcode is obtained through
some other means than reading a file. preload and
postload are fragments of Python code to execute prior to
and after wrapping the bitcode.
08/09/2012 : beazley
Initial release.
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