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How to cross compile rtl8188eu driver
For simplicity let's assume that you work in folder called GIT
Downloading source (pick different git branches if you are not compiling for current master)
0. create and enter GIT folder
1. Clone this repository.
git clone --depth 1
2. Clone raspbery pi kernel source
git clone --depth 1
3. Clone build tools
git clone --depth 1
4. Clone build firmware
git clone --depth 1
After these steps you should have following structure:
5. go to GIT/rtl8188eu folder. Then into rtl8188 folder copy /proc/config.gz file from your raspberry PI (use ethernet and SCP or copy proc/config.gz to sdcard and use card reader to copy to PC)
6. On RPi execute command uname -r, then on PC open file in text editor and modify variable KVER with the value retured by uname command.
7. in rtl8188eu folder run "make" command; if some question about new modules appear answer "M"
8. Copy out dir back to RPi
9. On RPI enter out folder then sudo ./ -after that dongle should be now visible in ifconfig
10. Configure your wifi ( easiest way startx wpa_gui)
Enjoy wireless freedom ;)
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