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This is my personal website, https://dabo.guru. This app is a flask app, with static content generated by Frozen-Flask.

On https://dabo.guru, the frozen content generated by build.py is hosted by nginx. The dynamic content, this app, is run on uwsgi, and is proxied through by nginx whenever a file isn't found in the static folder.

The static content found in the static/ folder after running build.py is also copied over and run at http://daboross.net, which is a copy of https://dabo.guru hosted by github pages.

Example Configurations

These are the configurations used in the actual website, dabo.guru, and can also serve as example configurations if you would want to run this repository yourself.

These assume this repository is cloned into /var/www/dabo.guru, and a virtualenv environment with the required dependencies has been installed to /var/www/envs/dabo.guru.

These configurations also assume that you've run build.py to manually build all static content, and you will re-run it after updating the repository.

In debian, configuration for uwsgi is stored in /etc/uwsgi/apps-available with symlinks to /etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled.

Here's the example uwsgi configuration (/etc/uwsgi/apps-available/01-dabo.guru.ini):

socket =
wsgi-file = /var/www/dabo.guru/dynamic.wsgi
virtualenv = /var/www/envs/dabo.guru/
mule = /var/www/dabo.guru/uwsgi_mules/documentation_update.py
mule = /var/www/dabo.guru/uwsgi_mules/record_statistics.py
callable = application
uid = azd
gid = azd
# Don't give write permission to group or other
umask = 022
# Start initially with no workers, then start a maximum of 2
workers = 2
cheap = true
cheaper = 1
cheaper-initial = 1
cheaper-step = 1

To go along with this, you might want a nginx configuration akin to the following (/etc/nginx/sites-available/01-dabo.guru):

# Redirect all https requests for www.dabo.guru to dabo.guru
server {
    listen ...:443 ssl;
    listen [...]:443 ssl;

    ssl_certificate ...;
    ssl_certificate_key ...;

    server_name www.dabo.guru;

    return 301 $scheme://dabo.guru$request_uri;

# Redirect all http requests for dabo.guru to https
server {
    listen ...:80;
    listen [...]:80;

    server_name dabo.guru;

    return 301 https://dabo.guru$request_uri;

# Handle https requests for dabo.guru
server {
    listen ...:443 ssl;
    listen [...]:443 ssl;

    ssl_certificate ...;
    ssl_certificate_key ...;

    server_name dabo.guru;

    root /var/www/dabo.guru/static/;

    # Serve assets only from generated files, and include max expire time.
    location /assets/ {
        expires max;
        try_files $uri $uri/index.html =404;

    # Redirect all other not-found content to the uwsgi app.
    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/index.html @dynamic_content;

    location @dynamic_content {
        include uwsgi_params;

The above is close to, but not exactly the actual used nginx configuration. The actual configuration has the personal information not-elided, and includes url-redirects for some other services also hosted on https://dabo.guru.