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Real-time Collaborative Markdown Editor
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✍️ Write with me

A real-time collaborative blog post editor built with GraphQL, React, React Markdown, & AWS AppSync.

This repo goes along with the medium post "How to Build a Real-time Collaborative Markdown Editor with React Hooks, GraphQL & AWS AppSync". Click here to check it out.

Try it out at

Base schema

Here's the base schema:

type Post @model {
  id: ID!
  clientId: ID!
  markdown: String!
  title: String!
  createdAt: String

We have a Post type that has a few properties. The most important property is the markdown. This is where we are keeping up with the state of the post.

We also have a clientId to properly handle GraphQL subscriptions on the client.

Launching the app

Deploy this fullstack app with a single click to the Amplify Console:


Run locally with the Amplify CLI

  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Change into the directory & install dependencies
cd write-with-me

npm install
  1. Initialize the Amplify backend
amplify init
  1. Push the application into your account
amplify push
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