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WIP native screeps client using Rust and conrod.

Screeps is a true programming MMO where users upload JavaScript code to power their online empires.

map rendering screenshot

zoomed out screenshot

This client is built on three main projects:

  • rust-screeps-api implements HTTP calls, endpoints and json result parsing
  • screeps-rs-network implements result caching, keeping track of http and websocket connections, and providing an 'event' api
  • screeps-rs-ui implements rendering and a UI

rust-screeps-api can:

  • Connect to with HTTP calls and websocket connections
  • Authenticate
  • Retrieve room terrain, map room overviews, basic user information and room details.

screeps-rs can:

  • Connect to
  • Login through a UI
  • Render basic room terrain, map view, and information of the logged in user.

Eventually, this will be able to connect to both the official server and any private server instances run by users.


  • If you're on Ubuntu 17.10+, or on another Wayland Linux: (see [glutin#949])
    • install "libegl1-mesa-dev"

    • soft-link to in your system's lib dir. On ubuntu:

      cd /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
      sudo ln -s

Neighbor projects:

screeps-rs uses the Akashi font. It is included with permission from Ten by Twenty.