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The data analysis baseline library.

  • "Mr Sanchez, are you a data scientist?"
  • "I dabl, Mr president."

Find more information on the website.

Try it out

pip install dabl

or Binder

Current scope and upcoming features

This library is very much still under development. Current code focuses mostly on exploratory visualization and preprocessing. There are also drop-in replacements for GridSearchCV and RandomizedSearchCV using successive halfing. There are preliminary portfolios in the style of POSH auto-sklearn to find strong models quickly. In essence that boils down to a quick search over different gradient boosting models and other tree ensembles and potentially kernel methods.

Check out the the website and example gallery to get an idea of the visualizations that are available.

Stay Tuned!

Related packages


Lux is an awesome project for easy interactive visualization of pandas dataframes within notebooks.

Pandas Profiling

Pandas Profiling can provide a thorough summary of the data in only a single line of code. Using the ProfileReport() method, you are able to access a HTML report of your data that can help you find correlations and identify missing data.

dabl focuses less on statistical measures of individual columns, and more on providing a quick overview via visualizations, as well as convienient preprocessing and model search for machine learning.